Talisman Emperor

Chapter 2202 – Conclusion (Part 2/2)

Zuoqiu Xue was considering and weighing everything in her heart as she gazed at the women in the hall, but she had a greater headache the more she thought about it. In the end, she suddenly noticed that it was extremely painful to make a choice amongst them.

Every single one of them was so outstanding, and every single one of them had a relationship with her son, Chen Xi, that could be remembered for eternity.

Under such circumstances, Zuoqiu Xue didn’t dare decide for Chen Xi at all.

No wonder the others ran far away and were deeply afraid of being swept into all of this. So it was only I who just realized that it would be a huge headache when there were many women to deal with…. Zuoqiu Xue sighed with emotion in her heart, and she suddenly felt pity for her son because he owed a debt to so many gorgeous women.

At this moment, Chen Xi who was outside the hall had sensed all of this clearly, and his scalp couldn’t help but go numb.

Even if he possessed the might of a supreme sovereign, and even if the entire cosmos could only submit beneath his feet, he was still unable to maintain his calm when he faced matters of the heart.

Indeed, he’d run into too many indescribably beautiful and striking women throughout his path of cultivation. However, Chen Xi had been wholeheartedly concentrated on his path of cultivation, and there were also many other reasons that made it impossible for him to give them a clear promise or answer.

So, he could only bury all of those feelings at the bottom of his heart. He had no choice but to stop thinking about all of it. Because the responsibilities and pressure on his shoulders were too heavy and numerous, and he was afraid that he would disappoint them.

But it was completely different now. Everything was done, and all the responsibility and pressure on his shoulders had been alleviated. So, logically speaking, Chen Xi could truly face this problem now.

However, only when he was truly facing it did Chen Xi realize that he was still completely inexperienced when it came to the matters of the heart!

Most importantly, he was a father and even grandfather now, yet he still owed so many women a debt of love…. So, it was obvious how heavy the pressure on Chen Xi’s heart was.

What should I do?What exactly should I do?

Chen Xi’s expression changed indeterminately as he stood on the spot, and he was in an endless struggle within his heart. It was simply much more difficult than his fight with the Sovereign Sect’s Master.

He hated that the matters of the heart weren’t as straightforward as battle was because the outcome could be determined with ease!

“Grandfather! When did you get back?” Right at this moment, a pleasantly surprised voice resounded abruptly, and then Chen Baojing suddenly appeared in the distance.

Chen Xi was instantly jolted away from his chaotic thoughts, and then he seemed to have realized something, causing his face to instantly turn gloomy. He pointed a finger at Chen Baojing and scolded. “Little Bastard, there’s no need to shout so loudly even if you noticed that I’ve returned! Are you intentionally trying to put your grandfather on the spot?”

Chen Baojing smiled slyly, and then he suddenly shouted in the direction of the grand hall. “Great Grandmother, my Grandfather is back. You don’t have to continue suffering a headache. You can just pass all of it to him!”

Chen Xi slapped Chen Baojing’s butt from afar, and it hurt to the point Chen Baojing grimaced in pain and cried out loudly before he said, “Great Grandmother! Great Grandmother! Grandfather is going to kill me if you don’t come soon!”

Chen Xi was instantly rendered helpless, and he glared fiercely at Chen Baojing before he turned around and left. He didn’t dare stay here for another moment because he felt guilty and afraid as soon as he thought about all of those women surrounding him.

However, the commotion created by Chen Xi and Chen Baojing had alarmed all the beauties within the hall, so a wave of shouts resounded before Chen Xi could even escape.

“Chen Xi!”

“Chen Xi! You’re back!”

“Stop right there!”

“I’ll take my life right now if you dare to leave!”

“You’ve already delayed for so many years! Are you going to give us a clear answer or not!? Tell us right now if you don’t like us! We’ll leave right away and won’t bother you again!”

“Big Brother Chen Xi, why are you avoiding us like this? Could it be that we made you unhappy?”

Voices that either carried sadness, anger, misery, or grief undulated from within the hall, and then all the beauties charged out of them hall and gazed at Chen Xi.

At this moment, Chen Xi’s figure had stiffened on the spot while cold sweat was even dropping down from the tip of his nose.

