Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 12: Fried Dough Sticks and Soy Milk

Chapter 12: Fried Dough Sticks and Soy Milk

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Looking at these people, Aina just nodded slightly. At this moment, she was not Xiao Shi anymore but the Aslan Empire's first successor; not merely the focus of Earth nor the Solar System, but the focus of Milky Way Alliance.

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu were shocked too. Both of them had guessed that Xiao Shi was probably the child of a rich family, but this was too much.

Yue Jing, a so-called princess, was now a cockroach in front of the real princess.

What is a cockroach? A soft-shelled turtle!


Looking at Aina Aslan, Yue Jing's jaw dropped. She was speechless.

But the princess did not bother with her; she proceeded towards Wang Zheng.

Making eye contact, Wang Zheng exposed a hearty smile. Friends need not care about identity and status.

The guards accompanying her did not care about where they were. Wherever the Princess went was Aslan Empire's diplomatic zone, and random bystanders were all parted away.

Princess extended her hand. Yue Long and company were all stunned. The Princess did not even bother with Asia's Ambassador

"Today's Xiao Shi is so pretty, so suave!"

Aina smiled, secretly batting her lashes before immediately returning to her stature as Princess. "Asia is the birthplace of human civilization. Being here, I am really happy, especially because I made a lot of new friends. Before coming, I thought only the Aslan Empire had elites. However, Wang Zheng was proof of my ignorance. He is the future that Milky Way Alliance can be proud of!"

This evaluation was as high as the heavens!

The entire atmosphere of the banquet changed, and Yue Jing was gone just like menstruation. It has to be said that Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu were, for once, extremely famous.

These two were the Princess' friends?

What is this?

The Princess' visit to Asia officially began.

The next day, this was the front page headline of all news in Asia. Of course, the focus was not Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu, but the image of Her Royal Highness. The Aslan Empire's elite-centralized political system and overly tough diplomatic image were beginning to transition in recent years. The Princess' people-friendly diplomacy achieved excellent results.

Of course, Little Fortune Star Sanitary Napkins was high in demand. Old Yan was happy from ear to ear. To be able to tag on in a sentence in such big news was equivalent to the biggest advertisement.

Yan Xiaosu kept feeling like he was in a dream. He never expected that a day of despair could turn around so suddenly into such a situation.

Following which, all the channels were pretty much covering the Princess' visit to Asia.

Aina Aslan conquered Earth with beauty!

The most beautiful Princess praised Asia, so Asia's revival was in sight!

An enchanted Princess has been captivated by Asia's culture!

The Princess of Aslan praised Asia's educational system by saying that it could be comparable to Aslan's advanced system!

In a moment, the whole of Asia was swept by the Princess craze. Aina's every movement became a trend. Star pupils also became popular on a large-scale. Simultaneously, more people began to understand Aslan's culture and philosophy.

Of course, the entire visit's security was of the highest level. The Princess was soft on the outside but hard on the inside and unshaken by terrorist activities in her homeland. The stronger their attempts, the stronger her resistance!

At the last press conference, thousands of media outlets gathered at Shangri-La Hotel. The flashes were continuous.

"Your Royal Highness, I am a reporter for the Daily Paper. Will you return to Asia?"

Aina nodded as she smiled. "Yes, I will come back if I have the opportunity to. The beauty of this place has left a deep impression on me."

"Your Royal Highness, I am a reporter for Financial Weekly. What is your opinion on Earth's continually declining rights to speak in the Milky Way Alliance? Is the Aslan Empire going to establish strategic relations with the Solar System?"

Watching the leisurely Xiao Shi on the television, Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu were a little dumbfounded as they both ate fried dough sticks and soy milk.

"Boss, is this really that Xiao Shi? God, I should have asked for her autograph; it would surely sell for big money!" Yan Xiaosu gaped. It turns out that her hair was not dyed; lavender hair and star eyes were the symbol of the royal family of the Aslan Empire, but who would have thought of that? Even if Xiao Shi had said it herself, no one would've believed her.

The Aina now was fluent, impeccable. The conference proceeded extremely smoothly.

"Your Royal Highness, I am a reporter for Daily Entertainment. On behalf of all other single male comrades, what do you look for in your partner?"

The moment this question was asked, the entire conference fell silent and stared at the Princess. This beautiful princess' romance undoubtedly drew the most attention in the Milky Way. The press officer interrupted, "Sorry, Her Royal Highness will not answer questions about her private life."

Aina suddenly waved her hand and stood up, her face exposing a sly smile. "One day, he will take me home, make me a breakfast of fried dough fritters and soy milk, and call my name gently."

Pu …

Yan Xiaosu spat out a mouthful of soy milk onto Wang Zheng's face. "Boss, you are my idol. No, you are simply a statue of god!"

The press conference came to a satisfactory close. Applause resounded, especially because of the last answer. Fried dough fritters with soy milk was the specialty of Asia. This proved Princess' true understanding of Asia and won a lot of people's hearts. Fried dough fritters and soy milk, thanks to the Princess' words, became the latest popular snack of the Milky Way.

