Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 15 - Guan Meiyi Shines Like a Star

Chapter 15: Guan Meiyi Shines Like a Star

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It was the eightieth birthday of Madam Ling. Ling Tao made a huge party out of it, inviting friends, business partners, upper-class socialites, as well as famous singers, and film stars. The gesture earned huge face for the old lady who always cared about what other people thought.

Madam Ling walked down the stairs slowly in the arms of Ling Yuqing and Guan Meiyi. Her wrinkly face was glowing with pride, taking in all the good wishes from the guests.

Posing as the female head of a powerful, Qu Wan stood by Ling Tao’s side, looking refined and graceful as they welcomed the guests.

Qu Wan was just as vain as Madam Ling. She loved occasions where she got to show off her distinguished status. She was especially pleased to see her daughter Ling Yuqing, who had become a beauty, standing next to Madam Ling and being admired by everyone.

Ling Yuqing was in her twenties, an age old enough to consider marriage. Even though she was not the biological child of Ling Tao, she had always been treated well by him. Madam Ling had also acknowledged her as her granddaughter, sealing her status as the only Miss left in the Ling Family.

The extravagant birthday celebration that year was Qu Wan’s idea. She wanted to woo her mother-in-law, and at the same time use the opportunity show off her own daughter Ling Yiqing.

Many young men at the dinner party were from distinguished families. Unions between the wealthy always followed the same model. Cinderella marrying prince charming would never happen in the real world, because matching between family backgrounds was what everyone really cared about.

Of course, it was Qu Wan’s hope and dream that Ling Yuqing could marry into an even more powerful family than the Lings. That way, not only Yuqing was set for life, Qu Wan’s own status in the Ling Family would be elevated.

Qu Wan was quite pleased with her plan. When she saw the young woman on the other side of Madam Ling, Guan Meiyi, a tint of disappointment crossed over her face.

Being a huge movie star, Guan Meiyi’s aurora was so huge that it covered Ling Yuqing completely. Guan Meiyi had the support of the Guan Family, which was much wealthier than the Ling Family and had close connection with the Ruan Family. That was why Madam Ling particularly loved her. Leaning on the power of the Guan Family, Ling Qi was often smug around the house and belittled her sister-in-law Qu Wan.

Fortunately, Guan Mei and Ruan Zeyan were always expected to get married. Even though there was no formal engagement, there was a mutual understanding between the families. No other family dared to have any thoughts about Guan Meiyi, the de facto daughter-in-law of the Ruan Family.

As a result, her daughter Ling Yuqing became the center of attention at the party.

Qu Wan couldn’t help but feel regretful about Ruan Zeyan. Such a fine man – oh she wished Yuqing could marry him!

“Thank you all for coming to my birthday celebration. Please enjoy yourself and forgive us of any inattentiveness!” With a big smile on her face, Madam Ling felt extremely content in a room full of wealthy and powerful socialites.

Qu Wan was a decent daughter-in-law, catering to her mother-in-law in such a way.

There were two pretty young ladies by her side. Ling Yuqing turned out extremely attractive, while Guan Meiyi was a big movie star enjoying national fame. It brought such pride to the old lady.

At that moment, the housekeeper, Ms. Zhang, walked over with a smile, “Madam Ling, someone is outside with presents!”

Several men in pressed suits walked in carefully carrying a box. They opened it in front of everyone, revealing a jade buddha with translucence that showed great age.

Astonished at first, Madam Ling quickly let out joyful laughter. Wasn’t it the antique jade buddha that she had always wanted?!

Madam Ling turned to Guan Meiyi, cheerfully said, “Meiyi, I can’t believe you actually bought this jade buddha for grandma! I am overjoyed, you deserve all that doting I gave you!”

Guan Meiyi was also surprised to see the jade buddha. It was true that Madam Ling had told her that she wanted the piece, and Meiyi did specifically ask people to get it for her when it was being auctioned off overseas. Someone else had gotten it before she could, so it was not her who bought the jade buddha.

Then she remembered that she mentioned this to Ruan Zeyan’s mother the last time she was over at their house. Could it be Ruan Zeyan who bought it for her?

With that thought in her mind, Guan Meiyi smiled with sweetness on her face. Then she said to Madam Ling, “As long as you are happy, Grandma. I would do anything to make you happy.”

Such public display of filial piety won praise from the whole crowd. Ling Qi and Guan Jianlin looked at their daughter with a special fondness.

The was no doubt that Guan Meiyi was the most beautiful and outstanding young woman at this party. The situation put Qu Wan in a bad mood. It felt like a slap in the face when she realized she just put in all that efforts for someone else’s benefit. She then looked at Ling Yuqing, who just stood there clueless.

Ling Yuqing felt that she didn’t deserve the accusing stare her mother was giving her. She had wanted to give Mdm Ling some expensive present too, but how could she compete with Guan Meiyi’s wealth?

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