Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

2272 Chapter 2276

Ti na gritted her teeth unwillingly when she saw the others and the teacher staring at Jun Jun Jun with unblinking eyes. If this continued, she would not stand a chance at the second interview tomorrow!

However, just as everyone was enjoying Jun Jun Jun’s perfect performance, Jun Jun Jun’s breathing began to become heavier. She felt that her body was a little strange, and this strange feeling made her feel a little powerless.

Finally, when Jun Jun performed the last difficult movement, the movement failed. She had just jumped up when she powerlessly squatted down, and an intense feeling of soreness came from her abdomen.

Jun Jun’s movement failure was something that no one had expected, especially the dance teacher, who could simply be described as shocked.

“Fu! What’s Going On!”The teacher looked at Jun Jun in confusion, completely unable to understand why she would make such a mistake.

Jun Jun squatted on the ground for a while before she stood up with an ugly expression. “I’m sorry, Ms Ling. I’m not feeling well...”

“Not feeling well? Where? Why?”The teacher looked at Jun Jun nervously. The second round of exams was coming up the next day. Why did Jun Jun make such a mistake at this critical moment? !

Jun Jun thought for a moment and said awkwardly, “I must have eaten too much yesterday, so my stomach is not feeling well...”

Hearing Jun Jun’s words, the classroom burst into laughter. The teacher glared at Ms Ling with a face full of disappointment, her expression unprecedentedly serious.

“Ling! Do you know what kind of behavior this is? You are not responsible for your future, do you know that?”This time, the teacher reprimanded Jun Jun in front of everyone.

Facing the teacher’s reprimand, Jun Jun was very disappointed in herself at the moment. Why didn’t she hold back yesterday, or why didn’t she hold back recently? Why did she have to eat those things that she didn’t like to eat in the past.

Seeing Jun Jun being reprimanded, Ti Na’s face was filled with a smile. Perhaps, she still had a chance to get that spot tomorrow. The prerequisite was that Jun Jun had not been performing well.

Although the teacher reprimanded Jun Jun sternly, after seeing her slightly pale face, she still couldn’t bear it, “How about this, you don’t have to practice today. Go to the hospital and see what exactly went wrong. Before Tomorrow comes, quickly adjust yourself. “Right now, nothing is important. The second interview tomorrow is the most important.”

After listening to the teacher, Jun Jun obediently changed her clothes and went to the hospital.

Initially, she thought that she had a stomach problem, so she went to the doctor in charge of this area. In the end, after a series of tests, the Doctor actually said that Jun Jun’s problem was not under her jurisdiction and asked her to go to the gynecologist.

Jun Jun Jun was dumbfounded. She had just eaten too much, how could it be related to the gynecologist.

But after hearing the results of the examination, she was even more dumbfounded.

“Doctor, are you saying that I’m Pregnant?”Jun Jun widened her eyes in disbelief. She had never thought of being pregnant because it was not within the scope of what she could think of.

“That’s right,”the doctor answered Jun Jun with certainty.

After hearing the Doctor’s affirmative reply, Jun Jun’s head exploded with a buzzing sound. This matter had completely exceeded her understanding. She was only a student in her early twenties. How could such a miraculous situation happen to her?

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