Talisman Emperor

Chapter 2201 – Family (Part 2/2)

At night on that very same day. The Chen Clan’s Ancestral Hall.

The entire ancestral hall was illuminated brightly by candlelight, and the atmosphere here seemed tranquil and solemn as it illuminated Chen Tianli’s memorial tablet.

Chen Xi walked forward. He respectfully removed Chen Tianli’s memorial tablet before a strand of divine flames appeared out of thin air and instantly incinerated the memorial tablet into nothingness.

After that, he took a deep breath and flicked the tip of his finger lightly.

A strand of obscure and mysterious energy of Samsara seemed like it came from time immemorial and carried a boundlessly ethereal aura. It was like it surged through both past, present, and even through the barriers of Karma as it moved along the pathways of Destiny to converge at the tip of his finger.

At this moment, Chen Lingjun, Zuoqiu Xue, and Chen Hao who stood behind him couldn’t avoid feeling nervous.

A blurry figure gradually appeared amidst the draw of the energy of Samsara.


The energy of Samsara vanished swiftly along with a wave of strange rumbling, and then a hunched and aged figure had appeared within the Ancestral Hall.

He had a withered face, muddy eyes, and grey hair. The body beneath his large grey clothes was like a bag of bones. He simply seemed like he had one foot in the grave.

At this moment, Chen Lingjun, Zuoqiu Xue, and Chen Hao couldn’t help but open their eyes wide while their entire bodies trembled with excitement.

“What’s going on?” The old man spoke in a hoarse voice, and he gazed at the surroundings with wonder. “Haven’t I died already? Why… have I awakened once more? Could it be that I didn’t die?”


Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue knelt on the ground, and they were choking with sobs. “Father!”

Chen Hao knelt on the ground as well, and his fierce eyes were filled with tears. “Grandfather!”

The old man was instantly stunned on the spot, and he seemed like he’d been struck by lightning. He just stared blankly at Chen Lingjun and Zuoqiu Xue while seeming to not dare believe his eyes. A long time passed before he finally spoke with a trembling voice. “You two…. I…. What…. What’s going on?”

Chen Xi stepped forward and supported the old man’s gaunt body and said, “Grandfather, we’re all reunited now….”

The old man was Chen Tianli. All those years ago, he’d suffered an ambush while taking Chen Hao to the Thousand Sword Sect, and he’d perished in that ambush.

Yet now, Chen Xi who’d taken control of Destiny and Samsara had revived him.

However, his consciousness still remained at the moment before his death.

Chen Xi wasn’t in a rush. So long as Chen Tianli had come back to life, then it wouldn’t be long before he could understand everything.

The only regret Chen Xi had was that he was too young when calamity struck the Chen Clan all those years ago, so he didn’t remember the faces of those members of the Chen Clan who’d passed away at that time. His memory of them was completely blank. So, even with his current ability, Chen Xi was only able to rescue Chen Tianli from the eternal cycle of Samsara.

On that very night, Chen Xi, Chen Lingjun, Zuoqiu Xue, and Chen Hao accompanied Chen Tianli and described everything that had occurred throughout these years.

Early in the morning on the next day, Chen Xi left the Ancestral Hall on his own because Qiu Xuanshu was waiting there.

“Martial Uncle.” Qiu Xuanshu stepped forward and bowed before he said, “Your old friends from all those years ago have arrived, and they are waiting for you in the academy.”

Chen Xi nodded. He knew that those friends of his would definitely hear of his return and rush over, and it was exactly what he looked forward to.

After all, too many years had passed since he last met them before leaving the Immortal Dimension for the Ancient God Domain.

“What about Martial Uncle Ji Yu?” Suddenly, Chen Xi seemed to have thought of something.

Qiu Xuanshu said, “Martial Ancestral Uncle Ji Yu said that since everything has been resolved now, he has nothing holding him back anymore. So, he left yesterday, and he said he was heading to the Dao Terra Firma in search of the secrets of the Ultimate Path.”

“That’s good.” Chen Xi stopped hesitating and left the Chen Clan swiftly with Qiu Xuanshu.

Dao Emperor Academy.

At this moment, numerous figures were gathered at the spacious Square of Vie, and they formed a dense mass that was waiting with anticipation.


