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Chapter 27 - How Dare You Lie To Me

Chapter 27: How Dare You Lie To Me

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Ling Tao had finally lost his patience, “Ling Tianya, if all you want is to raise hell for this family, please just leave! You are not my daughter anymore!”

Ling Tianya was baffled. Even though she had lost all faith in her father Ling Tao, hearing those words still hurt a lot. They felt like a knife slicing through her heart.

She bit her lip, but remained calm. Despite the unfriendly glares towards her, she carried on, “Dad, auntie, do you really think I’m still the dumb girl from back in the day who was clueless? If I didn’t have solid proof, do you think I would have come here to say what I said?”

“Tianya sister, is the proof you are talking about that non-existent bank transfer statement?” asked Ling Yuqing timidly. She was playing up the role of a chronically bullied stepsister, winning even more sympathy from the men. They started to see Ling Tianya as the evil sister, a crooked woman, someone you should never marry regardless of how pretty she was.

“Non-existent?” Ling Tianya smiled and went on, “It’s true that I can’t get Huang Dawei’s bank statement, but the police can!”

“What do you mean?” Qu Wan started to tense up.

“The fact is I have been back in the country for a while now. The first thing I did when I came back was to go to the police and ask them to investigate about the dowry money the Li Family gave me. This is something even the Li’s don’t know.” Ling Tianya paused for a moment before she continued, “Of the ten million dollars the Li Family gave me, ten thousand was newly printed money with continuous serial numbers. I happened to remember the numbers of a few notes and gave them to the police. All they needed to do was to check the banking system, and they found out where the money had gone.”

Qu Wan’s face was turning paler by the minute. Losing the moral high ground, she struggled to retain an even composure.

“If I’m not mistaken, Huang Dawei is currently being investigated by the police. It won’t be long before they follow the money trace and find you, Auntie. Ten million is not a small number. Have you thought about what you are going to say to the police?”

Qu Wan stared at Ling Tianya’s red lips, those blossoming roses from hell. “You…You are a liar…”

“Lie or not, we just have to wait for the police to arrive.” Ling Tianya smirked, “Auntie, I already told you that I’m not that naive girl anymore. For six long years, I was the notorious woman who ran away with a gigolo with the Li’s dowry money. It’s time to clear my name for good! Ten million dollars is enough to keep you locked up for a long while!”

Ling Tianya’s words were loud and clear. She made sure every single person there heard her.

“It’s not possible…Not possible!” Qu Wan had lost her cool completely, shaking her head uncontrollably, “The ten million dollars was given to the Ling Family by the Li Family. I’m the female head of the Ling Family, so even if I took that money, it was our money to begin with. The police won’t arrest me for that … they won’t!”

“So, you admit that you took the ten million from the Li’s?” Ling Tianya pressed on.

Dumbfounded, Qu Wan realized that she fell right into the trap Ling Tianya was setting. She turned to Ling Tao, whose face was already red with hatred caused by lies and betrayal.


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