Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower!

Chapter 415 - Marrying a Husband Equals Marrying Tang Chen

Chapter 415: Marrying a Husband Equals Marrying Tang Chen

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An Qiao: “I believe that given Wanwan’s acting skills, she can be enough to prop up all the highlights of a show!”

Yu Xi: “I’ve seen Director Jiang’s ‘Memories of an Apple.’ It’s not bad. I believe in his capability and his eye for choosing actors and actresses. I hope that everyone can support them.”

After that, even Luo Han and Duan Shaoyang, whom she had worked with in “Hello, My Sunshine,” publicly expressed their support for Lin Wanwan and “Reaper’s Mask.”

Seeing that more and more people who were of a certain status in the entertainment circle were supporting Lin Wanwan, many netizens were shocked.

Thanks to her low-key style and kindheartedness, her popularity among these people was really good.

Lin Wanwan felt warmth in her heart. She was about to thank all of them when there was another Weibo notification that someone had added her.

As she clicked in, she was totally confused.

Tang Chen: “I will randomly pick one hundred lucky audience members who’d watch ‘Reaper’s Mask’ next weekend and forward this Weibo message. Each of them will be given a ten-day Europe tour for two and one hundred thousand dollars cash.”

Lin Wanwan was speechless. “…”

Damn! Even if he wanted to support her, he didn’t have to resort to such madness. So much money was thrown out in vain. They might as well have been used to help her out!

Once Tang Chen’s Weibo came out, many girls went crazy.

“Wow wow wow, if it’s a ten-day Europe tour for two and one hundred thousand dollars cash, I must watch it! In this aspect of protecting the wife, young Tang, I bow down to no one but you!”

“Marrying a husband equals marrying Tang Chenchen!”

“Watch, watch, watch. I have to watch. What if my luck hits the roof and I get selected?”

“Hubby, if you choose me, I don’t want any gifts. I just want a kiss from you. Is that ok?”

Ah, Lin Wanwan suddenly felt that the current situation was somewhat unfair to Han Zixi.

She clicked on the interface and sent a Weibo message.

Lin Wanwan: “The first time I saw the script for ‘Reaper’s Mask,’ I knew that I must act in it. Comrades, as the saying goes, a rotten interior beneath a fine exterior. However, if you flip it around, a surprisingly good jade could actually be hidden under a rotten exterior! I don’t care about the ratings and I don’t care about the so-called win or lose. As long as you say it’s good, then that means it’s really good!”

Her words were neither haughty nor humble and were sincere in its reasoning. Many people expressed that they would watch the show punctually because of these words.

This weekend, “The Consort” was still playing two episodes every night.

Coincidentally, Lin Wanwan was free and she decided to watch the drama for a while.

In all fairness, the plot could only be considered average. Each type of Little Fresh Meat in the script could certainly attract the favors of a small number of girls. However, their acting was too tender. Even if one was watching purely based on their looks, he or she would feel it was tedious after a while.

Lin Wanwan barely watched an episode. Then, she showered and slept.

The next day, she inquired about the ratings for “The Consort.”

Compared to last week, although “The Consort” was still the TV drama champion in the same time belt, the ratings had dropped by nearly a point. The complaints on the Internet were increasing by the day too.

After washing up, Lin Wanwan rushed to the production set. There were only ten days left before she was to start school again, so she had to take this time to shoot more.

A week passed by. In the blink of an eye, it was Friday.

On this day, Jiang Zhiming announced they were to pack up early. Everyone rushed home and prepared to watch the premiere of “Reaper’s Mask.”

Lin Wanwan recalled she hadn’t seen Tian Ba for a few days already and, thus, decided to go to Yun Mansion. She found her car, which was parked near the production set. She was about to pull open the car door when she suddenly turned her head fiercely. She stared sharply at the big tree that was one meter away.

“Who’s there? Come out now!”

“It’s me.”

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