Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 13: God’s Work

Chapter 13: God’s Work

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Xiao Fei had felt disdain towards Wang Zheng since the start. He kept spouting theories and then bit off more than he could chew. Gradually, Xiao Fei stopped speaking. She already felt burned out by the end of it. When Wang Zheng finished speaking, Xiao Fei was already no longer moving.

"What did you say your name was?"

"Reporting! Wang Zheng!"

"Very good, Wang Zheng, you've been accepted by the Physics Department!" Xiao Fei suppressed her feeling of excitement. She had finally met someone who had the brains to understand matters. The most depressing thing to a genius was having to reason with people who seemed to have the intelligence of pigs.

Wang Zheng was surprised for a moment. "Teacher, I'm actually here to take the Mecha Department test."

Xiao Fei was surprised too. "I can't let that happen, you're a natural born scientist!"

Wang Zheng scratched his head. Where did she get this idea from?

What Xie Yuxin really recommended was indeed the Physics Department, because when it came to physics, Wang Zheng's views were really unique.

After pondering for a moment, Wang Zheng stood up and bowed deeply. "Thank you for your time, Teacher, but I really want to become a warrior. I'm sorry."

"Don't go! Wait for a moment! I'm going to find the old man to discuss the matter. Wait for a little while longer. You're not allowed to leave yet!"

Wang Zheng couldn't make heads or tails of this matter. Did he actually get accepted by just chatting idly about some random theory?

Meanwhile in the principal's office, Xiao Fei had already set up the tables.

"Principle, this person is a rare genius in physics. He must be kept!"

"Haha, but didn't he wish to join the Mecha Department?" Gu Te laughed.

"Old man, stop messing around with me. You don't have the final say in this. I don't care how you do it, he has to come!" Xiao Fei said resolutely and decisively.

Gu Te smiled slightly. "This issue is hard to settle, you know this. Although I am the principal, I cannot act recklessly. This is a difficult issue indeed."

Xiao Fei clenched her teeth. "You are a cunning one. Say it then! What are your conditions? I will do anything as long as the budget is not cut!"

"Heh, no one will dare to touch Dr. Xiao's budget. You'll have to increase the number of classes you teach by two every month from now on."

Xiao Fei's greatest headache was giving lessons to a bunch of people who didn't know anything but acted like they did. That was why she only taught a small class. However, her lessons were very popular and were also currently Ares College's most well known speciality.


"Heh, that was simple. I will give him the qualifications to enter the Mecha Department, but he must complete the rigorous training program of the Mecha Department. As for the Physics Department, you are the director, so you'll be the one to make the decisions."

Gu Te grinned. This was called killing two birds with one stone.

After leaving the principal's office, Xiao Fei realized that she had been tricked. That old fox didn't increase her wages but increased her workload!

Just like that, Student Wang Zheng became a specially enrolled student of Ares Military College.

After leaving Ares College's admissions office, Wang Zheng felt as though he was in a dream.

Looking at the blue sky where a group of geese was soaring high, he knew that he, Wang Zheng, would one day also achieve that!

Opening the admissions manual, the bunch of numbers were a bit shocking.

Tutition fees – Twenty thousand!

GOD D**N, this was clearly a fraud!

This amount of money really gave Wang Zheng a headache. Although school would only start in a month, even if he washed ten thousand dishes a day, it still wouldn't be enough.

Wang Zheng checked his own account balance. He had been spending recklessly these past few days, so he had at most a few hundred dollars remaining.

Wang Zheng widened his eyes. To his disbelief, his account had 683 dollars!

Where did the money come from? After some checking, it turns out a few days ago there was a remittance of five hundred and it came from CT!

Wang Zheng immediately did a search. CT had a payment system. No wonder those experts seemed so impressive. There was actually money to be earned!

It seemed like this was a matter of killing two birds with one stone.

In Wang Zheng's mind, he came up with a program!

He originally had the idea of selling his body, but heaven would only help those who helped themselves. Instead, he would use his own heavenly gifts!

Fight on, Young man!

Brothers Net Cafe

The boss warmly invited Wang Zheng into the VIP room. Recently, Yan Xiaosu had been visiting very rarely. During that birthday party, Yan Xiaosu gained an understanding of some matters. Although on the surface he was laughing and joking, he was still very emotionally troubled deep down. These days, when he had spare time, he would follow his old man to travel to around and sell sanitary napkins. What was wrong with him?

Boys have to go through some things in order to mature.

Some women often complain that all the good men in this world are dead.

But those women don't realize that the bad men in this world are the result of their actions.

Infatuation was ruthless to oneself.

Wang Zheng logged in to CT and a bunch of messages burst open. Some were challenges, others were inquiries. There were also some that wanted him to teach them. After the three battles, he had become sort of mini-celebrity.

Actually, the forum discussions regarding Skeleton were really lively. Carlos had already publicly announced that Skeleton was not his smurf. If he had a smurf, it would likely be well known, much like Dragon God 007, Ma Xiao's smurf.

It this was true, that Dragon God had capsized in its trench!

There were quite a few people who paid attention to Skeleton. When his portrait lit up, everyone waited with quiet anticipation.

Wang Zheng proceeded to match make for CT. Very soon, the opponent appeared.

ID: Not-one-or-two-road-hog, Beast Type III

Wang Zheng once again selected Wargod No.1 and the titanium knife.

Not-one-or-two-road-hog was extremely happy. As a veteran of a hundred battles, and with a win rate of 50%, he was no longer a beginner. Although this Skeleton was a mini-celebrity within the community and he had also seen his videos, he still couldn't believe that Wargod No.1 could withstand the impact of his Beast Type III. That would be unreasonable!

