Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower!

Chapter 417 - Self-Panicking

Chapter 417: Self-Panicking

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Lin Wanwan could not help but sigh. It was such a lame method of provocation again.

The way Han Zixi insulted her intelligence really made her feel troubled.

“Stop this nonsense. I won’t go back on my word.”

Lin Wanwan accepted the cup of tea and casually inhaled the fragrance of the tea leaves. A look of intoxication was revealed on her face.

She looked towards Han Zixi. Her eyes were calm and deep, as if a storm was about to hit the sea and a sense of deep danger was hidden beneath.

“However, I’ll put my ugly words to the front too. If you want to go back on your word, there’s no door. Not even a window.”

Looking into her frightening gaze, Han Zixi actually felt her heart turn cold. Very quickly, she gave a cold laugh. “When have you seen any winner go back on her word?”

With regards to such self-confidence, Lin Wanwan only had a response. “Heh heh.”

She drank a sip of tea, then used a paper towel to wipe her mouth.

A glimmer of light flashed past Han Zixi’s eyes, and she tried her best to suppress the corners of her lips, which were trying to curve up. She said plainly, “Ok, it’s time.”

She clicked the play button. From the corner of her eye, she saw that Lin Wanwan was watching “The Consort” as well. She could not help but frown. “Why are you not watching your own drama?”

Lin Wanwan lazily held her chin with her hand. “There’s nothing new about it since I was in the drama myself. Furthermore, I want to contribute some ratings to ‘The Consort’ so that the difference between the two dramas wouldn’t be too great.”

When she heard this, Han Zixi’s face turned green.

In other words, what Lin Wanwan meant was that she was sure to win so she didn’t want her to lose too badly?!

How arrogant!

Han Zixi’s heart was full of anger. Her expression was more ferocious now as she glared at Lin Wanwan with hatred, as if she would pounce over to strangle her to death the next second.

Finally, she gritted her teeth. “‘The Consort’ has always been the champion for TV ratings in the same time belt. You want to win against me with a rubbish drama? In your dreams!”

It was as if she didn’t want to accept Lin Wanwan’s act of charity. Not to be outdone, she started to watch “Reaper’s Mask.”

Both TV dramas started to broadcast at the same time.

Lin Wanwan was really not interested in “The Consort,” but she still tried her best to watch it seriously.

During this period of time, she occasionally glanced at Han Zixi. Seeing that her expression had turned from the initial disdain to when she subconsciously fell into it, she could not help but laugh lightly.

Hearing the laughter, Han Zixi recovered herself and realized that she was actually fascinated.

Thinking of the vicious words she said previously, she felt that she was being slapped and her cheek hurt. She was feeling both angry and shocked in her heart.

After being in the entertainment circle for so many years, she naturally had a certain appreciation for TV dramas.

Regardless of whether it was the shooting angles, plot, or the actors’ skills, “Reaper’s Mask” was sufficient to be termed a premium product.

Lin Wanwan’s performance in the drama was especially outstanding.

That beautiful image and the numerous reasoning segments… were shocking!

This seemingly inconspicuous drama was actually shot so wonderfully. Even she, a proper actress, could not help but be attracted to it. How would the audience not like it?

Thinking of this, Han Zixi turned pale. Her strong self-confidence was like a landslide as it collapsed quickly.

If the ratings of “Reaper’s Mask” were to really exceed those of “The Consort”…


The results were not out yet. She could not make herself panic!

Regardless of how hard Han Zixi tried to comfort herself, a sense of panic uncontrollably flashed past her eyes. Fine cold sweat started to form on her forehead.

At this moment, Lin Wanwan stretched her back and said, “Finally finished watching…”

To watch a TV drama she didn’t like was like being forced to eat a bowl of unpalatable food. It was really tormenting.

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