Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 12 - Here, I am the Law.

Chapter 12: Here, I am the Law.

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Ling Tianya’s voice was by no means soft. The staff that was preparing lunch could hear it clearly too. This was their first time seeing Mandy dumbfounded, so they tried to sneak a peek.

Mandy’s face flushed with embarrassment, seeing that everyone was turning to look, immediately hardened her face. “What?! Get back to work!”

With that order, all the servants didn’t dare to look their way anymore, continuing the jobs they had on their hands.

Ling Tianya observed with a sharp eye, so Mandy had power over the people there?

“Since Miss Ling doesn’t want to have breakfast, then starve!” Mandy said through gritted teeth.

“Sure~” Ling Tianya stretched lazily, getting off the sofa. She blinked coquettishly at Mandy, “Ah, I’m so sleepy. I’m going to take a nap, don’t bother me unless it’s important.”

Ling Tianya sashayed her way up the stairs before Mandy, disappearing around the bend.

Mandy seemed to be calm on the surface, but her hands were clenched tightly into fists.

That bitch!

Returning to the upstairs room, Ling Tianya had no intention to sleep. The reason why she had refused food wasn’t to be on Mandy’s bad side, it was because she definitely had to see Ruan Zeyan, and then find a way to get out of there.

She couldn’t control anyone else, so she could only control herself. Her continuous insistence to refuse food would definitely end up in Ruan Zeyan’s ear, and that might be the only way she could see him.

After all, he locked her up there to have a live person on hand. It was not as if he wanted a dead one there.

To prevent someone from barging in, Ling Tianya locked the door from the inside. She then slipped out a box of chocolate that she had swiped from the fridge earlier, while no one was looking.

Who was he kidding? Her body was hers, she definitely would not torture it. She would not allow herself to die there at least.

For the whole afternoon, no one bothered her. She figured that Mandy didn’t want to see her either.

Having stayed in the room for the whole afternoon, Ling Tianya didn’t know when she had fallen asleep, until a chill that spread from inside out jolted her awake.

“You’re up?”

A cold voice came from above her, driving the sleep from her instantly. She woke up in that instant, sitting up as fast as she could.

The light wasn’t on in the room, and she could clearly see Ruan Zeyan sitting there through the light streaming in from outside the villa. The dim lighting had only made Ruan Zeyan look even more dangerous and sinister.

“Ling Tianya, this is your idea of starvation?” Ruan Zeyan picked up the chocolate bar that Ling Tianya had been eating, crushing and throwing the rest of it away.

Ling Tianya checked the door, she remembered that she had locked it from the inside.

How did Ruan Zeyan… …

Oh right, this was Ruan Zeyan’s home, why would he not have the keys to the doors in his own house?

“Didn’t I still lure you back home in the end?” Ling Tianya didn’t express any form of panic even though her lie that she was starving herself was completely exposed. She sat up, brushing through her bangs.

Lured? Hearing what she said, Ruan Zeyan’s face fell. He couldn’t believe that he still trusted this woman’s words, thinking that she really would starve herself.

A big hand grabbed onto Ling Tianya’s elbow, tugging her roughly towards him.

Ling Tianya’s weak body crashed into Ruan Zeyan’s firm chest, it hurt her. “When are you going to let me go? If you hate me so much, why did you lock me up here? Don’t you know that what you’re doing is against the law?”

“Law?” Ruan Zeyan’s cold palm was just slightly rough with callouses. He grabed Ling Tianya’s hair from the back, forcing her head up to meet his gaze. “Here, I am the law!”

Ruan Zeyan smashed his lips into Ling Tianya’s lips again as though it was a punishment, the injuries on her lips that Ruan Zeyan had bitten yesterday were reopening. Just like the night before, he ravaged her as he pleased.

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