Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 19 - What a Notorious Reputation

Chapter 19: What a Notorious Reputation

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Due to the occasion, Ling Tao quickly gathered himself. He put one hand on Ling Tianya’s shoulder, smiled and said to everyone, “Let me introduce you, this is my daughter Ling Tianya.”

Ling Tao was away from Qu Wan, so he didn’t know what happened, especially the fact that Mrs. Gao was bashing Ling Tianya’s past.

His introduction shocked the people who were surrounding Qu Wan and Ling Yuqing.

This woman was Ling Tianya?

If one ever wondered how notorious Ling Tianya’s reputation was from back in the day, all they needed was to Google her name. There would be a page full of negative news, centering around the year when she was twenty.

“Ling Tianya, daughter of the oldest son of the Ling Family, Ling Tao. She’s a good-for-nothing, a total slut!”

“Ling Tianya is obnoxious, disrespectful, bullying and flashy!”

“Ling Tianya, leads an indecent private life. She sleeps around even when engaged. What a filthy, filthy woman.”

Ling Tianya had left the Ling Family when she was eighteen. She received almost no money from the family thanks to Qu Wan’s intentional interference. She almost never came back to the family home, knowing her own grandmother disliked her.

Even that couldn’t satisfy Qu Wan. The mere existence of Ling Tianya was a roadblock for Ling Yuqing.

Qu Wan pushed Ling Tao against Ling Tianya, souring their relationship. When her public reputation worsened by the day, Ling Tao started to feel aversion towards his own daughter…

What truly disappointed Ling Tianya was Ling Tao being spineless in front of Qu Wan and Ling Yuqing while indifferent towards Ling Tianxin, eventually leading to her disappearance.

“So this is the very Ling Tianya who grabbed the dowry money and ran away with a gigolo?”

“Yes, it’s her! I didn’t recognize her at first, but after a second look, it’s actually her!”

“How depraved of her! If it were me, I would NEVER come back, especially not in front of everybody… Does she have no shame?”

Several people started muttering. Even though they kept their voice low, the words still found their way across the quiet room into the ears of Ling Tianya, Ling Tao, and others.

Ling Tao’s face quickly changed color. He was not expecting people to bring up those things after six years…

Madam Ling now had a fierce look on her face. Her lovely eightieth birthday party was effectively ruined by that little devil, Ling Tianya!

“Hmph!” Madam Ling berated loudly, “Ling Tianya, what are you doing back here? Are you wishing me dead?”

Qu Wan and Ling Yuqing’s faces eased up a bit after hearing what Madam Ling had said. No one in the entire Ling Family, except for Ling Tao, was welcoming Ling Tianya’s return.

Judging by the face of Ling Qi, Guan Jianlin, and Guan Meilin, Ling Tianya’s appearance was also unwelcomed by the Guan Family.

Ling Tao found himself in a difficult position. If it was anyone else, he could have just ignored them or even kicked the person out of the door. It was his own mother who did not welcome Ling Tianya. He didn’t know what to do…

Ling Tianya noticed the change in Ling Tao’s face. He was hugging her just a moment before, but then he seemed extremely troubled by the attitude of the old lady. She was not surprised or disappointed by this, because she knew full well what kind of person her father was…

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