Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 29 - Her Place

Chapter 29: Her Place

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Liu Duo choked on her own saliva as she heard that. Oh gosh, hell no! This imbecile!

Ye Ling heard it too. His face reddened, but inside his heart he thought, that’s right! He agreed, although it was difficult for him to talk about these things. But as a man, this had to be taken to heart!

“Little Duo, don’t get too agitated. As your husbands, we promise you won’t be disappointed!” Ye Liu got more energetic as he spoke.

Liu Duo rolled her eyes at him before turning to Ye Ling, “Ling, don’t ever be like him. He’s nothing but a hoodlum!”

Ye Ling looked at Liu Duo, still red in the face and not speaking, nodding, or shaking his head.

The last piece of clothing was washed and placed into the bucket. “Alright, we can go now.”

Ye Liu carried the bucket so that Liu Duo and Ye Ling’s hands would be empty. Together they walked home.


Ye Mo had not returned for the night. He was staying at his childhood friend, Li Gen Er’s, house. The friend, who went by the name of Li Wazi, was poor too, but he married a one-eyed wife.

There were three members in the family. His father died early, and the inheritance was divided. Li Wazi could barely feed the family by himself.

“Mo, you aren’t going back? Your brothers would be worried,” Li Wazi said.

He was wrong. Ye Yang, Liu, and Ling would not be worried about him.

“Worried? In their mind there’s only that bitch, and my own brothers treat me like this! Let me go find my own wife, live my own life, when they very well know I wouldn’t agree!” Ye Mo said with burning rage.

It was not quite impossible to get his own wife, even if they were quite poor.

After all Ye Mo was in his prime, perfectly healthy, strong, and diligent. He also had the looks, and quite a number of ladies would fall for that.

“That nasty bitch. Running away and eating good stuff. Did we really buy her, or are we raising her as Buddha? She doesn’t know her place! We bought her to bear our children!”

The more he thought, the angrier he got. Ye Mo thumped on the table as he rose and yelled, “I’m going back to let her know her place!”

With that, he rushed out.

“Mo, you ought to calm down,” Li Wazi quickly raced after him.

But he was one step too late. Ye Mo had already disappeared. Li Wazi shook his head. “This guy is still as impulsive as ever.”

When they were young, whenever Li Wazi was bullied, Ye Mo would almost hit first and ask questions later. The villagers were usually afraid of him.

Liu Duo was washing her cloth by the well, while Ye Liu and Ye Ling were preparing lunch in the kitchen.

She had just finished washing it and hanging up to dry when Ye Mo returned. He rushed to Liu Duo’s side, easily picked her up and dragged her into the room.

Being suddenly picked up like this, she was stunned, and kept struggling when she finally reacted. “Ah, are you crazy? Put me down!”

“…” Not responding to her, Ye Mo directly threw her onto the bed like he would a gunny sack.

With a ‘whomp’, she landed painfully and wailed, “Geez, you’ve really gone crazy, you nutter!”

“…” Ye Mo glared before he violently pounced onto her. In full control, he strapped her hands over her head.

“You bet I’ve gone crazy. I must have been blind to agree to buying you! You are a bitch, and you destroyed our brotherhood!”

Liu Duo glared at Ye Mo, who was currently enshrined in madness. She was so mad at herself for worrying about him, for being afraid something would happen to him, and look at what was going on now, treating her like this once he got home?

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