Talisman Emperor

Chapter 2202 – Conclusion (Part 1/2)

After his reunion with his old friends, Chen Xi seemed as if he’d evaporated into thin air, and he vanished completely.

No one knew where he’d gone, but no one worried about him anymore. Presently, even the Heaven Dao had bowed beneath Chen Xi’s feet, so how could anyone harm him?

He was the one and only Supreme Sovereign!

Just this title alone was sufficient to prove Chen Xi’s extraordinary status.

The Dao Terra Firma.

“Since you’ve decided, then just follow your heart. As for all of us old fellows here, we only seek the world behind that invisible door.” Fuxi spoke casually.

The invisible door he spoke of was the true Ultimate Path. Chen Xi had laid eyes on that door and seen the world behind it.

Now, Fuxi, Nuwa, the Divine Dark Parasol Tree, the 1st Netherworld Emperor, and all the other extraordinary figures were seeking that invisible door in the Dao Terra Firma.

But at this moment, they had no choice but to stop because of Chen Xi’s arrival. Because Chen Xi had come here to resolve something.

He intended to resolve something important that was related to the Order of the world!

“Yes, you don’t have to worry about it. We’ve seen through all of it a very long time ago, so we would naturally not linger here any longer. Actually, there’s no need for you to remind us because we’ve already decided not to return.” Nuwa smiled as she spoke.

She was similarly clearly aware that Chen Xi had only come here for a single reason. He intended to reorganize the Netherworld, Mortal Dimension, Immortal Dimension, and even Ancient God Domain. He wanted to bring all of them beneath the Order of Samsara.

In that way, the situation throughout the world would become completely different. The new Order would replace the old to circulate through the world.

Under such circumstances, regardless of one’s strength or status, even Daolords would have no choice but to be bound by the Order of the Heaven Dao. Those who committed good deeds would be rewarded while those who committed evil would be punished. No one could avoid being bound by this Order.

It was the Order of the world!

It tolerated no offence once it was set!

So, whether Fuxi, Nuwa, and the other extraordinary figures accepted such Order was a problem.

That was exactly why Chen Xi had come here personally.

Fortunately, Fuxi and the others weren’t against it, and it undoubtedly allowed Chen Xi to heave a sigh of relief.

Truthfully speaking, if he was unable to obtain their acknowledgement, then even Chen Xi would find it very troublesome if they were to go against the Order of the Heaven Dao in the future.

Punish Fuxi and the others?

That was impossible for him!

But if he didn’t punish them, then the newly created Order would be meaningless.

“It’s a good thing. The Heaven Dao is righteous, and it should be used as a catalyst to educate all living beings and maintain the world. Only then would all living beings possess the right to survive and exist, and innocents wouldn’t be affected by the Karma of others.” The 1st Netherworld Emperor spoke in a deep voice. “The stronger one is, the more one should be restrained. Otherwise, it would only become the source of a calamity that brings hardships and suffering to all living beings. The Sovereign Sect was the best example of that.”

“Yes. The original reason for Order wasn’t to take control of the world, and it was to provide even the tiniest living beings with the ability to survive. That’s the breadth of mind that a supreme figure of the world should possess.”

“Go ahead and do it. The world should have been changed a long time ago. The old eliminated to make way for the new. Only then can eternal peace be created.”

The others spoke successively.

Chen Xi took a deep breath and bowed seriously to all of them. “Thank you, Seniors.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he was just about to bid them farewell but was stopped by Fuxi who said, “Do you really not intend to head through that door to the world beyond it once you’re done with everything?”

The others looked at him as well with gazes of anticipation. They really wanted to travel to that unknown world with Chen Xi in the future.

Chen Xi shrugged and said, “Let’s talk about it when the time comes. At the very least, I don’t intend to leave for now.”

Fuxi and the others couldn’t help but feel a trace of regret. However, they were clearly aware that Chen Xi’s heart wasn’t there, so they didn’t persuade him further and just watched as he left.

One month later.

Regardless of whether it was the Mortal Dimension, Netherworld, Immortal Dimension, Ancient God Domain, Forgotten Grounds of Chaos, Godrank Mountain, the Origin World, and various other planes and worlds, the Order of the Heaven Dao which enveloped them suddenly underwent a transformation.

Countless clear and glistening Divine Chains of Order formed a dense net that covered the cosmos, and they emanated boundlessly vast divine might.

Moreover, waves of the rumbling of the Dao resounded like the sound of nature, and it reverberated through the world.

On this day, all the living beings throughout the cosmos were shocked, and they stopped what they were doing.

“What’s going on?”

“Is the Heaven Dao changing again?”

“How terrifying! Is doomsday coming?”

Innumerable clamorous voices undulated and resounded throughout every single plane.

Such a shocking phenomenon was absolutely unprecedented!

Right when all living beings were in a state of anxiety, a practically ethereal figure suddenly appeared in the sky that was changing indeterminately.

He sat cross-legged there as if he’d spear open the heavens, and all the Grand Daos of the world could only submit before him and stand on guard around him.

His figure seemed ethereal yet was also omnipresent, and it made everyone feel like a pair of unseen eyes was watching all of them.

Many living beings couldn’t help but prostrate themselves on the ground and kowtow endlessly, whereas, the extraordinary experts of the world felt an indescribably terrifying pressure which caused them to instinctively prostrate themselves while reverence filled their hearts.

Such a scene occurred at the same time throughout the cosmos!

“The Heaven Dao is incomplete, so I shall mend it!” That was the first sentence spoken by the ethereal figure, and it rumbled through every inch of the world.

