Talisman Emperor

Epilogue 1 – The Door In The Outerealm (Part 1/3)

The Outerealm Battlefield.

The dim world here was filled with a dense and pungent smell of blood and evil. The ground was covered in decaying corpses and pieces of destroyed treasures.

The wind here whistled like the howls and cries of ghosts, and it surged through the world while striking terror in the hearts of all.

This practically boundless battlefield had existed for countless years now, and it seemed like it was the battlefield of the Xeno-race and the living beings of the three dimensions since the moment the Chaos had been split open.

No one was able to explain exactly where the Xeno-race had come from, and no one knew what sort of place the Outerealm was.

Because almost none had been able to enter the Outerealm and return safely since the ancient times until now!

The reason for that wasn’t because the Outerealm was filled with danger that was impossible to survive. The reason was that once one entered the Outerealm, it was equivalent to leaving the protection of the Order of the Heaven Dao in the three dimensions, and it was the most lethal factor to all cultivators who ventured to the Outerealm.

Because the strength, techniques, and Laws the cultivators possessed came from the Order of the Heaven Dao. So, if they were to leave the area enveloped by the Order of the Heaven Dao, then their combat strengths would be suppressed and weakened regardless of how formidable they were.

Similarly, regardless of how formidable they were, the Xeno-race would have no choice but to resist and take precautions against the threat posed by the Order of the Heaven Dao in the three dimensions once they entered the three dimensions.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Suddenly, two figures appeared on this completely empty and deathly silent battlefield.

It was a man and a woman. The black robed man was proud and cold, and he had a murderous and indifferent expression. The woman was delicate and charming. She had a nicely rounded forehead, bright and beautiful eyes, and a sweet smile.

Surprisingly, it was Leng Xinghun and Dao Wushuang!

After they witnessed Chen Xi’s display of invincible might on Godrank Mountain that day, Daolord Xu Tuo had immediately ordered both Leng Xinghun and Dao Wushuang to leave Godrank Mountain immediately, and he’d even ordered them to make sure to report everything that occurred on Godrank Mountain to the Sovereign Sect’s Master.

However, Xu Tuo had probably never imagined that everything which occurred on Godrank Mountain had actually been arranged for by the Sovereign Sect’s Master.

Even Xu Tuo himself was just a pawn.

At this moment, Leng Xinghun and Dao Wushuang had arrived at the Outerealm Battlefield. Obviously, they were clearly aware that the situation in the entire world had changed. The Sovereign Sect’s Master had been defeated by Chen Xi, the Sovereign Sect had collapsed, and it was impossible for it to be saved.

“We’ll be able to avoid that fellow’s detection by coming here?” Leng Xinghun frowned.

“No, we still have to continue travelling. We’ll only be completely safe when we arrive at the Outerealm.” Dao Wushuang’s clear eyes looked towards the distance as she spoke calmly.

At this moment, her hands were placed behind her back, her jet black and long hair fluttered in the wind, and her clear and deep eyes were filled with a tranquil expression. She was actually even more composed and imposing than before.

Leng Xinghun had acutely noticed the changes in Dao Wushuang’s bearing, and he couldn’t help but frown. “You have a very good understanding of the Outerealm?”

Actually, Leng Xinghun still hadn’t been able to figure out Dao Wushuang’s origins until now. He merely knew that she had the surname ‘Dao’, and it seemed like she had some sort of link with the Heaven Dao. However, Leng Xinghun didn’t know the specifics of it.

“Of course I do, otherwise, why would I bring you here?” Dao Wushuang withdrew her gaze and spoke indifferently. “Presently, Chen Xi has become the worthy and actual supreme sovereign of this cosmos. So, you just have to do everything I say if you want to avoid being detected by him.”

This sort of practically ‘arrogant and ordering’ tone made Leng Xinghun feel a wave of displeasure, yet he said while his expression remained unchanged. “Oh, then would I still have a chance to take revenge in this lifetime of mine?”

A wisp of faint ridicule couldn’t help but arise on the corners of Dao Wushuang’s mouth when she heard this, and she sighed after quite some time passed. “It’s impossible. Even the Sovereign Sect’s Master lost, so no one in this world is a match for that fellow, Chen Xi, anymore. Unless….”

Leng Xinghun’s eyes narrowed. “Unless what?”

“You’ll understand once you arrive at the Outerealm.” Dao Wushuang smiled, and then she just flashed towards the distance.

“The Outerealm?” Leng Xinghun’s heart shook while he thought in his heart. Could it be that a method to defeat Chen Xi is hidden within the Outerealm?