On the other hand, his mother, Zuoqiu Xue, who stood at the back of the crowd of beauties could only shoot a helpless glance at her son. After that, she pulled on the ear of Chen Baojing who intended to continue watching the show and left this place.

“I….” Chen Xi opened his mouth yet was at a loss for words.

“Alright, stop forcing him. Let me calm down a little. However, it really can’t be delayed any longer and should be resolved.” Right at this moment, Li Yang stepped forward and spoke flatly.

Chen Xi instantly glanced at his senior sister with a grateful gaze, and then he nodded firmly. “Right, it would be good to let me calm down.”

However, Li Yang grunted coldly and said, “Little Junior Brother, it’s not that I’m unwilling to help you, but based on these current circumstances, don’t you think you should provide a promise of an exact timeframe?”

“Err….” Chen Xi was instantly troubled. However, all the women couldn’t help but feel angry when they saw him act in this way, and their gazes either carried resentment, sorrow, or misery as they gazed at him, causing him to feel utterly uncomfortable.

Chen Xi was just about to open his mouth and speak when he heard a voice suddenly resound from afar. “Chen Xi, don’t forget that I’ve been constantly taking care of your clansmen in the world within the cauldron throughout these years.”

A graceful figure appeared soundlessly at the side. She seemed dreamlike and ethereal, and her exquisite and peerlessly beautiful face was covered in a wisp of divine light.

Surprisingly, it was the spirit within Emperor Yu’s Nine Continent Divine Cauldron, the ‘tiny cauldron’ which had fought by Chen Xi’s side for many years. It was the primeval Emperor Yu’s daughter, Yu Lin!

“You… could it be that….” Chen Xi was utterly dazed, and he felt a rather terrible headache rising up within him.

“What? You refuse to agree?” Yu Lin spoke slowly.

Chen Xi instantly laughed bitterly. He glanced at those women before the hall, and then he glanced at Yu Lin, and he felt that while he had extraordinary wisdom and strength, he was actually at a loss for what to do right now.

“Chen Xi, do you remember the promise you made me when you left all those years ago?” Meanwhile, another clear and melodious voice resounded. A young woman in a green dress had her hands behind her back as she walked over from afar as this voice resounded. She had pure starry eyes and a clear and extraordinary appearance. It was A’Xiu!

My promise from all those years ago….

In his daze, Chen Xi recalled everything that had occurred in the Mortal Dimension. He recalled the scenes of him travelling through Taotie City, the Capital of Delicacies, with A’Xiu. He recalled how A’Xiu hadn’t hesitated to exhaust her strength to resist Saint Emperor Gui Su’s full forced attack and save his life….

All those years ago when he left the Immortal Dimension, A’Xiu had asked him a similar question. At that time, she’d withdrawn a jade book and passed it to him before she left immediately.

Even now, Chen Xi still remembered the words written on that jade book. “When we meet next, I want you to do something in front of the entire world — marry me.”

At that time, Chen Xi’s heart had been shaken while all sorts of emotions surged through it, and he’d agreed without the slightest hesitation!

So, when he met A’Xiu now, it seemed like… it was really the time to fulfil his promise.

Chen Xi fell silent.

He glanced at A’Xiu, Yu Lin, Li Yang, and all the other women who had emotional entanglements with him, and then the perturbed and anxious emotions in his heart calmed down.

“Alright, I agree!” Chen Xi took a deep breath and spoke word by word.

A’Xiu suddenly started smiling, and her beautiful face was peerlessly radiant.

Li Yang instinctively said, “Then what about us?”

Chen Xi was stunned, and he spoke with astonishment. “Senior Sister, you?”

The other women were stunned as well. Never had they imagined that Li Yan actually had been ‘hiding malicious intent’ and intended to encroach on Chen Xi as well!

Li Yang instantly turned angry out of embarrassment, and she glared fiercely at Chen Xi and gnashed her teeth. “Get to the point! Tell us! Do you agree or not!?”

Chen Xi’s heart shook. He didn’t know where he got the impulse and zeal to do it, but he roared with laughter and said, “I agree! I agree to it all! All of you didn’t abandon me throughout these years, so I, Chen Xi, will accompany all of you until the end!”

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