Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive

Chapter 8 - Regret? Never.

Chapter 8: Regret? Never.

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Ling Tianya bit her lip, what’s most important right now is Tianxin’s safety. “Dad, Tianxin’s missing!”

Hearing that Tianxin was missing, Ling Tao’s face showed a bit of worry. Before he could talk, Madam Ling stepped in, “If the bastard child is missing, so be it!”

“Dad! Tianxin’s still your daughter!” Ling Tianya screamed.

“Tianya, forgive me for this…We’ve done DNA tests, Ling Tianxin has absolutely no blood relation with your dad, she was obviously a child your mom had with another man. How can you say that she’s your dad’s daughter?” Qu Wan whined, distress still evident in her voice.

“Shut up! You were the one that arranged the DNA test, you definitely rigged it! It’s fake!”

“Tianya, you…” Qu Wan’s eyes filled with tears, falling down her cheeks.

Ling Tianya watched Qu Wan, a woman more dramatic than a soap operas on T.V. She watched her detached father, her grandmother filled with disdain, Ling Qi and Guan Meiyi who did not hide their contempt, and Ling Yuqing who was pretending to be innocent.

“You promised me, as long as I agreed to marry Li Chenfeng, you would give me Tianxin’s custody rights!” Ling Tianya’s fist tightened, she was losing grip on her logical thinking, “Now Tianxin has been taken somewhere by a man that this woman sent!”

“Tianya what are you saying? When did I send someone there?” Qu Wan sobbed, seemingly piteous.

“Grandpa said so, there was a man that brought Tianxin away in your name yesterday, and they haven’t come back since then!” Ling Tianya pointed at Qu Wan, her eyes bloodshot, she knew that she made quite a scary sight right then.

“Tianya, you’re just accusing me of things I didn’t do…I didn’t send any man to the villages to take Tianxin away, she isn’t even a child of the Ling Family anymore, what use do I have to take her away… …”

Qu Wan’s tears were like a catalyst triggering Ling Tao, turning him furious in an instant. “Ling Tianya, shut your mouth. If Ling Tianxin’s missing, let the police handle it, why are you racking up a ruckus here?!”

“Me, making a ruckus?” Ling Tianya glared at Qu Wan. Ever since Ling Tao got to know that woman, not long later her mom had eloped with another man mysteriously, her sister was accused of not being Ling Tao’s blood-related daughter. Now, they wanted to just marry her off like that!

Ling Tianya swiped the floor lamp just beside her, throwing it towards Qu Wan’s stomach.

“Ah–!” In a second, Qu Wan held her stomach as she squatted, “Tao, my stomach…!”

“Ling Tianya! You’ve gone too far!” Ling Tao snatched the floor lamp away, smashing it towards Ling Tianya. “Get out! Get out of this house right now!”

What followed was just a mess — crying, swearing, fighting…

It was a horrifying and extremely long dream…

When Ling Tianya opened her eyes again, the sun had already risen. A layer of fog had settled over the lake, as though a filter fell around her, bringing out a different kind of beauty.

When she had woken, there was no longer anyone near her. She didn’t know when Ruan Zeyan had left.

She dragged her tired and abused body to the shower, covered in black and blue bruises. The worst of it was concentrated on her chest.

She tiredly looked at her reflection, asking herself: ‘Do I regret coming back?’

The answer was clear, she didn’t!

As long as she could take her revenge, she did not care about any of the consequences that came with it. Not just for Tianxin, but also for the past her that had almost died under a car!

When Ling Tianya walked down from the second floor, the servants were working already. Seeing another woman show up in the villa, they were understandably curious, but did not show it much. Rather, it was Ling Tianya that was shocked at seeing the workers. When she was dragged in, she hadn’t noticed anyone else in the house other than the two of them, but there were suddenly so many people.

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