Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 9 - Why Did You Bring Her Up?

Chapter 9: Why Did You Bring Her Up?

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Inside the Ling Family mansion, a few women were relaxing in the living room and drinking tea.

“Cousin, I heard the screenplay for the movie you’re in was written by the prestigious foreign screenwriter T.Y.” Ling Yuqing was smiling and trying to be close to Guan Meiyi. “It is said that the actors who take the T.Y scripts all have won awards.”

Guan Meiyi sat elegantly with a gentle smile, “We’re still negotiating, the contract has not been signed yet. As far as I know, the heroine is not necessarily me.”

“It has to be you! Cousin, you are the hottest star right now. So many girls around me envy me for having you as a cousin!” Ling Yuqing tried to flatter her.

Guan Meiyi smiled and didn’t speak. Her mother Ling Qi spoke up, “What prestigious screenwriter? I think it is just a gimmick. The script is only good if there are good actors. Meiyi is a newly crowned best actress, and she will not do the movie if the script is not good!”

“Auntie is right! Without cousin’s superb acting, a good script is useless!” Ling Yuqing offered up exactly what Ling Qi wanted to hear, sparing no effort to praise Ling Qi and Guan Meiyi.

Hearing Ling Yuqing’s flattering words, Guan Meiyi’s mouth curved up with satisfaction. After all, who doesn’t like compliments?

Qu Wan seemed displeased with her daughter’s bootlicking of Ling Qi and Guan Meiyi. Everyone knew that snobby Madam Ling favored her granddaughter Guan Meiyi. After all, the Guan Family overshadowed the Ling Family financially, not to mention its close relationship with the Ruan Family.

Guan Meiyi’s father, Guan Jianlin, was a close friend of Ruan Qishan, the chairman of Yuan Teng Corporation. Guan Meiyi and Ruan Zeyan were expected to get married. From a young age, Guan Meiyi was groomed by Ling Qi to be the future daughter-in-law of the Ruan Family. Within their entire social circle, it was difficult to find another person who was compatible to Guan Meiyi.

Qu Wan’s own daughter, Ling Yuqing, changed her last name to Ling, but was still not blood of the Ling Family. If back in the day, she didn’t miscarry her baby because of Ling Tianya, she and her daughter would have enjoyed a much better life in the Ling Family. At the very least, they would not be intimidated by Madam Ling and her sister-in-law Ling Qi.

Fortunately, Ling Tao was a decent man. He didn’t cheat on her and he didn’t bring home any bastard children. Her status as the first lady in the Ling Family was quite stable.

Ling Qi laughed happily and held the hand of Ling Yuqing with tenderness, “Yuqing, you are such a sensible kid. I love chatting with you, unlike that hapless Ling Tianya –”

“Why did you bring her up?” asked Madam Ling. If it was not for Ling Tianya’s mother, the Ling Family would not have become a laughing stock. If it was not for Ling Tianya, the child in Qu Wan’s belly would not have been lost. “That mother and daughter are both as bad as debt collectors, don’t you mention them!”

Ling Qi did not want to mention Ling Tianya. She was the one who helped her with the engagement to Li Chenfeng, but the girl just disappeared out of thin air. Given her social status, Ling Qi didn’t have to care too much about the feelings of the Li Family. She couldn’t help but feel irked though.

Seeing that grandma was happy, Ling Yuqing quickly changed topics and turned to Guan Meiyi, “Cousin, I heard that the Ruan Family gave you a big present after you received the award. It’s because you are their anticipated future daughter-in-law!”

When it came to the Ruan Family, Guan Meiyi naturally thought about the sly Ruan Zeyan. He was the guy she was set up with when they were kids by the two families as a joke. A touch of shyness climbed into her dignified and beautiful expression.

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