Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

2273 Chapter 2277

But then, Jun Jun was in a dilemma. She didn’t know how Ruan Mingxiao would react when he found out about this. If Ruan Mingxiao wanted this child, then she wouldn’t be able to go to the royal dance company.

It wasn’t easy for her to get such an opportunity. Her ultimate dream was not far away. As long as she took that step, her dream would be within reach.

Why did a child appear at this time? In Jun Jun’s eyes, she was still a willful child!


Jun Jun placed her hand on her abdomen. was she going to abandon him for her dream? At the thought of this, Jun Jun could not bear it.

For a moment, she fell into an unprecedented dilemma.

After leaving the hospital, Jun Jun did not go back to school. Instead, she went back to Ruan Mingxiao’s residence in Paris.

Ruan Anran returned to China a year ago, and Lina often stayed in China and rarely returned to Paris. Therefore, Ruan Mingxiao simply bought a house in Paris that belonged to the two of them. Because of this house, Ruan Mingxiao’s frequency of business trips to France increased significantly. Those who did not know would have thought that Ruan Mingxiao had moved Yuan Teng’s headquarters to France.

Jun Jun thought about it, even though this child came unexpectedly. But this child was not hers alone. As the child’s father, Ruan Mingxiao had the right to know about this matter and participate in the decision on whether this child should stay or go.

Jun Jun returned home. Just as she walked into the courtyard, she heard Lin Wei standing by the pool and talking on the phone.

“Yes, the venue and the ceremony have been canceled. The personnel arrangements have also been canceled... This decision was made by the boss. He said that Miss Jun is still young and has her own dreams. Now that her dreams are about to come true, the boss doesn’t want to use marriage and children to help her... but it’s true. Old Lady has always wanted to see the boss get married and have children in her lifetime. “The Boss said that he will explain to the old lady. We just need to do as instructed.”

Jun Jun stood behind a green plant and quietly listened to Lin Wei on the phone.

Last night when Ruan Mingxiao came to pick her up from school, he said that he had something to tell her. Could it be that this was the matter?

Because that man had heard what she said about the royal dance company, he changed his mind and chose to give her freedom and let her do what she wanted to do.

When Jun Jun came out from behind the greenery, Lin Wei ended the call. Seeing Jun Jun at this time, Lin Wei was also very surprised.

“Miss Jun, why are you back at this time?”Lin Wei asked.

At this time, Jun Jun should be in school, so she shouldn’t be back. Moreover, Lin Wei was not sure if Jun Jun had heard what he had just said.

Jun Jun Jun smiled naturally. “I’m not feeling well, so the teacher told me to come back early to rest and adjust my body so that I can take part in the Huang Family Dance Academy’s Second Interview Tomorrow.”

Seeing that Jun Jun did not seem to be feeling unwell, Lin Wei nodded. “Are you not feeling well? Do you need a doctor?”

Jun Jun shook her head. “There’s no need. I’ll be fine after resting for a while. Oh right, you’re at home. is your boss there too?”

“The boss is there,”Lin Wei replied.

“Okay, I got it.”Jun Jun smiled warmly at Lin Wei. She then walked into the house and returned to her and Ruan Mingxiao’s room.

However, Ruan Mingxiao was not in the room. Hence, Jun Jun guessed that the man should be in the study, so she went to the study.


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