Swallowed Star

Volume 2 - Chapter 6: Zhu Ge Tao

Volume 2 Chapter 6: Zhu Ge Tao

The second floor of the villa was completely empty and clearly smaller than Yang Zhou’s Zhi-An section’s dojo of limit’s training hall.

“Chief” Jiang Nian loudly greeted as he entered the second floor.


Luo Feng was slightly surprised, instructor Jiang Nian never greeted anyone like this, not even chief instructor ‘Wu Tong’.

“Jiang Nian, this young man is Luo Feng right” said the soft voice.

“Yes, chief” Jiang Nian respectfully responded.

Luo Feng looked around carefully. There were five people standing beside the bald, old veteran. Four of them wore white suits. The four of them stood behind a black Tang suit wearing middle-aged man. This man was skinny, had a hooked nose, and his eyes were filled with warmth and happiness; he gave off a vibe of kindness.

Jiang Nian immediately glared at Luo Feng, which caused Luo Feng to realize: “Hello, chief”.


The middle-aged man slightly nodded and spoke, “Old bai, you guys can start. Assess this young man’s strength”

“Certainly” uncle Bai also responded respectfully.

Luo Feng muttered to himself: “Instructor Jiang Nian didn’t greet chief instructor ‘Wu Tong’ like this. This uncle Bai, who has a high position at the dojo of limits headquarters, also treats this chief respectfully….. Just who is this chief?”

Nevertheless, it is clear that the chief is a man of high authority.


All the switches on the fist strength tester machine and the speed tester machine were turned on.


All the security cameras on the second floor’s training hall were turned on to record Luo Feng’s performance. The four men and women in white suits immediately started moving, whether it was using their laptops or personally checking if the machines were in good condition.

“Uncle Bai, no problems” said a young woman.

“Okay” Uncle Bai looked towards Luo Feng, “Luo Feng, begin testing. First start with strength”

Luo Feng took in a deep breath and headed towards the fist strength tester. Whether it was Jiang Nian, uncle Bai, the four white suits wearing men and women, or the high chief, all of their gazes landed upon Luo Feng. Luo Feng, who seemed relaxed, suddenly exploded like a panther.

[PENG!] The explosive fist landed on the machine.

Luo Feng immediately looked at the display——’3110kg’。

“Not bad, kiddo” The silent chief smiled and nodded, “Next category”

The results for speed and reaction speed soon came out.


Reaction speed——beginner warrior, perfect score. Intermediate warrior, excellent!


Luo Feng walked out of the red circle of the reaction speed tester and let out a breath after seeing his scores were normal, “Not bad, good thing I didn’t mess up at the most important time”. Jiang Nian, who was next to Luo Feng, also relaxed. Since some people can’t show their true skill when affected by too much pressure.

“Out of the three, reaction speed is the best” The Tang suit wearing middle-aged man smiled and nodded.

“He’s also 18 years old, which is in the restricted range”

The Tang suit wearing middle-aged man looked at Jiang Nian and smiled, “A genius has came out of your Zhi-An section. Good work, Jiang Nian”

Jiang Nian couldn’t help but to show a face of happiness: “As long as Luo Feng works hard enough”


The Tang suit wearing middle-aged man’s gaze landed on Luo Feng, “Luo Feng, are you willing to join my dojo of limits? I’m sure Jiang Nian has already told you all of the conditions”

“I am willing to join” Luo Feng had no hesitation.

“Very good”

The Tang suit wearing middle-aged man clapped his hands, “According to the rules, you can pick a villa either here in the main sector or in Yang-Zhou city. You have the right to live there but not to sell it. All of the villas in our dojo of limits area are all inhabited by fighters”

“Other than that, you get 20 million dollars! You also get the energy cultivation technique, the attack techniques secret manual , and the agility secret manual as long as they are below 50 million” The Tang suit wearing middle-aged man laughed, “Am I right?”

“Yes” Luo Feng nodded.

The Tang suit wearing middle-aged man looked towards a white suite wearing woman: “Go get the contract, but change one of the points. Luo Feng can pick any energy cultivation technique, agility secret manual, and offensive secret manual . As long as they are below a 100 million, they’re all free. I’ll pay for it”

“Yes, chief” The white suit wearing woman looked at Luo Feng in shock and went to get the contract.

“Chief…..” Luo Feng was shocked.

Before, the three secret manuals had to be below 50 million. Now the cap is raised to a 100 million, and the chief is paying for it.

“Luo Feng, you’re not bad” the Tang suit wearing middle-aged man smiled, “I like you, don’t mind this small change”

“Small change?” Luo Feng was surprised.

