Swallowed Star

Volume 2 - Chapter 5: A fighter’s level

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Volume 2 Chapter 5: A fighter’s level

Instructor Jiang Nian used his fighter privileges to ride the train headed towards the main section of the city without buying a ticket. Jiang-Nan city was made up of the main section and eight surrounding sections.

The means of transportation between the sections is a train. When a regular person wants to ride the train, they have to buy a ticket three days prior. A ticket is also extremely expensive. And to go from one city to another….. would be unthinkable for most people due to the price. Most of the 200 million residents will never leave Jiang-Nan city.


Jiang-Nan city, main section.

Jiang Nian and Luo Feng walked side by side on the sidewalk.

“Luo Feng, notice any difference between the main section and our Yang-Zhou?” Jiang Nian smiled as he pointed around. Luo Feng looked around and shaked his head, “Not really, it’s just that there are more people, more cars, and that there’s a larger sidewalk. Everything else is normal”. Indeed, there was nothing special about their current location.

Jiang Nian smiled: “Right now, there’s not much of a difference. But soon you will see it”

“Hello?” Jiang Nian answered his cell phone.

“Jiang Nian, how much longer until you get here?” The old veteran appeared on the cell phone’s display.

“We’ll be there within 10 minutes” Jiang Nian smiled.

“Okay, I already got all of the main authorities here, so don’t mess up later” reminded the old, bald veteran.

“The main authorities?” Jiang Nian was surprised.

As they were talking. Luo Feng noticed a large area in front of him. There was a white, silver wall stretching across and a huge, tall, dark blue skyscraper. This skyscraper had four gigantic letters that could be seen miles away

——Dojo of Limits*!

*TL note: chinese: 極限會館

“This is the main headquarters of the dojo of limits! Our headquarters in Jiang-Nan city” said Jiang Nian.

“There sure are a lot of soldiers” Luo Feng took in a deep breath.

Outside the walls of the dojo of limits headquarters, there were tons of soldiers wielding real guns. The feeling that the headquarters gave you was like a fully armed beast. And at the main gate, there were rows of soldiers that spanned across a hundred meters.

“This is our dojo of limits’ army” Jiang Nian smiled, “Security is high inside the building too”.

“Go, enter” Jiang Nian brought Luo Feng towards the main gate.

“Let them in!” A one-armed man with scars on his face waved his hand, and all the soldiers backed up a step. The entire process made Luo Feng hold his breath.

The one-armed man smiled as he looked at Jiang Nian: “Old Jiang, it’s been a while since you’ve been here. We should drink a bit together later”

“Okay” Jiang Nian smiled and nodded. He then glanced at Luo Feng, “Luo Feng, he is your senior, greet uncle Lu”

“Uncle Lu” Luo Feng loudly greeted. He could feel that this one-armed man is a powerful fighter.

“Not bad, kiddo” the one-armed man nodded as he smiled.

“We’re in a hurry, so we’ll talk later. Uncle Bai is waiting for us in there” Jiang Nian immediately brought Luo Feng into the courtyard of the headquarters, which looked like a gigantic park. There were flowing rivers, fake mountains, and flowerbeds everywhere. And Luo Feng could sense that every person he walked past was special.

Jiang Nian sighed as he walked with Luo Feng: “That uncle Lu just now is one of my good friends who would fight with his life on the line with me back in the days. He is a good friend who has went through many hardships. His arm was broken off by a black, steel gorilla in one hit”

Luo Feng listened silently.

“The fighters in our dojo of limits are very united” Jiang Nian pointed towards the skyscraper, “Look, that building is the headquarters for the fighters of the dojo of limits in Jiang-Nan city! Virtually every person that walks out of that building is a fighter”

“Virtually every single one?” Luo Feng gasped.

Looking through the glass of the building, there were almost a hundred people inside.

