Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 28 - They Pleaded for Their Lives

Chapter 28: They Pleaded for Their Lives

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“Tao…” Qu Wan was shoved to the floor by Ling Tao right in front of their guests. She raised her head to look around her. She bit her lip in determination, she couldn’t care less about what others thought of her, she had to protect herself first and foremost.

Qu Wan supported herself to sit up again, before lurching towards Ling Tao, “Tao, I had no choice back then, Huang Dawei is Yuqing’s biological father. He pleaded with me, saying that if I didn’t help him, he would be killed by the loan sharks. I only did those ridiculous things because I caved in… It’s not a huge mistake, please just forgive me…”

“It’s not a big mistake?” Ling Tao’s eyes were bloodshot, glaring at Qu Wan with fierceness like no one had ever seen, “Right, ten million dollars is nothing to the Ling family, you could have just asked me for it, would I have not given it to you? Why did you have to steal it from the Li’s, and then push the blame onto my Yaya? You let her be misunderstood and accused by everyone for six years!”

At that point, everyone knew what had happened. Ling Tianya had never taken the Li family’s ten million dollar dowry, but it was her step-mom, Qu Wan, that had stolen it to repay her ex-husband’s debt!

“Ha, how shameless, to think she could do something like that!” Mrs. Li, who had never liked Qu Wan, rolled her eyes, digging into Qu Wan’s sore spot.

Qu Wan turned to glare at Mrs. Li, this woman was against her the entire night. She judt had to wait, wait for her to get over this situation first before dealing with Mrs. Li!

Mrs. Li met her fierce eyes, smiling tauntingly.

Qu Wan bit her lip, she didn’t expect that what she had done back then would ever be exposed. No one had known when she had taken the money back then, and Ling Tianya was chased out of the family by Ling Tao, so she had just pushed the blame onto Ling Tianya. How did she know what really happened?

This was something that Madam Ling and Ling Qi did not expect, to think that the incident six years ago was orchestrated by Qu Wan so that she could repay her husband’s debt with no concern for the Ling family’s reputation!

Mrs. Ling’s look was full of ire, the woman in her sights was no longer her good daughter-in-law. She clearly viewed Qu Wan as the enemy of the Ling family.

Ling Yuqing’s face paled, she knew that if her mom no longer had a say in the family, her status as the Ling family’s beloved daughter would be gone too. She didn’t want to go back to living the same life as she did before!

“Dad, please forgive mom, she was just…she was stressed back then…” Ling Yuqing sobbed, pleading through her tears.

“Stressed?” If gazes were lasers, Ling Tianya would have burned a hole through Ling Yuqing by then, “So stressed, that she would plan to take the Li’s ten million dollars? So stressed, that she would push and build such a disgusting reputation on my name? What right does she have to be Ling family’s female head after all that?!”

“You!” Faced with Ling Tianya’s barrage of verbal assault, Ling Yuqing could do nothing more than bear with it. She could not go against Ling Tianya right then, so she set her sights on Ling Tao instead, “Dad, forgive mom on the basis that she has taken impeccable care of you and grandma all these years, all these efforts have to mean something, isn’t it?”

Ling Yuqing’s constant begging just conflicted Ling Tao even more. All these years, he had treated Ling Yuqing like he would his own daughter, giving her the best of everything. He looked at his real biological daughter, Ling Tianya, and he could only imagine the horrors she had to go through the past six years… and the reason for all of that was Qu Wan!

Seeing that Ling Tao was not persuaded at all, Qu Wan knew that no matter what she said now, it was of no use. She had to appeal to his emotions.

“Tao, just for your unborn son, forgive me…I had just lost the child back then, and I just acted on the hate that I had. That’s the reason for all those stupid decisions…”

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