From 50 million to a 100 million, in other words, this chief has to pay tens of millions. And that is small change? Even a warlord level fighter probably doesn’t have this much to spare.

“Thank you, chief” thanked Luo Feng.

The Tang suit wearing middle-aged man smiled. The contract was brought over and quickly signed by the Tang suit wearing middle-aged man. The white suit wearing woman carried the contract and pen over to Luo Feng, “Sign here, here, and here”

Luo Feng scanned the contract. The contract was crystal clear; all of the points were straightforward. There was none of that headache causing business jargon. Luo Feng signed.

“Welcome, Luo Feng, to our dojo of limits family!” the Tang suit wearing middle-aged man smiled and extended his hand.

Luo Feng did the same, and they shook hands.

“From today on, you can move in to the fighter’s villa area” the Tang suit wearing middle-aged man smiled, “As for your money and secret manuals, you’ll receive them when you officially become a fighter. Your money will be transferred to your fighter account”

Luo Feng nodded.

“Oh, right, my name is Zhu Ge Tao. Don’t forget that, kiddo” the Tang suit wearing middle-aged man smiled, and soon left the building with the four white suit wearing men and women.

The second floor of the villa was empty; only uncle Bai, Jiang Nian, and Luo Feng were left.

“Phew, my breathing was a bit tense with the chief’s presence” Jiang Nian laughed loudly.

“I also had no idea that the chief would come” said uncle Bai.

Luo Feng asked with uncertainty, “Instructor, uncle Bai, just who is this chief?”

“Haha, kiddo, you’re in luck. The chief saw your instructor and raised your cap to a 100 million” uncle Bai looked at Luo Feng, “But the thing that surprises me the most is that the chief told you his name! Looks like he really does like you”

“Name?” Luo Feng didn’t realize what it meant for the chief to give someone his name.

Luo Feng had no initial reaction after hearing the name Zhu Ge Tao. He just sighed to himself…… the name ‘Zhu Ge’ is quite rare.

“Luo Feng, using our words, that instructor is one of the Big Four of our Jiang-Nan dojo of limits” Jiang Nian smiled.

“Big Four?” Luo Feng was startled.

Uncle Bai glared at Jiang Nian and said in a quiet voice: “This is all private. In the Jiang-Nan dojo of limits headquarters, the chairman has the highest authority, followed by the three chiefs! The chairman and the three chiefs make up what most fighters privately call, the Big Four! Each one of them holds an immense amount of authority and power. If you want to become a chief, you have to at least be a ‘Elite Warlord’ level fighter. At the same time, your dojo contribution must be high and you also need a lot of support from other warlord level fighters!”

“Oh?” Luo Feng was surprised.

There are three large factors in becoming a chief? Strength, contribution, and support?

“Luo Feng, to a chief, 50 million really isn’t that much” said Jiang Nian in a quiet voice, “From my point of view, the reason why the chief values you so much….. is because you’re still so young. Only 18 years old! He has decided that you have hope in the future and you have the potential to become a warlord level fighter. So today, he invested 50 million to help you a bit”

Luo Feng nodded.

Uncle Bai laughed on the side: “However, Luo Feng, don’t get cocky. You do have good talent, but becoming a warlord level fighter is extremely difficult! The chief only thought that you have a sliver of hope; just a possibility”

“And because of that small possibility, he gave me 50 million?” Luo Feng gasped.

The dojo’s rules were strict. The rules were that the three secret manuals couldn’t exceed 50 million. Even the chief couldn’t do anything to change that. He can only take out money from his own pocket to build upon the original foundation of 50 million. When fighters are growing, the type of secret manual used has a huge impact on them”

“Well, leave that thought aside for now, Luo Feng. The fact that the chief is giving you special treatment can only mean good things. The chiefs have broad connections, whether it’s the army, the circle of powerful fighters, the government, and all sorts of powerful families….. each chief has their own set of connections. The chief is one of the most powerful figures in Jiang-Nan city” Jiang Nian couldn’t help but to say.

Luo Feng nodded.

The fact that the chief is giving him special treatment is a good thing, what’s the point of thinking about all of this. Since the chief is helping him, he just needs a chance in the future to return the favor.

“Luo Feng, when are you going to move into Yang-Zhou city’s fighter area? Or will you move into main sector?” asked Jiang Nian.

Luo Feng slightly hesitated…..

His parents’ friends were virtually all in Yang-Zhou city. His own good friends were in Yang-Zhou city too.

“I’ll move into the Ming-Yue sector” answered Luo Feng.

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