He had chosen the regular arena!

This so-called regular arena did not have any complicated environments nor did it have any obstacles. It was a 1 VS 1 arena.

Would the other party accept?

Almost instantly, Skeleton agreed.

What Wang Zheng didn't know was that many players were watching their choices. When Wang Zheng confirmed the conditions of the game, the whole beginner section of the forum flared up.

It was too tyrannical! Too arrogant!

Without a barrier, how was the Wargod No.1 going to face the Beast Type III's attacks?

Even if the previous time was an accident, right now Skeleton was considered a mini-celebrity. His opponent would definitely be on the cautious side. Having to face the tank type Beast Type III, how was the Brittleskin going to resist?

The administrators posted an announcement promoting this event almost instantly.

Would there be another miracle? Brittleskin against a Tank in the regular arena!

Instantly, the amount of paying viewers broke the 500 mark, and there were still more people who were waiting to watch!

The arena appeared and the two mecha slowly emerged.

Skeleton's Wargod No.1 and Road-hog's Beast Type III.

"Heh heh, Skeleton, even if you are a smurf, today will be your end. Don't blame it on me, blame the fact that you were just too full of yourself.

Road-hog broadcasted on the public channels and began to start provoking Skeleton immediately.

Skeleton on the other end was silent instead. The battle began!

The number of people watching live had already reached more than 700. This was considered very a good amount for the beginner arena.

Beast Type III was a beast type mech that was shaped like a rhinoceros. It had first-class explosive strength and a fierce defense. Its only downside was its flexibility. However, in such a wide open space, the Brittleskin would be just like a piece of paper.

When the battle started, the Beast Type III roared as it rushed towards the Wargod No.1. Road-hog's roar echoed through the public channels. He had never paid so much attention to a rival before.

To hide or not to hide?

Everyone had their doubts. It was clear that from the last game that Skeleton's technique was pretty good. He could use the Arched Slide Step to dodge the beast's impact. But in such a narrow area, even if he could dodge for a moment, he wouldn't be able dodge much more after that.

The Wargod No.1 did not move!

Although the Beast Type III had a slow acceleration, once it hit its max speed, it was terrifying. However, this kind of speed would be a huge burden on the pilot's operating capabilities.

The Beast Type III's distance from the Wargod No.1 was less than ten meters, so no matter what technique it used at this moment, it would be futile. The Arched Slide Step required the use of high-speed inertia for it to be successful!

In an instant, the beast charged over!

Just a moment was required before the mech was destroyed!


The entire room watching live went silent, it was followed by bursts of earth-shattering cheers.


Skeleton WINS!

The Beast Type III mech exploded. Lu Ba looked blankly at the screen. He couldn't believe what just happened. It seemed as if he couldn't even produce a reaction.

This was not an accident, not even a miracle. To Skeleton, this was just a battle.

Wang Zheng felt quite indifferent. .... It was just that the Rubik's Cube didn't seem to have any reaction.

He felt dizzy thinking about it. This battle had no technical content and could not be considered to be learning anything new.

Recently, Wang Zheng discovered that his own training also enhanced his fighting strength, yet if he slacked off, the accumulated fighting strength would also decrease.

Without a suitable opponent, it really was meaningless.

This Rubik's cube was also a pretty self-centred show-off; it was difficult to serve and was a tricky one. But when entering the school, physical testing was also required. If a person didn't make it, he or she would also be sent home.

As long as there was time, then he would play a game. Then again, Wang Zheng felt embarrassed to leech off Yan Xiaosu's account. Even blood-brothers needed to be accountable to each other.

After paying the net fees, Wang Zheng decided to find a part-time job. He was going to be more financially independent. At least his living expenses and internet access being covered would be sufficient.

Wang Zheng nonchalantly walked off, the forum then exploded with activity.

A cheater?

This was obviously impossible. Even the opponents didn't understand what was going on. Under that direct impact, how was it possible that the Wargod No.1 was able to withstand the impact of the Beast Type III's charge?

The number of forum posts had already reached more than fifty thousand. Everyone was waiting for the analysis video.

The official statement had not appeared yet, but the subject experts had already deduced the answer.

At the moment the Wargod No. 1 and the beast made contact with each other, he initially intended to withstand the impact. But because of the angle of impact, the force generated was only one-fifth of its full strength. Before the force of the impact was fully generated, the Beast Type III was tilted in an oblique upward trajectory and thrown over like a turtle. With this huge opening, the energy shield protecting it was completely exposed and the Wargod No.1's titanium knife cut into it like a knife through butter.

All of the players watching this video were silent. The technical control necessary was insane!

The military also recognized the Beast Type III's weakness when charging. But because the window of opportunity to exploit this weakness was very small, even if it appeared, it would be very difficult for pilots to seize the moment and perform the appropriate actions. So while it is a weakness in theory, it was actually unexploitable in combat.

The Beast Type III was also the military regular force's mass produced mech.

However, inside CT, it was completely destroyed by a person. This was a textbook example of a taking advantage of the minute timing to deliver a blow!

Whether they were veterans or beginners, there were all roaring. This was a true master!

It took less than a second to seize the opportunity. With his unreasonable control, had he been a little slower, the Wargod No.1 would have been torn to shreds. But he had such domineering confidence and calm.

God's Work!

A work of God appeared in the novice area!

A Super Soldier had appeared!

Skeleton God was going against the natural order of things. This was the beginning of a new era!

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