“The birth of Samsara establishes Order. It is the cycle of Karma and the revival of conscience. My wish is for the kind to be repaid with kindness, and the evil to be repaid with evil. To give life to the world, to create a path for all living beings, to pass down the knowledge of all predecessors, and to bring peace to the world!”

Every single word reverberated through the world like the rumbling of the Dao.

At this instant, auspicious light descended from the sky, golden lotuses surged out from the ground, and the Order of the Heaven Dao circulated as a completely new curtain of Order was created.

This was the 9th era, 9 was the end of numbers that led back to 1, and it was completed with Samsara being brought into the world!

The establishment of the Order of Samsara had rid the Heaven Dao of its flaws!

The hearts of all living beings were moved, and they prostrated themselves on the ground as they worshipped endlessly with devotion.

Such a scene seemed like it continued for a boundlessly long period yet also seemed like it came to an end in an instant. When that grand and ethereal voice finished resounding, all living beings seemed like they’d awakened from a dream.

The change in the sky had vanished, and it was completely clear now. Moreover, that figure which was like a supreme sovereign seemed as if it had never existed.

Everything was no different than it was in the past.

All living beings were stunned by this scene. When they thought about it carefully, they noticed that their minds were completely blank. They weren’t able to recall anything.

This was what it meant when it was said that the Grand Dao was nameless and invisible!

Only Daolords who’d grasped the Grand Dao of Destiny were able to sense the unprecedented scene which had occurred just now.

That was a true change in the heavens!

It was the drawing of the curtains to new Order and a new era!

The generations of the future regarded this day as the ‘Day of Illumination’.

Very few living beings throughout the cosmos understood what this day represented or what its name meant. Only a small group of people knew that it was in remembrance of a man called Chen Xi who’d brought light to the world….

After he finished doing all of that, Chen Xi returned to Dao Emperor Academy, and he went directly into the world within the tiny cauldron without alerting anyone.

He’d done all he needed to do, and he could leave the rest to the Order of the Heaven Dao.

At this moment, Chen Xi only wanted to be with his family and enjoy being reunited with them.

However, he suddenly stopped moving when he was just about to return to the Chen Clan’s grand hall. He seemed to have sensed something, and it made his expression change indeterminately.

At this moment, numerous beautiful figures were gathered within the hall. Every single one of them was gorgeous to the extreme, and they were simply matchless in their beauty.

They were either pretty and quiet, gentle and graceful, delicate and charming, cold like ice, sly and lively, young and appealing, gorgeous and resplendent, dignified and virtuous….

Because of these beautiful women with all sorts of appearances, the empty hall was actually filled with a resplendent, shocking, grand, and gorgeous aura.

At this moment, Zuoqiu Xue was seated at the central seat of the host, and the smile on her lips had never reduced at all while she gazed at all the women seated in the hall.

Zuoqiu Xue had truly never expected that her son would have actually taken the hearts of so many women throughout the years. Moreover, every single one of them was superb and rare beauties. Even she, his mother, couldn’t help but gasp with admiration.

The thing that made Zuoqiu Xue really speechless was practically more than half of these women were pursuing her son instead!

At this moment, even Zuoqiu Xue couldn’t avoid feeling self-satisfied while she constantly repeated the same words in her heart. As expected of my son. He hasn’t just won the world; he even makes all beauties in the world fall before him!

But it wasn’t long before Zuoqiu Xue couldn’t help but have a headache. After all, all of these women hadn’t gathered here for fun. Even though they hadn’t said anything, someone like Zuoqiu Xue was naturally able to instantly discern that they’d come for her son.

As for their objective, there was no need to guess it at all. They’d definitely come here to join her Chen Clan!

Unfortunately, Zuoqiu Xue absolutely refused to make decisions related to such matters on Chen Xi’s behalf. She wasn’t sure which one of them her son likes, and if she were to make the wrong choice, then it wouldn’t just be her son who would complain about it to her, it would probably cause both Qing Xiuyi and Fan Yunlan who were already Chen Xi’s wives to be displeased.

So, Zuoqiu Xue had no choice but to speak ambiguously when she faced all of the beauties in the hall, and she just spoke about all sorts of insignificant matters.

However, she’d already started calculating in her heart. Du Qingxi, Mu Yao, Ya Qing, Yun Na, and Yan Yan are girls that Xi’er got to know while he was cultivating in the Mortal Dimension, yet they’re still infatuated with him after so many years and have waited until now. They really can’t be treated unfairly.

As for Huangfu Qingying, Su Qingyan, Xia Wei, and Bei Ling, they had quite a good relationship with Xi’er all those years ago, and they are such extraordinary beauties. If it’s possible, then I’m really unwilling for them to continue being in such a situation.

Oh, there’s Cui Qingning as well. She’s a key figure that managed the Netherworld and did a huge amount for Xi’er. Liang Bing isn’t bad either. Oh, her dressing is really outstanding. I heard that she helped Xi’er deal with a great deal of danger all those years ago….

Hmph! Zhao Mengli said she came here just to join in the fun, but she actually has feelings for him deep within her heart as well. She thinks I don’t know? But a descendant of the True Phoenix Clan like her is really gorgeous. If she is able to become Dao Companions with Xi’er, then I wonder how gorgeous their children would be….

Wait! I can’t forget that little girl, Ming. If it’s in terms of being acquainted with all of them, then Ming followed us back all the way from the Primal Chaos Origin. If she doesn’t leave later, then I’ll definitely make her stay!

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