Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower!

Chapter 416 - Increasing the Bet

Chapter 416: Increasing the Bet

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A figure walked out from behind the tree. She ripped off the mask from her face and revealed a pretty face. She looked towards Lin Wanwan with resentment.

Lin Wanwan squinted both eyes. “Han Zixi… you’re especially waiting for me?”

“That’s right.”

Han Zixi walked towards Lin Wanwan step by step. Seeing that she was not retreating at all, as if she wasn’t a threat to her, she could not help but smile coldly.

“Lin Wanwan, you would have seen the bet on the Internet. The reason I’m finding you is because I want to add to the stakes and do a bigger bet. Are you game?”

A hint of playfulness flashed past Lin Wanwan’s eyes. She raised her eyebrows and asked, “Oh? How do you want to bet?”

Han Zixi’s eyes shone slightly and she said rapidly, “It’s simple. The method stays the same. If I win, you have to admit in public that you are my defeated opponent. Then, you have to announce to the media that you’ll exit the entertainment circle and never step foot in it again. If I lose, it’s the same for me. How about that?”

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan curved her lips.

This bet was indeed a bit big. However, she liked it.

“Ms. Han, before I answer you, I would like to ask you a question.”


“If I get lucky and win, I will definitely not give you the chance to go back on your word. Do you have to force yourself to this step? There’s no turning back.”

Although it was a heated battle between them, it was only a game that arose from the onlookers. Lin Wanwan was really curious why Han Zixi had chosen such an extreme way of either to conquer or to die.

After hearing Lin Wanwan’s words, Han Zixi had a twisted expression on her face momentarily.

Actually, she had been forced to do so too.

Tang Chen’s statement had made the agency she was in sense danger. The management of the company had investigated the cause between Han Zixi’s and Lin Wanwan’s conflict and, thus, checked how protective Mo Chen was towards Lin Wanwan.

This time, they could no longer sit still.

The management of the company went to find Han Zixi and told her explicitly that if she won, everything would turn for the better. If she lost, then the result would be for her to go into hiding.

At that time, Han Zixi was both shocked and scared. Later, Su Maner provided her this “do or die” idea.

If she lost…

No, it was impossible she would lose!

As if cheering for herself, Han Zixi shook her fists. “If? Lin Wanwan, it’s too early for you to say such big words! I’m asking you for the last time, do you dare to bet with me? If you don’t and want to quietly be a tortoise, I won’t force you either!”

Lin Wanwan pouted. There was no lethality to such a childish way of provocation at all.

“Why should I not bet with you when it’s so fun? I accept.”

Hearing her agreement, Han Zixi was so excited that her facial muscles started to twitch, as if victory was hers. She revealed an expression of arrogance mixed with contempt.

“Then that’s decided. It’s nearing the time where our TV dramas will be broadcast. Let’s go somewhere and wait for the ratings to be out. How about it?”


Both of them found a tea house nearby and went into a reserved room. They took out their respective iPads and got ready to watch the live broadcast on the Internet.

There was still ten minutes before the start of the broadcast. Han Zixi poured two cups of tea and handed one of them to Lin Wanwan.

“Although we have settled on the bet, there wasn’t a third party to witness it. I hope that regardless of the results, you will not go back on your word. If you agree with my words, drink this cup of tea. If you’re feeling regretful, I also won’t stop you. Please go ahead.”

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