Sweet Adorable Wife, Please Kiss Slower!

Chapter 724 - Give Me a Reason

Chapter 724: Give Me a Reason

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“Enough, it’s too late for this.”

Lu Zhanbei looked at Yu Yun before turning to Lu Zhengyu’s defeated face.

“Old man, I’m here to keep my promise from before.”

Lu Zhengyu held down his emotions. “Did you forget about Lin Wanwan’s grandpa?”

Yu Yun spoke again. “I’ve helped the Old Master out.”

Lu Zhengyu flicked his head, and his bloodshot eyes stared into her soul.

For a moment, Yu Yun felt like he would leap over and murder her.

But he didn’t.

“HAHAHA!” Lu Zhengyu’s hysterical laughter had a hint of sorrow buried within.

Yu Yun lowered her head, hiding her sense of guilt.

No matter what Lu Zhengyu did to others, he treated her the best he could.

She knew how much this would hurt him, but if she were to be given another chance, she would still have done the same.

After laughing enough, Lu Zhengyu didn’t bother giving Yu Yun another look. He turned to Lu Zhanbei, and his voice sounded weaker than usual. “I’ve lost, and I won’t find excuses for my defeat. You can have it your way. However, Yu Yun is innocent. You have to let her go!”

He wasn’t pleading: it was an order.

Lu Zhanbei knew that Lu Zhengyu was dangerous, and he had the ability to make Lu Zhanbei suffer even after he died.

It was surprising that he was willing to accept his fate just to keep Yu Yun safe.

“I’m fine with it.”

Lu Zhanbei didn’t want to kill her unless it was necessary.

Lu Zhanbei raised his hand, and Gu Mo quickly placed a silver pistol on his palm.

The next second, the gun pressed against Lu Zhengyu’s forehead.

“Old man, let’s not reincarnate as father and son in our next life.”

Lu Zhengyu wasn’t a great father, and he wasn’t exactly a great son.

His slender finger held onto the trigger.

Yu Yun couldn’t watch it any longer. She dashed before Lu Zhengyu and grabbed the gun barrel.

“Zhanbei, everything that your father did was for me. I’m the one at fault. If you want revenge, kill me instead! You can’t kill your own father!”

Lu Zhengyu’s eyes shone with hope for the first time, looking at her thin figure.

If he died, she would be freed from his control.

But… she pleaded Lu Zhanbei for mercy, did that mean she cared about him?

Lu Zhanbei didn’t bulge. “Give me a reason to spare him.”

“I…” Yu Yun ran through her memories but couldn’t find anything pleasant that happened between the pair of father and son.

She bit her lips and finally spoke. “Are you sure that Wanwan would love a man who murdered his own father?”

Seeing the frown on Lu Zhanbei’s face, she knew that she played the right card.

Lu Zhanbei slowly pulled the gun back. “Old man, I won’t kill you. Rather than sending you to hell, I’d rather let you live a miserable life.”

Madam Yu helped Lin Wanwan twice, and he must return the favor.

“Let’s go.”

Lu Zhanbei stomped away, and Gu Mo followed.

Lu Zhengyu had no fear of death nor joy of escaping it.

He was sunk in the fact that Yu Yun cared about him as he pulled her into his arms.

“Yu Yun, I knew that you understood my love for you…”

In the next moments, Yu Yun’s words shut his flare of hope down like a bucket of ice.

“Zhengyu, let me leave.”

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