Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 11 - Hit the Bathroom if You Need to Shit

Chapter 11: Hit the Bathroom if You Need to Shit

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In the middle of the day, Ling Tianya laid on the sofa, depleted of energy. She flipped through TV channels only to find some cliché T.V. dramas and afternoon news.

All of a sudden, a P.S.A. featuring the new T.V. star Guan Meiyi started to play on a loop. The beautiful and dignified woman was using her enchanting voice to appeal to the public, “no trading, no killing.”

After seeing Guan Meiyi, Ling Tianya lowered her eyes. Then, a sneer appeared on corner of her mouth, “That’s right, no trading, no killing…”

How ironic to hear those words coming out of the mouth of Guan Meiyi.

Ruan Zeyan trapped her there, so what was she going to do about the TV series? Not being able to reach her, Zhang Ke must be super worried. The two of them just returned to China not too long ago and Zhang Ke was unfamiliar with so many things in the country. She was probably going crazy from losing contact with Tianya.

Ling Tianya licked her lips and frowned.

Mandy walked over with a serious look on her face. She appeared annoyingly mature for her young age, “Miss Ling, it’s breakfast time.”

Ling Tianya lifted her eyes, “I’m not eating.”

Mandy snorted, “Miss Ling, if you do this to your body, you’ll suffer in the end.”

“Yeah?” Ling Tianya glared at Mandy, “What the hell do you care?”

“You–!” Mandy’s face turned ugly. Usually, on Huxin [1] Island, she held the highest authority after Mr. Ruan. All the servants on the island would listen to her. Even Mr. Ruan was very polite to her. If nothing else, her brother lost his life protecting Mr. Ruan six years ago. After that, Mr. Ruan gave her the manager job on the island out of guilt.

Although Mr. Ruan rarely came to the island, the servants all treated her with high respect. No one dared to go against her wishes, let alone talk back or insult her.

This kind of obedience made Mandy gradually think of herself as half the owner of Huxin Island. She even imagined that Mr. Ruan prepared the island just for her, and making her the manager was just a cover story.

After all, Ruan Zeyan was the President of Yuan Teng Corporation. He was the chosen one, the man standing on the altar. So many people on the outside were waiting to see him make a mistake or make a fool of himself.

She knew, a woman with her background could never stand next to Ruan Zeyan in public. So, she willingly stayed on Huxin Island, playing a canary hidden from the outside world.

The truth was, Ruan Zeyan rarely went there. Even when he did, he would just spend some time by himself and never stayed the night.

Yesterday, Du Gang called in advance to tell her that Ruan Zeyan was coming. For this, Mandy specifically arranged for the servants to clean the mansion all over again, even though it was already clean. She knew that Mr. Ruan was particular about cleanliness.

Du Gang then called a second time and asked her to tell everybody on the island to stay inside of their rooms and not allow anyone to come out!

Mandy didn’t know what happened. It was only that morning that she realize that Mr. Ruan brought a woman there to spend the night!

To make the matter worse, this bitch in front her failed to appreciate her kindness and talked to her in an insolent tone!

The look on Mandy’s face made Ling Tianya chuckle, “You should take some medication for that constipation. Not shitting for a long time is not good for women – it makes you ugly!”

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