The Princes embarked on her return trip. This trip to the solar system was a success. The Princess' beauty and people-friendly image was admired by the people of the solar system and greatly eased the Aslan Empire's tough diplomatic image.

A week after the Princess left, the news' passion also gradually subsided. Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu's lives also returned to normal. Of course, Yan Xiaosu would brag about it from time to time, but no one believed him at all. Although there was that small episode at the birthday banquet, everyone believed that it was just the Princess courageously stepping in to be a savior, teaching a little lesson about bullying.

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu, this pair of brothers who have overcome many obstacles together, also officially graduated. What was worthy of congratulations was that Yan Xiaosu was formally admitted into Ares College's Star Department of Commerce, while Wang Zheng actively prepared for the military.

"Ah, Little Yu, you are too mean, always disappearing at crucial times!"

Yan Xiaosu complained. This fellow seemed to have gone missing.

Xie Yuxin was another brother of the two of them, but he was different from Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu. Xie Yuxin was a genius with a gene score above 90. He was the only one reported to have entered not just Ares Military College but also the military command line, in the officer bracket.

This was the coexistence of handsomeness and intelligence. Truly a handsome mess. Although his expression was always ice cold, girls still threw themselves at him.

Xie Yuxin placed an envelope on the table. "Wang Zheng, this is yours."

"D**n you, don't think we'll let you off with just a letter. If I don't get you drunk today, I'll adopt your family name!" Yan Xiaosu snatched, but was shocked when he saw the envelope.

"This is Ares College's special entrance exam. I can only do so much." Xie Yuxin smiled, and he only smiled when he was with Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu.

"D**n, my dear Little Yu Yu, I have wronged you. Come, let Brother give you a hug."

Yan Xiaosu immediately hugged him. In all honesty, no one knew why Xie Yuxin was friends with these two.

"How did you do it?"

"Nothing much. I sat outside of the principal's house for half a month. I thought it would take longer."

Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu made eye contact and gave each other a thumbs up. Buddy, you are really shining. Who would have thought that when someone as cool and handsome as him acted like a rogue, it would actually convince someone!

"Wang Zheng, I've always felt that gene score was merely a point of reference. Based on your capability, you are more than qualified to enter Ares College."

Xie Yuxin said. Actually, the three knowing each other was a bit of a contradictory start. Xie Yuxin was the pride of Dawn Middle School, but Wang Zheng showed him that there was no limit in the universe. Wang Zheng's profundity was not something he could compete with, it was just that Wang Zheng's results were not that good.

Wang Zheng was also helpless. The Old Merchant had told him to keep a low profile and only maintain a pass for his examinations. This was to be the case until the day came where he was no longer around anymore.

"Here's wishing success to you!"

"Haha, Boss will surely succeed. Us three brothers must dominate the Milky Way!"

The three raised their beers. This was just a joke of youth, but legends all have their beginnings like this …

"Principal Gu Te, you know I am very busy; there are still a lot of experiments to do!"

Inside the office was a hale and hearty silver-haired old man. This was Ares Military College's 23rd Principal, General Gu Te.

The female, who appeared to be in her twenties, was a known scientist on Earth. She attained double doctorate degrees in space and physics at 13, a genius scientist with a gene score of 98.

"Cough cough, Dr. Xiao Fei, there is a special student. I may need you to find out more about him; apparently he is very talented in physics."

Gu Te found this doctor in front of him to be quite a headache. Geniuses were always almost quirky, especially those studying space physics.

"Really, you want to waste my precious time?"

Gu Te nodded. Xie Yuxin was his grandson. That little bastard even sat outside his house daily. Gene score should indeed only be used as a reference, but the unspoken rule was that it was used as the first evaluation criteria. In practice, it has proven rather accurate, and also greatly improved efficiency.

If there was a talented person, they would not be missed.

Outside the office, Wang Zheng was preparing. He did not know what the examination was about.

"Come in."

When Wang Zheng saw the examiner, he stared blankly. She was a female teacher not much older than himself … were all teachers so pretty now?

Xiao Fei pointed at the chair. "Sit. Firstly, I am contemptuous towards your unorthodox means of entry. I hope you are not wasting my time. Let's get straight to the point: talk about your views on space."

Xiao Fei was very arrogant, and she did not like these kinds of things. But the principal was the principal after all, so she had to give him a bit of face. Besides, this was related to her research and development funding.

Wang Zheng composed his thoughts. This question was too broad, but he had discussed it a lot of with Old Merchant.

"I personally think that space technology is the main direction of human development, which depends on the establishment of the framework of space theory. The current mainstream space theory is slightly one-sided … Curvature theory is only a shallow understanding of space. The future direction of mankind must be space jumping and folding, and I think some parts of the parallel space theory can be taken out, specifically the ones integrated into the current space system. Some parts of the theory are a bit too far ahead of us, but some can be studied in the present. "

Wang Zheng also did not care and went on a lengthy spiel, finishing his and the Old Merchant's discussions. To think that they initially had fought and argued so much. Old Merchant was too stubborn; he treated the alternate school of thought with disdain. On the other hand, Wang Zheng felt that it was the best fit.

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