Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 18 - Since You Dare to Come Back, Then Don’t Regret It

Chapter 18: Since You Dare to Come Back, Then Don’t Regret It

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Ling Tianya’s gown was a strikingly beautiful red, her back was coyly exposed by the deep V cut of the dress, showing off her perfect curves. Coupled with her long, curly, raven hair she exuded a desirable air that no one could seem to describe.

Everyone in the room quietened down at Ling Tianya’s sudden entrance.

If they didn’t hear her wrong, that beautiful woman had just called Mr Ling… ‘Father’.

Could it be … that she was Mr Ling’s daughter?

Ling Tianya was only twenty years old when she had left. Even though she was pretty, she hadn’t known how to dress herself well, and often just wore simple clothes. Even aside from Qu Wan’s purposeful defamation, her image to the outside world was not exactly ideal.

Her departure took a whole six years, she changed from a pure teenage girl to a mature, sexy woman.

That’s why most outsiders didn’t recognize her at first sight. This was mainly because after the incident with Ling Tianya’s biological mother’s, Ling Tianya’s reputation began to slump. Of course, this could be credited to the hard work of Qu Wan and Ling Yuqing too. Ling Tianxin and her had a taboo-like existence in the Ling family, and the Ling family also purposely cut off her ties with the outside world. That was how the outside world slowly forgot about the existence of Ling Tianya, the actual daughter of the Ling family. They gradually came to only know about the Ling family’s only step-daughter, Ling Yuqing.

Even though the guests didn’t recognize Ling Tianya, the Ling family and Guan family members immediately knew who she was.

The first person to respond was Ling Tao, he could recognize her at first sight, She was his biological daughter, how could he forget her?

“Yaya… …” Ling Tao’s voice trembled, his eyes gradually welled with tears, “You’re back… …”

She is his biological daughter, even if Ling Tianya’s reputation was a mess and she had caused him to lose his unborn son. Even if she had done absurd things to the Li family…He had been angry, furious, ashamed… he had wanted to cut all ties with Ling Tianya, but after everything had calmed down, he still couldn’t forget that she was his daughter.

After seeing Ling Yuqing grow into a beautiful and mature woman, he couldn’t help but imagine how his own daughter was changing.

He had thought that Ling Tianya’s departure was temporary at first. He though that she would come back when she was no longer able to survive on her own. He didn’t think she would leave for six whole years. He had tried looking for Ling Tianya without his family knowing, but there wasn’t a shred of information at all. It was as though she had evaporated from the earth.

Ling Tianya having reappeared in front of him, Ling Tao had forgotten all about the hate. All he was feeling was excitement at seeing his daughter again.

Seeing Ling Tao’s eyes well with tears, Ling Tianya couldn’t deny she felt touched for a split second. Once she remembered what happened those years ago, all of it dissipated again. There was still a smile on her face, but her heart had hardened again.

“I’m back, father!”

Ling Tianya walked forward, throwing herself into Ling Tao’s embrace, expressing fully her love for her father.

Ling Tao tightly hugged onto Ling Tianya, his tears falling down his face, “I’m so glad that you are back! Let bygones be bygones, I won’t pursue any issues anymore, let’s live together happily from now on, okay?”

“Okay.” Ling Tianya obediently nodded, but she definitely hadn’t let go of what happened in the past! She came back for the sole purpose of getting revenge.

Getting revenge for Ling Tianxin’s disappearance, for her near-death experience under another’s car, and for her horrid reputation!

All of that… she’d make sure she got back at them for all of it!

Qu Wan and Ling Yuqing glared at the father and daughter hugging in a touching reunion.

Ling Tianya! Why did you come back?! What right do you have to come back?!

Ling Yuqing’s fist tightened, there was nothing kind about her glare at Ling Tianya. She had fought tooth and nail to get everything that she had, why did Ling Tianya have to come back at that moment?!

Even though there were no changes to Guan Meiyi’s facial expressions, she was extremely overwhelmed. She couldn’t believe that six years had allowed Ling Tianya to change so drastically, to the point where she was shining even brighter than herself.

She couldn’t accept it…

Qu Wan’s eyes were sharp. She sneakily called their housekeeping, Miss Zhang, over, “Go tell the Li’s that Ling Tianya is back!”

Ling Tianya, you came back to see your own destruction… Don’t regret your choice!

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