Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 26 - This Is Torture!

Chapter 26: This Is Torture!

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Seeing Liu Duo ready for bed, Ye Liu snuffed the lamp and got in too. He laid beside her, lifted the covers, and hugged her.

Caught off guard, Liu Duo was panicked and flustered. “Let go of me! Use your covers, why use mine?”

“Don’t move, Little Duo,” he chuckled, “It’s quite cold tonight. One blanket isn’t warm enough. But if we hug each other like this, it’s a lot warmer.”

“What nonsense! Go use yours, now!”

Liu Duo could feel her cheeks heat up. This was her first time being hugged by a man from behind, and on the bed too. Furthermore, he was shirtless, and she could feel his heat through her layer of undergarments.

“This isn’t nonsense. It’s the truth! Little Duo, you dare say you don’t feel warm?”

“You… just let go of me,” she could only compromise. She was at her wit’s end, talking to a hoodlum.

“No, I like hugging. I sleep better like that.” What a load of bull.

Like I believe you! How did he come up with these things! Did he use to hug his brothers before? Liu Duo rolled her eyes in disbelief.

“…” She could not beat him with words, and she was not stronger than he was, so Liu Duo gave up!

Angrily, she forced herself to close her eyes and count sheep silently, hoping sleep would come to her soon.

Ye Liu felt that Liu Duo was not struggling any more. He smiled slyly and closed his eyes too.

He had been single for the past twenty-three years. This was the first time a woman laid in his arms. How could he possibly fall asleep? Liu Duo’s faint body fragrance flowed into his nose and straight up to his brain, making him hot and unbearable.

He often worked in town and would sometimes meet prostitutes looking for business. Their pungent powdery smell always made him nauseous. Even his work buddies would patronise every once in a while, but Ye Liu abstained from it.

This was a woman’s natural fragrance, and he had fallen in love with it. The hands around Liu Duo’s waist tightened.

Liu Duo felt the force as her eyes shot open and broke the pretense of sleeping. She slapped Ye Liu’s large hands, “Loosen up. Do you plan to strangle me?”

Soft hands clashed against his. Ye Liu’s eyes remained close, but he loosened up as he said hoarsely, “Little Duo, why aren’t you asleep yet? Unless you are excited too, lying in my arms? Hmm…”

That last hum sounded so devilishly sexy, she gulped. “Narcissist!”

“Heh…” Ye Liu’s mood had never been so good. “Little Duo, I know I’m handsome. The ladies on the streets would die to be in my arms……”

If Ye Liu were born in a rich family, he would definitely be a womanizer! Although, right now, his face fit the bill!

Many women would die for his affection? Liu Duo could not calm down! This was her husband! No one else could have him! She turned over to face Liu Duo and said, “If you dare to lay a finger on any other woman, try me!” She balled her fist.

Ye Liu had opened his eyes when Liu Duo turned over. Seeing her expression close-up, he laughed and held her hand, pulling it under the blanket.

He replied honestly, “Relax, honestly. I won’t touch other girls. My heart and body belong to you! You’re my wife, after all! My heaven, my earth, my most precious treasure!”

Which woman didn’t like listening to sweet nothings? Pride shone on Liu Duo’s face. “That’s more like it!”

“Alright, let’s get to sleep!” Ye Liu tucked herself under the blanket properly.

“Sure.” Liu Duo, feeling better and satisfied, laid against Ye Liu and drifted off to sleep soon enough.

Yet Ye Liu was vexed as heat rose throughout his body. With nowhere to let it off, he could only restrain himself! This is torment, Little Duo! Please grow up soon!

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