Along with a clear and melodious ring of a bell, the atmosphere here instantly became solemn and silent.

After that, everyone looked with blazing anticipation as Chen Xi’s tall figure appeared before the hall at the square.

At this instant, the hearts of everyone here surged, and they either felt excitement, happiness, roared with laughter, sighed with emotion….

As he stood there and gazed at those figures that were standing on the square, all sorts of emotions surged in his heart, and he found it difficult to maintain his composure.

Time seemed to have frozen at this moment.

Chen Xi’s gaze swept through them slowly. He saw Du Qingxi, Song Lin, Duanmu Ze, the Supreme Elder of the Wandering Cloud Sword Sect, Bei Heng, the Sect Master of the Wandering Cloud Sword Sect, Ling Kong’zi, the Old Turtle King, Xuan Jing, the Nine-tailed Fox King, Qing Qiu, and many others.

At that time, Chen Xi was just a youth who’d just stepped onto his path of cultivation in Pine Mist City. He overcame all the obstacles before him to enter Dragon Lake City, seized the 1st position on the Hidden Dragon Rankings, and became renowned throughout the southern territory.

During that time, it was Du Qingxi, Song Lin, Duanmu Ze, and all of these other old friends of his who had witnessed his growth!

That memory belonged to his youth, and it was indescribably delightful that al of his old friends were here.

In next to no time, Chen Xi noticed Zhao Qinghe, Fourth Young Master Zhou, Ling Yu, Huangfu Qingying, Yu Xuanchen, and the others.

At that time, Chen Xi had risen into prominence in the southern territory, was renowned throughout the Darchu Dynasty, and he’d taken the championship during the Allstar Meeting at Silken City.

Zhao Qinghe and all of these other friends were those who’d witnessed all of that!

They’d left side by side from the Darchu Dynasty and entered the Primeval Battlefield, and it was there that they became friends who trusted their lives to each other!

Chen Xi’s gaze continued moving, and he saw the Sect Master of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect, Wen Huating, and he saw all of his seniors brothers and senior sisters from West Radiance Peak, like his Eldest Senior Brother Hua Moyan, his Second Senior Brother Lu Sheng, Third Senior Brother Yi Chen’zi, Fourth Senior Brother Duan Yi, and Fifth Senior Sister A’Jiu.

He saw Meng Wei and Mo Ya from the ninth hell, and the youths from the Ninth Hell Tribe which he’d separated into the Violet Lightning and Azurefrost camps. However, all of those youths were grown up now.

Even Huji Xueyan, Shen Langya, An Ke, and An Wei from the Nine Radiance Sword Sect were there as well.

All of them had witnessed Chen Xi’s journey through the Dark Reverie. At that time, Chen Xi was just a disciple of the Nine Radiance Sword Sect. At that time, perhaps even they had never imagined that they would form such a relationship with Chen Xi, right?

Besides them, he saw the Nether Spring Grand Emperor and Cui Qingning from the Netherworld.

He saw Ye Tang, Zhao Mengli, Zhen Lu, and Ji Xuanbing from Dao Emperor Academy.

He saw Shi Yu and Xiang Liuli from Nuwa’s Dao Palace.

He saw the instructors of Dao Emperor Academy like Zhou Zhili, Chi Cangsheng, Hua Jiankong….

All of his old friends had actually converged at the Square of Vie. Even Chen Xi couldn’t help but feel dazed and stare blankly at them while he gazed at their familiar faces and recalled their experiences in the past.

Meanwhile, all of these friends of his were looking at him as well, and their hearts surged incessantly.

As they gazed at each other, the past was like a dream in their minds, and their feelings were completely different when they were reunited now.

“Bring the wine! We’ll drink until we drop!” Chen Xi suddenly roared with laughter while emotions surged in his heart. At this moment, there was no need for any words as it was only natural to replace their words with wine!

“We’ll drink until we drop!” The others agreed in a clamorous wave of voices.

According to the records of Dao Emperor Academy, the Supreme Sovereign drank to his heart’s content with all his friends on that day, and they only stopped after seven days and seven nights. All were drunk, and they slept on the spot. Only the Supreme Sovereign laid comfortably high above the sky, drinking all by himself while smiling silently. Only he understood the feelings in his heart.

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