Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 1 - A Woman?

Chapter 1: A Woman?

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Liu Fei, was a luxurious entertainment hub. It was so luxurious in fact, that only luxury cars were parked right outside its doors.

It was because of this, that when Ling Tianya’s cheap SUV was parked there, it seemed especially out of place.

Seeing Ling Tianya’s car, the smile on the face of the hostess at the door had dimmed. It fell further more when she saw that it was two women that came out of the car. In fact, seeing how coquettish Ling Tianya was, she could not even hide her disdain.

“Gosh, what a snob,” The assistant, Zhang Ke, muttered under her breath.

Faced with the hostess’ disdain, Ling Tianya was surprisingly calm. With an elegant smile, she fished out several dollar bills, placing them in the hostess’s hand. “Bring me to room VIP8.”

Having taken her money, the hostess’s expression instantly changed. She respectfully brought Ling Tianya to room VIP8.

Zhang Ke couldn’t help but snigger out loud at the rapid change.

When Ling Tianya walked into the room, the men present there glanced at her in confusion.

“We didn’t call for any hostesses yet.” The man that had spoken was a man in his fifties, named Mr. Wang.

Hearing this, Zhang Ke really wanted to slap him. What was with all the people these days? Just because her teacher was gorgeous, that didn’t make her a hostess.

Ling Tianya smiled gracefully despite that, “Good evening Mr. Wang, I’m TY.”

There were only men in the room and a wave of shock passed through all of them. They had always assumed that the renowned screenwriter was an older and experienced Caucasian man. That was why they had chosen Liu Fei as their first meeting’s location. Never in their dreams would they expect that TY would be the flirtatious Chinese woman right in front of their eyes.

Mr. Wang rushed forward, offering his hand with desire burning in his eyes. “Hello, I did not expect such a lovely young lady as you.”

Ling Tianya merely put her hand briefly in his, passing it off as a handshake.

Ling Tianya’s actions put a faint blush on Mr. Wang’s cheeks, and he pointed to another middle-aged man at the other end of the room. “This is the director that’s going to work with you, Mr. Zhang.”

Mr. Zhang’s expression was clouded, “You’re really TY?”

He couldn’t believe that someone that could write such realistic scripts would be just a pretty face.

“Couldn’t be realer than this,” Ling Tianya cooly replied.

“Alright, let’s all take a seat,” Mr. Wang’s eyes kept wandering to Ling Tianya’s body, he even sat himself right beside her.

Ling Tianya was disgusted by Mr. Wang’s proximity, and couldn’t help herself as she shuffled to the side. Mr. Wang took the chance to stick even closer, “The situation in China is different from other countries. Since Ms. TY is intending to expand in China, you have to understand the rules here.”

The rules in China? Were there unspoken rules?

Ling Tianya bit her lip. Even though she had mentally prepared herself before coming to the meeting, she couldn’t help feeling disgusted at seeing Mr. Wang.

Just then, the door to the room was suddenly opened, and someone that looked like an assistant rushed in. “Mr. Wang, Mr. Ruan is here!”

Hearing this, all the people in the room immediately stood, respectfully waiting for the so-called “Mr. Ruan”.

The lighting in the room was very dim, Ling Tianya felt a shadow approaching her. When she raised her gaze, her eyes met with a cold glare. She froze, even her breathing stopped momentarily. Seeing the man in front of her, a chill ran up her spine, flooding through the rest of her body.

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