Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 14 - Best of Luck, Miss Ling

Chapter 14: Best of Luck, Miss Ling

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A middle aged woman kneeled on the floor, trembling slightly. She cried her eyes out while wearing Ling Tianya’s clothes.

Du Gang found the CCTV recording, bringing it before Ruan Zeyan. “Boss, Ms Ling had rendered her unconscious, before changing into her clothes. She left by hiding in the car that was going out for groceries.”

“Yes, yes! I was knocked out, I didn’t know anything at all…” The woman was bawling by this point, she didn’t want to lose her job.

The air in the living room was abnormally thick, everyone was on their guard.

Ruan Zeyan’s face was as blank as a slate. There were not any emotions shown, but it was enough to keep everyone nervous.

Mandy bit her lip, she really hated Ling Tianya at that moment.

Ruan Zeyan watched the CCTV footage, where Ling Tianya swiftly hit the servant over the head, before dragging her unconscious body to the blind spot of the CCTV. The next time she appeared again in the CCTV’s sights, she had already changed into the uniform… …

“Hn!” Ruan Zeyan exclaimed suddenly, his face as cold as ice. The temperature in the room seemed to have dropped again. “Ling Tianya… …”

Du Gang couldn’t help but shiver hearing Ruan Zeyan’s voice.

Good luck, Miss Ling…

At that moment, Ling Tianya had already gotten out of the car that went out for groceries, and quickly got into a taxi, going towards her own home.

Even though her bag and phone were still with Ruan Zeyan, there was nothing important in her bag. Her important documents and identifications were with Zhang Ke. Her number was also new. She had just gotten it when she had returned to China. She could just get a new one.

What was most important was for her to return to her home. Having gone missing for a week, Zhang Ke must be in a panic.

Ling Tianya’s home was a luxury duplex apartment situated right in the city center. The security guard that saw Ling Tianya’s maid getup had stopped her from entering the complex. Ling Tianya didn’t have an access card, coupled with her horrendously messy uniform, so the security guard refused to let her in no matter how much she argued.

Left with no choice, she could only borrow the security guard’s phone to contact Zhang Ke.

Just minutes later, Zhang Ke came down crying and shouting. Seeing what her teacher was wearing, she was stunned, but she didn’t hesitate a second longer before hugging her tightly. “Miss Ling, where did you go? I’ve been looking for you for so long! I was so scared!”

“I… it’s a long story… …” Ling Tianya didn’t know what to say. She couldn’t possibly tell Zhang Ke that she was abducted by her first love, could she?

Zhang Ke wiped away her tears, sniffling as she surveyed her teacher. “Miss Ling, I went to make a police report when I couldn’t find you… but, the police didn’t care about it at all. I made a ruckus, but ended up getting detained for one night, on the grounds that I was creating a public disturbance… …”

Zhang Ke really did get the scare of her life. She did not have many people that she trusted, and her only pillar of support was Ling Tianya. In the end, she still lost contact with her most trusted mentor, but the police were of no help. “Miss Ling, it’s scary here…”

Hearing what Zhang Ke had said, the skin between her brows was slightly pinched. Under normal circumstances, if an adult is still uncontactable after twenty-four hours, it was grounds for the police to start an investigation. Zhang Ke went to make a police report, but if that was the attitude that they had shown, there was only one reason for it. Ruan Zeyan had interfered with the police.

Ling Tianya comforted Zhang Ke, leading the both of them back to her apartment.

Zhang Ke could not put Ling Tianya’s one week disappearance behind her, but Ling Tianya had no time to explain it to her. There was something more important that she had to tend to.

“When’s the thing that I wanted to go to?” In her walk in closet, Ling Tianya quickly took off the maid’s uniform, changing into a provocative red gown.

“Today. I was worried, what if you were still missing but the package had reached them…” Zhang Ke’s eyes lit up at the sight of her teacher in the gorgeous gown, unable to take her eyes off her. “Miss Ling, you look amazing!”

Ling Tianya looked back, smiling brightly at Zhang Ke. “Lend me your cell phone. Sorry to have worried you these past few days, please rest well. If there’s anything urgent, just contact me!”

“Miss Ling, you’re sure you don’t need me there?” Zhang Ke was a little worried.

“It’s alright,” Ling Tianya looked at herself in the mirror, fixing some of her hair that was out of place.

She was quite satisfied at her reflection in the mirror, taking a look at the clock.

That day was Madam Ling’s eightieth birthday, and Ling Tao had prepared a grandiose birthday dinner for her, it was just about time for it…

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