He glanced at the beautiful figure which was gradually disappearing into the distance, and then he took a deep breath and muttered. Let me see exactly what she intends to do!

Leng Xinghun chased after her while these thoughts ran through his mind.

Both of them traveled side by side, and they were extremely swift. It only took them a short moment to traverse numerous expanses of space and arrive at the end of the Outerealm Battlefield.

The so-called end was actually a line!

It was an extremely unique line that seemed to have split the entire world into two. The side they stood on was a blood red world. Even though the Order of the Heaven Dao here was scarce, it was still within the scope of the three dimensions.

On the other hand, the other side of the world was dark and boundless. Moreover, the three dimensions’ Order of the Heaven Dao had vanished on that line.

“This used to be a Wall of Order, and it completely isolated the three dimensions with the Outerealm. However, it was blasted apart a very long time ago, and it has become like this now. But the Xeno-race still have to avoid detection and destruction from the three dimensions’ Order of the Heaven Dao if they intend to enter the three dimensions.” Dao Wushuang spoke casually before she took a stride forward, and she arrived at the other side of the line and stood within the darkness.

At this instant, Leng Xinghun felt like Dao Wushuang had become a completely different person. Her entire aura had fused with the boundless darkness, and she emanated a horrifying aura.

“You….” Leng Xinghun was slightly hesitant.

“What? Are you worried that I would harm you?” Dao Wushuang strode casually towards the boundless darkness. “Come with me if you want to preserve your life. If you intend to accept fate, then turn around and wait for Chen Xi to come and get even with you.”

Leng Xinghun’s expression changed indeterminately. He hesitated for a long time before he gritted his teeth and strode past that line which led to boundless darkness.


Suddenly, Leng Xinghun’s entire body trembled, and then he swiftly raised his head and noticed that he wasn’t able to sense the Order of the Heaven Dao from the three dimensions anymore.

At the same time, his body was enveloped by an unfamiliar force. It was like the Heaven Dao yet wasn’t the same, and it was extremely unfamiliar to him.

Leng Xinghun suddenly felt that breathing had become difficult when being enveloped by such energy, and it was like his entire body was being suppressed to the extreme, so his cultivation had been practically fully shackled and frozen.


Right at this moment, Dao Wushuang suddenly turned around and flicked her hand, causing an invisible force to sweep out and instantly dispel the unfamiliar energy which enveloped Leng Xinghun.

Leng Xinghun instantly gasped for air. It was like he’d just been dragged out from the ocean after almost drowning, and it caused his face to turn extremely unsightly.

“This is the energy of Order from the Outerealm, and it’s completely different from the energy of Order which belongs to Godsbane Heaven that was born in the three dimensions. Oh, right, the Order of Godsbane heaven has been mended by Chen Xi to become the Order of Samsara.” Dao Wushuang explained casually.

Leng Xinghun was stunned for a long time before he spoke excitedly. “So it’s possible for me to defeat Chen Xi if I’m able to take control of the energy of Order of the Outerealm?”

Dao Wushuang shook her head. “That’s impossible.”

As for the reason, she didn’t mention a word.

Leng Xinghun instantly felt like he’d been doused with a bucket of cold water, and he was filled with dejection and fell silent.

The darkness was boundless. Even they didn’t know how long they’d traveled before a ray of light suddenly appeared in the distance. It was like a blade that tore through the darkness, and it caused their fields of vision to be suddenly illuminated.

After that, Leng Xinghun noticed countless strange and unusually shaped continents within his field of vision. They were floating in space, and every single one of them was covered in a layer of gorgeous and multicolored light.

When looked at from afar, it was like those continents were dazzling lanterns, and they formed a dense expanse of lanterns that studded the sky and extended all the way into the distance.

“This is the Outerealm. A race that’s completely different to the races of the three dimensions resides on every single one of these continents.” Dao Wushuang stood on the spot and pointed a finger towards the distance as she spoke. “There has been a rumor in the three dimensions since the ancient times, and it’s one that says the so-called Xeno-race are actually those who were exiled from the three dimensions after losing when the various sects of the three dimensions vied for supremacy during the primeval times. Those who lost include the Ghostcraft Clan, the Divine Wing Clan, the Silver Eye Clan, and various others.

“That rumor isn’t fake, but everyone seemed to have overlooked something. The Outerealm existed before all of that, and it hadn’t been created by those who’d lost in the three dimensions.”

Leng Xinghun’s brows raised. “Then according to what you’ve said, who exactly created the Outerealm?”

A wisp of a secretive arc arose on the corners of Dao Wushuang’s lips. “You’ll understand once I bring you to a place.”

