Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 25 - You Go Away

Chapter 25: You Go Away

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Ye Mo became so angry that he started to pant. Find myself a new wife to follow me? He clearly knew that was impossible, but he had still said that to him!

When their parents passed away, the three brothers vowed that they would take care of their fourth brother, Ye Ling, together. They would also share a wife between the four of them! They would all live together and love each other.

However, because of Ye Ling’s worsening illness in the past few years, which made the cost of his medication go up by half and further worsened their household’s condition, they couldn’t afford to get a shared wife!

It was thanks to Uncle Ye’s help of lending them money, and them living frugally to save money, that they could buy a shared wife.

Liu Duo had only been here for how long? Ye Mo felt that his three brothers had already become unfriendly towards him. Was he the kind of person who only cared about himself and would run off and find a wife for himself!

“I have a wife. Why the hell would I marry another wife! She is my wife – the wife of four of us!” He pointed at Liu Duo and shook uncontrollably from his anger!

“Who said she is your wife? She isn’t from today onwards. She is my, Yang’s, and Ling’s wife. You go away!” Ye Liu didn’t even look at Ye Mo. He led Liu Duo towards the bedroom.

I won’t show you any mercy. Do you really think everyone likes your temper? Little Duo really hates you. Let’s see who you can find! Ye Liu complained in his heart. Ye Mo really deserved to be criticized.

Ye Yang and Ye Ling also followed along and left Ye Mo there to go crazy!

Ye Yang and Ye Ling thought in their hearts, You need to do some self-reflection! Wives need to be cherished!

Ye Mo looked at their four backs and stomped on the ground. He snorted and ran out.

The four of them squeezed in the kitchen. Ye Yang was in charge of cooking, Ye Liu was in charge of the flame, and Ye Ling would occasionally lend a hand to help. Liu Duo sat and watched from the side.

All four of them had a tacit understanding to not mention what had just happened.


At night, Liu Duo was a bit worried when Ye Mo didn’t come home after dinner. “Yang, he hasn’t returned yet. Where do you think he has gone?”

“Who cares about him? Are you afraid that someone might attack a big man like him?” Ye Liu did not care at all.

He raised his dashing eyebrows and said mischievously, “If it were Little Duo who was still out so late at night, I would definitely have ill intentions towards you!”

“…” Such an immoral hooligan!

“Duo Er. It’s fine. After Mo’s anger dissipates, he will come back.” Ye Ling consoled.

Ye Yang didn’t speak. He only looked at the color of the sky.

The sky was already completely black and Ye Mo still hadn’t returned. Ye Ling lit the oil lamp and used it to get hot water for washing up.

After she finished washing up, Liu Duo went to the outhouse to change the cloth. After she cleaned it, she hung it on the rope.

She returned to the house, sat at the bedside, and spaced out. Where exactly did Ye Mo go? He still hadn’t returned.

Ye Liu closed the door after washing and went to the bedside. He bent over and lowered his head to look at Liu Duo. “What are you thinking about? Are you not going to hurry and go to bed?”

“Why hasn’t he come back?” Liu Duo asked.

“Who cares. He will suffer in the future if he doesn’t change that impulsive irritable temper of his. He stood up straight and started to take off his clothes.

Liu Duo nodded in agreement when she heard him say it like that.

She lifted her eyes and glance at Ye Liu. She was so shocked that her eyes opened until they were perfectly round. “You, why are you getting naked?”

“To sleep, of course!” Ye Liu’s expression on his face seemed to be asking if this was something strange!

“Then there isn’t a need to be completely naked right!” She turned her gaze.

“Who says I’m completely naked. I am still wearing undergarments! I am clearly not naked. Little Duo says that I am naked, so it turns out Little Duo actually wants me to get completely naked!” Ye Liu showed an expression of sudden realization!

“You, you are shameless!” Liu Duo gnashed her teeth. This shameless hooligan!

Liu Duo didn’t quibble with him. She loosened her hair bun to let her long hair scatter down her back. She took off her coat and pants and was only wrapped in a quilt. She laid down with her back towards Ye Liu.

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