Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower!

Chapter 723 - Is It Worth It?

Chapter 723: Is It Worth It?

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“You are hurting me.”

Lu Zhengyu loosened his grip, and his voice was pressing. “We don’t have much time. Let’s get out of here.”

He spent all his time and resources trying to find her amidst the chaos. He feared her running away and was more afraid of her being hurt.

Given how strong Lu Zhanbei was, he could break Lu Zhengyu’s final defense in no time.

The Madam shook his hand off.


She spoke slowly under Lu Zhengyu’s questioning eyes. “Zhengyu, just admit your loss. This is your last chance to apologize to Zhanbei. I’m sure he will forgive you as long as you allow his relationship with Wanwan. He is your son, and there is no reason to cut ties with him for a woman like me.”

Lu Zhengyu’s expression changed as he tried to control his spiking anger. “We’ll leave this for later, let’s get out of here first.”

“Promise me!”

Lu Zhengyu’s face sank. “Do you have to throw a tantrum at this junction?”

He put his hands out and was ready to take her by force.

However, Madam Yu was one step quicker. She whipped out the knife hidden in her sleeves and pressed it against her neck.

“What the hell are you doing? Drop it now!” Lu Zhengyu panicked.

“Zhengyu, listen to me.”

Lu Zhengyu’s fingers were trembling. “Fine! Fine! Don’t hurt yourself. I’ll listen!”

Madam Yu showed her determination clearly before his eyes.

“My proposal last time is still valid. As long as you let the kids live the life they desire, and never try to break them apart, I will stay with you for the rest of my life. If you don’t, I think it’s time to put an end to this!”

Lu Zhengyu knew she wasn’t playing.

He wouldn’t be able to bear watching her take her own life; neither was he willing to give up on his dream.

“Is it really worth it for the sake of Lin Wanwan?” His husky voice carried deep agony as he stared into the eyes of the woman who never returned any bit of his love. “I’m only doing this for the sake of our future. Yu Yun, others call me cruel, but your heart is way more brutal than mine!”

Yu Yun wasn’t shaken at all.

This was the final fight for her.

“I’m asking again, yes or no?”

Lu Zhengyu held his fist tight, and his eyes had turned blood-red.

Yu Yun showed no fear. The knife moved slightly, and a thin line of blood appeared on her fair neck. The contrast was glaringly painful.

“I’ll ask one last time.”

Lu Zhengyu’s eyes closed, his veined fist came loose.


Just then, a voice echoed across the empty basement.

“Too late, I won’t spare him even if he agrees.”

Yu Yun paused her movement and turned to the young man walking toward them.

His face was hidden in the shadows, but his eyes shone through the darkness.

“Zhanbei, I’m glad you found us.”

Lu Zhengyu froze for a second before he took the chance to snatch the knife from Yu Yun’s hands.

Lu Zhanbei glanced at her. “I have to thank you.”

Lu Zhengyu was put in disbelief. “Yu Yun, you were the one who leaked our address?”

Yu Yun was calm. “Kind of.”

Lu Zhengyu wanted to laugh but he couldn’t. Nothing hurt more than being stabbed in the back by the woman he loved most.

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