Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 16 - Her Temper Rose

Chapter 16: Her Temper Rose

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Liu Duo lowered her head and smiled when she saw Ye Ling holding her hand, as she thought, promising learner.

At the vegetable farm, Ye Mo was weeding. He swiftly pulled out the weeds and casually placed them into the basket on his back.

Ye Liu carried a bucketful of manure as he walked to the farm from far away. Every now and then, he would toss some manure onto the plants as fertilizer. Normally, they would only water their crops.

“Ling, what brings you here?” Liu with his bucket of manure was the first to spot Ye Ling and Liu Duo.

Upon hearing that, Ye Mo looked up and gave Liu Duo a meaningful look before going back to weeding.

“I brought Duo Er to have a look at our farm and get to know the surroundings.”

“Right, it’s good to get used to the place,” Liu put down the bucket, took out the long dipper, and began scooping manure onto the roots.

Ye Ling went to squat beside Ye Mo to help with the weeds. Liu Duo stood aside and observed before taking a spot next to Ye Ling.

Having had no experience with weeding, Liu Duo felt curious about the deed. She pulled at the weed with all her might but could not extract the roots. She must have been doing it wrong. It took her several more attempts to get it right.

She smiled deeper the more weeds she pulled. With Liu Duo and Ye Ling joining in, they finished weeding a lot quicker.

“Duo Er, take a rest, don’t get too tired,” Ye Ling felt sorry for her. He didn’t want her to work.

Liu Duo had not even replied, but Ye Mo cut in, “Got tired so fast? She’s not a rich lady. It’s not like she hasn’t worked before!”

Liu Duo squinted at Ye Mo, there he goes again!

She was not quite tired in the first place. Her feet felt a little numb, her back sore. She stopped working, patted the mud on her hands, twisted her waist about, and said, “So perhaps I’m really tired. What’s it to you?”

She would willingly pick a fight with Ye Mo. After all, she had nothing better to do!

“Hmph…” Ye Mo rolled his eyes. Of course there was nothing he could do with her!

“What’s that? You can rest as you want. It’s not like we’re forcing you to work non-stop!”

“What a big mouth, just asking for trouble!” Liu Duo got up and headed out of the farm.

Being called a big mouth, Ye Mo stood up immediately and rushed to her side. He grabbed her hand, “Where are you going? We are all here You plan on running!”

Liu Duo felt her hand would break, being held so forcefully. And he assumed she was running again. Her temper rose.

She turned around and yelled. “Get some medicine if you’re really sick in the head! You lose it every other day!”

“Where the heck can I run to, you dimwit? My name is written under yours. Where the heck can I run to? You crappy mouthful of dung, don’t bother me!”

The scolding left Ye Mo at a loss and left Ye Ling stunned. As for Ye Liu, who had gone off to get more manure and had not returned, he did not hear anything. He came back to see Ye Mo dragging Liu Duo. The girl seemed to be shouting. The two seemed to be having a quarrel.

Knowing Mo’s infamous temper, and seeing him not taking his hands off Liu Duo, Ye Liu was afraid Mo would get physical out of impulse, so he put down the bucket and rushed to assist.

“Mo, let her go. You are strong. You might hurt her. Duo Er just wanted to rest. She’s not going to run,” Ye Ling went on to advise after recovering from his daze. He was afraid Ye Mo would get fired up and hit Liu Duo.

What Liu Duo said had managed to clear his head, as Mo thought, yes, she’s registered under our name now.

Ye Liu got nearer and overheard Ye Ling. Brows furrowed, he pulled Ye Mo aside, “Mo, have you forgotten what I said? Apologize to Little Duo!”

Ye Liu glared at Ye Mo seriously. Ye Mo was aware of the situation but was unwilling to say he was sorry.

Liu Duo freed herself from Ye Mo’s hand and checked the arm under her sleeve. There were five finger marks. Obviously, Ye Mo had applied a great deal of strength.

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