Her figure flickered as she spoke, and she led Leng Xinghun through space and flashed towards the dense expanse of floating continents.

However, merely a short moment passed before Dao Wushuang stopped immediately, and a race trace of surprise and bewilderment appeared in her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” asked Leng Xinghun.

“Something seems to be off.” A dim glow flowed through her clear eyes, and it grew even more terrifying. “Logically speaking, the Xeno-race experts here should have noticed out arrived at the Outerealm, but not only has no one come until now, it’s even to the extent that….”

Leng Xinghun’s heart shook as he spoke involuntarily. “It’s even to the extent that we didn’t see any life throughout our path here!”

Dao Wushuang nodded while her peerlessly beautiful face became solemn and serious. “There are 3,000 races, 80,000 clans, and a myriad of living beings amongst the Xeno-race. That’s the foundation of the Xeno-race which allowed it to resist the three dimensions throughout the countless years of the past. Yet now…. We’ve actually been unable to notice even a trace of life all along the way. That’s quite unusual.”

Leng Xinghun couldn’t help but say. “Could they have… encountered some sort of unexpected calamity?”

Dao Wushuang didn’t speak further. Her figure flashed, and she arrived swiftly on one of the continents at the side.

The continent was extremely vast and even comparable to a large world. It had an azure blue sky, towering mountains, and there were even numerous ancient cities and living beings residing here.

But at this moment, Dao Wushuang wasn’t able to notice even a trace of life here. The ancient cities and all the places which used to be inhabited were completely empty. All living beings seemed to have evaporated into thin air.

Dao Wushuang stood upright in midair while she gazed down silently at the continent for a long time, and then she said, “This continent was called the Ghostcraft Continent, and it belonged to the Ghostcraft Clan. It was one of the top clans amongst the Xeno-race. Yet now, they’ve vanished overnight, and not a trace of their existence can be found.”

Her expression became solemn as she spoke.

Leng Xinghun couldn’t help but feel panicked, and he said, “Are you sure that you aren’t mistaken?

Dao Wushuang glanced coldly at him and said, “I’ve never forgotten a single thing since I’ve arrived in this world!”

She took a deep breath, and then turned around and left the continent. She arrived once more within the boundless corridors of space, and then her clear eyes swept through the surroundings towards the dense expanse of floating continents in the distance before she fell into a long period of silence.

At this moment, Leng Xinghun noticed that the situation was slightly bad as well, and he didn’t dare disturb her.

“Let’s go.” A long time passed before Dao Wushuang’s expression recovered its calm, and she looked towards the deepest depths of the area while a wisp of resolve appeared in the space between her brows.

“Aren’t we going to investigate the other continents?” asked Leng Xinghun.

“There’s no need for that. The living beings on those continents would have definitely suffered the same fate as the Ghostcraft Clan, and it’ll be impossible to find another trace of them.” Dao Wushuang spoke swiftly.

Leng Xinghun pursued an answer “Oh, then have you deduced the reason for it?”

“I have a rough idea, but I can’t say for sure.” As she spoke, she’d already sped off with Leng Xinghun, and she teleported towards the distance with all her strength.

In her memory, a door had stood for eternity at the end of the Outerealm.

All those years ago, she’d gone through that exact door to arrive in this world.

It was even to the extent that the energy of Order in the Outerealm had descended here through that door.

The energy of Order represented the Heaven Dao. Once it descended to a place, Destiny and Laws would be created by it, and then the current Outerealm was formed after the passage of countless years.

The 3,000 races and 80,000 clans that lived here had mostly been born from within the energy of Order that had descended from within that door.

Regardless of whether it was Dao Wushuang or the Xeno-race, all of them had obtained a mission from the energy of Order as soon as they arrived in this world, and it was to take control of the world born from within the Chaos of the three dimensions!

But while it sounded simple, how could it possibly be that easy?

At the very least, Dao Wushuang was sure that they had no hope of success after Chen Xi had taken control of the world with the Order of Samsara he’d created.

Unless… the door which stood at the end of the Outerealm could be opened again!

However, Dao Wushuang didn’t have any extravagant hopes of that occurring, and she only hoped that she would be able to leave through that door with Leng Xinghun….

So long as they were able to leave, then they had a chance to return!

That was the objective of this journey. But she hadn’t expected that the Outerealm in her memories seemed to have become unfamiliar, and it wasn’t as it had been all those years ago….

Why has it become like this?

Dao Wushuang wasn’t able to deduce the reason. At this moment, she couldn’t be bothered about all of that, and there was only a single thought left in her mind — I must leave as soon as possible!

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