Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 16 - Your Daughter’s Surname is Huang!

Chapter 16: Your Daughter’s Surname is Huang!

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The dinner continued on. As the female head of the Ling Family, Qu Wan, was naturally surrounded by many celebrities’ and public figures’ wives. After Guan Meiyi’s spotlight moment, Qu Wan felt that she desperately needed to bring some attention to Ling Yuqing too.

“Yuqing, come.” Qu Wan smiled, gesturing towards Ling Yuqing.

At her mother’s call, Ling Yuqing gently lifted her dress as she walked over. She was dressed especially extravagantly that day. Her gown was tailor-made for her, the wrap design around her chest accentuating her voluptuous assets, attracting the attention of men around her as she walked past.

Ling Yuqing proudly stood beside Qu Wan, “Mom.”

Her sweet voice instantly brought about some compliments from the few ladies around. “Oh my, this must be Miss Ling? What a lovely voice for a lovely girl!”

Qu Wan couldn’t stop her pride from showing on her face, hearing people praise her daughter made her very happy. “This is my daughter, Ling Yuqing. Yuqing, say hi to everyone.”

Ling Yuqing smiled, “Good evening, thank you so much for coming to my grandmother’s birthday dinner.”

There was no lack of woman around them that had sons back at home. Seeing how beautiful Ling Yuqing was, plus her strong family backing, many of them started to have their own ideas.

“Mrs. Ling, what a great daughter you have. I’ve watched Yuqing grow up, and she’s always been so obedient and filial!” Gao family’s female head had spoken, she was one of the ladies that she was closer with within the circle.

Mrs Gao’s words improved the womans’ impression of Ling Yuqing. Guan Meiyi is great, but who didn’t know about Guan Meiyi’s arranged marriage with the Yuan family? No matter how daring they are, those families would never dare to offend them. Yuan family’s CEO’s wife, Wang Guizhi, always talks about Guan Meiyi. It was clear to the entire world that she adored Meiyi.

In hindsight, Ling Yuqing wasn’t bad either, she also had familial relationships with the Ling and Guan family. If they could bring Ling Yuqing into their home, didn’t that mean that they would have familial ties with the Guan and Ruan family too?

The woman in the socialite circles were not idiots, their husbands were pitting against each other in the business world, earning their money and grabbing market shares. Their wives then put all their energy into the back end.

Sometimes, through a single marriage, a single woman could save a family several years of hard work.

Obviously, Ling Yuqing was their best choice currently.

Qu Wan watched as the woman’s eyes around them darkened, and she had a good idea of what was going through their heads. After all, she was also a woman that had spent a lot of time within the same circle, how would she not know what kind of ideas and plans these women were having?

Right at that time, a voice rang out, “Eh? But I remember that Ling Yuqing is not Mr Ling’s biological daughter. He has two, right? The elder one’s called Ling Tianya, and the younger one’s Ling Tianxin. If I remember correctly, this Miss Ling right here… she used to be Ms Huang, right?”

Once the words were out of her mouth, it instantly turned the scene tense. Even Qu Wan couldn’t hide her displeasure. Qu Wan, Madam Ling, Guan Meiyi, and Ling Qi, who were all nearby, weren’t happy either.

Everything was going well, why bring up those two annoying girls?

Ling Yuqing wasn’t faring any better. The thing that she hated most was other people bringing up the fact that she wasn’t a biological daughter of the Ling’s. The truth was that she was the only daughter of the Ling family at the time, all of the family members acknowledged and accepted that too. She was used to the socialite life, but why were there still some people that lacked basic common sense, bringing up the exact topic that no one wanted to hear about?

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