Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 28 - Mighty, Domineering, And Handsome

Chapter 28: Mighty, Domineering, And Handsome

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Liu Duo and Ye Ling looked at one another, they surely did not smell anything!

“Gossipmongers have foul mouths. You didn’t smell any of it?” Ye Liu looked at the two of them, pointing out their stupidity.

Oh! The two suddenly had an epiphany. Ye Liu’s description fit really well.

The women were instantly enraged by what Ye Liu said. How dare he call them foul-mouthed?

One of the women, who was so fat her neck was gone, bellowed, “Hey, you, Liu! Your mouth is pretty nasty too! Your shared wife ran away, but we can’t talk about it?”

“That’s right. If you had the guts, why did you come ask my man for help?”

“So true…:”

A bunch of nosey women bickered at Ye Liu while the unmarried women peeked at him, filled with romantic thoughts.

Ye Liu leisurely tipped his head to one side to look at them and grinned, “Whoever replied to me basically affirms it! I wonder how your husbands manage to sleep at night.”

“Pffft!” Liu Duo laughed. What a caustic remark!

On the other hand, Ye Ling felt awkward. How shameless could Liu get? How could he say stuff like this?

At first, the women were stunned, which turned into a state of shock such that all words failed them. How could a man speak to women like that? All the while, the unmarried girls shied away.

“You cursed rascal. Shame on you!” The women uttered in resentment.

“No wonder you are all poor. You can’t even get a wife, so you all had to buy one to share!”

“One woman sleeping with four men. What luck. You should be ashamed!”

“Nothing but low-graded goods.”

Married, and bought, are two different terms. A wife, even a shared one, who was married into the household, at least had her family to support her. A wife, even a shared one, who was bought into the household, had no family to support her. That’s why she was of lower status!

As the scolding continued, Liu Duo became a target, and this infuriated her. Ye Ling was no longer smiling as he stared at the group of women seriously, ready to strike back.

Liu Duo stomped and got up, arms folded in front of her chest, and spoke first. “A bunch of good-for-nothing bitches. Nothing but worthless cowards! Yes, I am the wife to four men, legally. Got a problem?”

“I am indeed very lucky. What’s that to you! I’m having the time of my life every night. It feels so good! Envious? Jealous? Your men, they can never satisfy you at night, so that’s why you’re here bitching the hell away, like a bunch of sour grapes! If you can, why don’t you try finding four extraordinary handsome men to buy you, and become their shared wife?”

“But no, you don’t have neither the skill nor the luck – just really stinky mouths! On top of being ugly and short, no one would want you, even for free! Even if you offer to pay, people would still have to consider!”


Everyone there were dumbstruck! The elocution and imposing manner were even more powerful than a man’s! She spoke a whole lot without having to gasp for air!

This was the first time Ye Liu saw Liu Duo, so mighty, domineering, and even handsome, that it left him awestruck for ten or so seconds. When he came to his senses, he behaved they way he always did and sent a whistle her way, together with a thumbs up, totally impressed!

For Ye Ling, this was not the first time he saw her lose it, but he was even more surprised at how dauntless Duo could be! Compared to the last time, this was certainly at the next level!

The group of women were scared out of their wits. Liu Duo did not care for those who preyed on the weak. She got back to cleaning her laundry and tossed them into the wooden bucket.

Having witnessed her ability, the women sped up their messy work and quickly fled the scene.

“Little Duo, from now on, every night, we’ll definitely give you a good time!” Ye Lu said with a swagger on his face, telling the truth.

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