Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 2 - Tell Her, She Won’t be Able to Run from Me

Chapter 2: Tell Her, She Won’t be Able to Run from Me

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“Mr. Ruan, why did you come personally?” Mr. Wang, a man in his fifties, was currently groveling at the feet of someone that could be his son.

Ruan Zeyan’s arrival caused the room to feel confining, heightening the pressure in the room. The men who were arrogant just moments ago, did not even dare to breathe harshly at that moment.

“I was just discussing some businesses here, and I heard that you were here too. I just took a short detour.” Ruan Zeyan’s deep voice rang as he strided over to the sofa and took a seat, glancing at all the people as though he was the king.

“Ah, we’ve only just started too…Oh right, this is TY, the screenwriter that had just come back from overseas.” Mr. Wang tugged on Ling Tianya, introducing her to the other, “This is the Yuan Teng Corporation’s CEO, Mr. Ruan Zeyan. He’s also the investor for our drama.”

Ling Tianya wanted to melt into the background, and yet, she was suddenly dragged out in front of Ruan Zeyan. His cold glare landed on her directly, rendering her uncomfortable and making her squirm.

“Hello,” the man before her stretched out his hand, his stare on Ling Tianya sharp.

“Good evening…” She bit her lip, hesitantly offering her own hand out. When their hands touched, Ling Tianya felt that his hand was extremely cold. The handshake was painful, to the point that Ling Tianya felt that her own hand was about to break.

Suddenly, Ruan Zeyan let go of her hand and stood up. “Continue on, I’ll take leave,” he finished and left the room without pause.

Following his departure, the temperature in the room seemed to slowly go back to normal, and they all started to speak a little louder again.

Ling Tianya clenched her fists tight. Her face was pale and the cold sweat she had amassed still had not dissipated; she couldn’t even stand firm on her own feet.

“Ms. Ling, are you alright?” Zhang Ke could see how distressed Ling Tianya looked, so she asked out of concern.

“My apologies, I’m not feeling too well. I’ll be leaving too. For any other details in regards to the project, please discuss it with my assistant, Zhang Ke.” Finishing that, she didn’t wait for the people in the room to respond before she rushed out of the room.

Behind her came Zhang Ke and Mr. Wang’s shouts, but Ling Tianya did not turn back. She just wanted to leave there as soon as possible before she got even more flustered.

Never in her dreams would she imagine that she would meet that man again after six years, much less would she think that they would meet under these circumstances.

Ling Tianya scrambled out of Liu Fei, but a Maybach outside of its doors stopped her. The back door was open, Ruan Zeyan’s gaze harsh, as though he was a judge.

That gaze seemed to tell her, ‘You can’t escape.’

“Ms. Ling, my boss would like to invite you into the car.” Du Gang politely stepped beside Ling Tianya, informing her.

Ling Tianya stumbled several steps back, “Ah- there’s… there’s no need. I drove here…”

She wanted to escape, but Du Gang took a step to block off her escape route. “Ms. Ling, my boss just wants to reminiscence about the past with you. It’s better if you just agree to it. There are many people here, it wouldn’t be good if I did something out of line to you here and now.”

His words were obviously threatening, Ling Tianya was unable to reject at all. Ling Tianya stood before the car, as though the car was hell. She feared she couldn’t get out once she’d gotten in.

“Please,” Du Gang insisted, as though it was the last request. Tianya gritted her teeth and got into Ruan Zeyan’s car.

Du Gang shut the door loudly, visibly startling Ling Tianya who was already seated in the car.

Du Gang got into the driver’s seat, looking back at Ling Tianya from the rear view mirror. She was the only woman, other than his boss’s mom, that had been in the car. It couldn’t help but pique his interest on who the woman was…

“Where would you like to go, Mr. Ruan?” Du Gang asked.

“Hu Xin Island.” Ruan Zeyan didn’t raise his head, instead he focused on the laptop resting on his knees.

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