“There is a good 200 million population in Jiang-Nan city, how could we be short on fighters?” Jiang Nian laughed, “In this building, the 1st floor is the lobby is for chatting and eating. The 2nd to 9th floors are used for warrior level training. The 10th to 19th floors are for the warlord level fighters. And for 20 and above….. is where conferences are held.

Luo Feng, a bit confused, asked: “Instructor, fighters are split into warrior and warlord levels?”

“Fighters are mainly split into the warrior level, the warlord level, and the extremely rare wargod level!” Jiang Nian explained quietly, “Most people are in the warrior level! Many fighters stay in the warrior level forever. And the warrior level is split into beginner warrior, intermediate warrior, and elite warrior. Most of the fighters who just passed their exams belong to the beginner warrior level!”

“Luo Feng, with your current strength, you’re probably an intermediate warrior” Jiang Nian said.

Luo Feng nodded.

Looks like with his strength, he’s still at the bottom level of the fighters.

“You can probably kill warrior level fighters with heated weapons”

“But you can’t kill most warlord level fighters with heated weapons” Jiang Nian said, “For example, if you fire a heavy machine gun at a warlord level fighter, he can easily dodge using just his speed and reaction speed! The warlord level fighters are considered as the elites”

“Even though you have good talent, you’re still young, so you’re just a rookie” Jiang Nian laughed.

Luo Feng could only rub his forehead.

Luo Feng knew a lot about the powerful fighters. For example, the fighter who cut the black-crowned golden eagle in half on television….. Even with his spiritual force, he probably couldn’t even touch a hair.

“Those above the warlord level are the wargods!” Jiang Nian spoke in admiration, “Those are the truly powerful warriors! Each one can easily walk in a storm of bullets. Their speed is as fast as lightning and their reaction speed is even more incredible. A punch or kick from them can destroy an entire apartment. Wargod! This is a wargod”

Luo Feng listened with his breath holded.

Warrior….. Warlord….. Wargod!

With his current level, he’s only an intermediate warrior! Maybe after using his spiritual force, his strength will increase and he might have a chance of getting into the warlord level.

“Instructor, are there any higher levels than the wargod?” asked Luo Feng.


Jiang Nian smiled and nodded, “There are existences above the wargod level. Each one of them has a sky shattering, earth shaking power! When faced with such fighters, even countries have to respect them. However, there are barely any people like this. Even our entire country of China has two or three people like this.

Luo Feng was stunned.

Even China, one of the five countries, only had two or three people above the wargod level?

“So the fighters are usually split into the warrior, warlord, and wargod categories!” explained Jiang Nian, “Of course, the world uses your fist strength, speed, and reaction speed to gauge your strength. They also use your battle records!”

“Battle records?” Luo Feng was confused.

“Yes. Luo Feng, with your current fitness level, you should be at the intermediate warrior level! However, after you become a fighter, you’re technically a beginner warrior! Only after you kill enough monsters and powerful monsters will you be able to qualify as an intermediate warrior” Jiang Nian sighed, “Since some people have better technique while others have better fitness levels. Others have all sorts of tricks up their sleeves. So to gauge their strength, the only standard is the battle record!”

Luo Feng nodded.

Yes….. even if their body fitness levels are worlds apart, a person with a lower fitness level can still kill a person with a higher one!

“Keep working and get to the warlord level! Then you’ll be the pride of our Yang-Zhou city” Jiang Nian laughed, “Brother Yan Luo who came to find me last time is a warlord level fighter”

“Oh” Luo Feng slightly nodded.

If he used his spiritual force, how strong would he be? Would he be able to compare to a warlord level fighter? Only time will tell.


As Luo Feng and Jiang Nian talked, they quickly arrived at a three story villa. This villa took up a huge amount of space. A bald, old veteran yelled from the balcony of the second floor: “Jiang Nian, hurry up and come up”

“Come, go up with me”

Jiang Nian brought Luo Feng and quickly entered the villa.

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