Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

2274 Chapter 2278

Jun Jun came to the study but did not see Ruan Mingxiao’s figure. Just as she was about to turn around and leave, a small box on the table in the study caught her attention.

She walked forward, picked up the box and opened it. The diamond ring that was emitting light appeared in front of her eyes.

Recalling the contents of Lin Wei’s phone call that she eavesdropped on in the yard just now, and seeing this diamond ring, Jun Jun’s heart suddenly became unpleasant.

Ruan Mingxiao was the head of the Ruan family. He carried a heavy burden on his shoulders. In the few years she had been with Ruan Mingxiao, Jun Jun had already understood him very well.

This man with supreme power could have disregarded her feelings and insisted on marrying her, forcing her to become a tool to bear children. He could have even dumped her and married a socialite who was a match for the Ruan family, giving birth to a child with a noble bloodline.

However, Ruan Mingxiao did not do that. Everything was because she wanted to fulfill her dream of becoming the lead dancer. He was willing to give her time and wait for her. He was even willing to help her take a shortcut to the lead position.

Even if he had to face the pressure from the Ruan family, face the guilt he felt towards his great-grandmother, and endure the loneliness of living alone. He still chose to support her without hesitation, choosing to love and protect her.

And she had never known what Ruan Mingxiao had given up for her. He was wholeheartedly thinking about his dream, and even had a conflict with an innocent little life because of that dream.

Jun Jun Jun silently closed the box containing the ring and put it back in its original position.

At this moment, she heard footsteps coming from the corridor. She was already very familiar with Ruan Mingxiao, so as long as she heard the footsteps, she could determine whether this person was him or not.

Ruan mingxiao walked up from downstairs with his laptop and saw Jun Jun Jun standing in the corridor, smiling sweetly at him.

The man’s eyes were startled. “Are you not feeling well?”

At this time, when he saw Jun Jun at home, Ruan Mingxiao’s first reaction was whether Jun Jun was not feeling well. Otherwise, with her excellent character, she would not skip class and go home.

Hearing Ruan Mingxiao’s words, Jun Jun’s little heart, which was already surging with waves, became even more agitated.

Seeing that the girl did not speak and just stood there foolishly smiling, the man’s eyes darkened. He quickly walked forward and reached out to touch Jun Jun’s forehead. After confirming that she did not have a fever, the man relaxed his brows.

“What’s Wrong?”Ruan Mingxiao asked softly.

Jun Jun snatched the computer from Ruan Mingxiao’s hand and casually threw it on the floor of the corridor. Then, she held Ruan Mingxiao’s hand and walked towards their room.

Ruan Mingxiao looked at Jun Jun throwing away his computer impudently and allowed her to drag him back to the room.

As soon as they entered the room, Jun Jun Jun immediately closed the door.

Ruan Mingxiao looked at her in confusion, but before he could say anything, Jun Jun Jun had already pounced on him. Her body, which was obviously heavier than before, hung on Ruan Mingxiao like an octopus.

“Little girl, what are you doing?”Ruan Mingxiao looked at Jun Jun with a deep gaze, not knowing what was going on in her little head.

In the end, Jun Jun smiled brightly. “Kissing You!”

As she said that, Jun Jun Jun took the initiative to kiss Ruan Mingxiao’s lips.

However, this kiss immediately caused fire. Ruan Mingxiao’s two big hands held Jun Jun Jun’s body, and his gaze became more and more profound.


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