Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 17 - No Vigor

Chapter 17: No Vigor

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Liu Duo’s eyes reddened. She was mentally exhausted, freed from the disease yet tangled up with a mad man. Whether or not he believed she wouldn’t run, it didn’t matter!

She put down her sleeves and left, expressionless, not bothering to look at the three brothers.

The men, naturally, saw the finger marks on Liu Duo’s arm.

Ye Ling felt sorry and ran to her, “Duo Er, let me rub your arms. Does it feel painful?”

“No need.”

“Duo Er, this is Mo’s fault. I’ll bring him to apologize to you. Please don’t get mad, alright?” Ye Ling tried to catch up. Liu Duo walked in quick strides.

“…” I don’t want to talk. You did nothing wrong, so what’s there to be sorry for?

Ye Liu was no longer smiling like before. In a serious tone, he said, “Mo, I told you not to talk about running away. Why didn’t you listen?”

“You really want her to run? You kept triggering her and reminding her about it!”

“We don’t threaten or intimidate her to stay. What’s the point if she’s physically here but her mind’s not? If you keep going on like this, Yang and I will not forgive you!” Liu turned towards the bucket of manure.

Mo, after the scolding, furrowed his brows again. He stared at the direction Liu Duo had left in and continued weeding. Frustration took him over. He did not mean to hurt her.

He planned to check on the paddy field after weeding, but he lost the mood. The farm was not particularly far away from home. Liu Duo walked on the same path that had led her to the farm.

Ye Ling followed her silently. He could feel Liu Duo was in a bad mood, and this affected him too. He could not understand why Mo kept picking on Liu Duo.

Back at the house, Liu Duo went to the outhouse, washed her cloth, hung it up to dry, and returned to the house to lie down, all the while not saying anything, having no vigor at all.

Ye Yang had been weaving baskets in the yard. He saw Liu Duo and Ye Ling entering the doorway, one after the other, both in silence. Ye Ling sat on the bench beside him, troubled by thoughts.

“Ling?” A man of few words, Ye Yang inquired towards Ye Ling with the look in his eyes.

Ye Ling told him everything that happened. Again, Ye Yang said nothing as he continued with his work with his head hanging low.


Around six or seven in the evening, Ye Ling and Ye Mo returned. Ye Ling was cooking in the kitchen, while Ye Yang’s basket had been completed and set aside.

Ye Liu pushed the door open and entered the room. Liu Duo was lying on the bed. She did not fall asleep, just staring blankly ahead.

“Little Duo, what are you staring at? Wanna vent? I can hit him for you!” Ye Liu giggled as he sat by the bed and looked at what Liu Duo was staring at on the ceiling.


Duo Er said nothing. Ye Liu was not angry, as he continued, “We can punch him so much he won’t even recognize himself!”

“…” Liu Duo kept silent. She closed her eyes, pretending not to listen.

Upon seeing this, his mouth upturned. Ye Liu got closer to her, “Little Duo, if you don’t speak up, I’ll…”

Feeling a man’s presence spraying on her face, Liu Duo’s eyes shot open. They gazed at one another, their appearance reflecting in their eyes. Ye Liu had a smirk on his face – his perfect facial features immensely attractive, a feast for the eyes. Liu Duo’s heart suddenly skipped a beat.

Few seconds passed as Liu Duo froze. She broke gaze, cheeks blushing as she pushed over Ye Liu, “Get off. Stay away from me.”

Seeing Liu Duo in such a fluster, Ye Liu did not intend to keep teasing her, in case it backfired. She would not like it.

“Hey, Little Duo, let’s go. I’ll take you to give dear little Mo a good punch!” Ye Liu took hold of Liu Duo’s hand and pulled her to him.

“Punch dear little Mo?”

Liu Duo caught herself snickering, choked by her own saliva, “Haha…”

Ye Liu didn’t know what was so funny, seeing Liu Duo breaking into laughter. He only mentioned punching Mo. Where was the joke? Anyway, it was nice to see her smile!

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