Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 1388 - The Importance of Strength

Chapter 1388: The Importance of Strength

Lan Ling and Ye Zisu nearly broke down when they saw this scene. They were girls after all. The others couldn’t speak either. Time seemed to have stopped. The beam was coming towards them. This was the last phase. Masdar and the rest had met with many such situations, so they knew how strong the super warriors were with their last struggle. However, Wang Zheng had no chance.

The meteorite blast hit the Shiny Crystal Mech squarely, sending a sound wave horizontally. The four super warriors flew off on the impact. Everything turned white.

After a while, Mu Sen and the rest had their visions restored. A gaping, black hole showed up on the screen. Nothing was left, the super warriors had disappeared as well.

Haddis sucked his cigar in space. This was something good from Earth. It felt good to see the Crystal Mech being destroyed. Haddis knew victory was near.

“Get all the land troops ready, all out attack in five hours. I want to be in the governor’s house by tomorrow night!” Haddis bellowed.

The strength of a person was really small in the face of a country. Tita was now just an empty shell after losing their pillar of support and faith. It would crumble with time. Wang Zheng had given him quite a bit of trouble, but he finally got rid of him.

Yang Fan and Woolf couldn’t say much. Wang Zheng was the miracle of the era in Elite Academy X. He had managed to get through all obstacles there, but was killed the very first time he appeared in a real battle.

The weakness of a person was fully exposed when a country wanted to deal with them. Yang Fan and the rest settled their feelings quickly. Warriors weren’t required to have feelings. This process would pass real fast anyway, and killing indiscriminately would make anyone forget. They only hoped that the Titans knew what was best for themselves and surrendered quickly.

The main countries of the Milky Way Alliance had either dispatched their troops or were already in battle. However, none of this seemed to be happening in Atlantis. Unlike Tita in the pits of a fiery hell, Atlantis was still beautiful. That was why it was important for a nation to be strong.

Princess Xin Yue smiled happily in the bright and magnificent hall. It was the first time her birthday party was so lively. Previously, the Milky Way Alliance only knew the two princesses from Aslan, everyone else were sidekicks. Today, however, Princess Xin Yue was everyone’s target. She had reached a suitable age for marriage and would search for a suitable partner amongst the human countries according to past practices. Whoever married the Princess would be able to obtain a powerful ally. No one would dare to provoke Atlantis.

None of the countries were going to let this chance slip by. They could discuss cooperation even if they weren’t successful for the marriage. Atlantis would probably be open at such a time as well. They probably wouldn’t be inflexible and stubborn, to be fixated only on Aslan.

“Your Highness, happy birthday.”

A middle-aged woman came into Princess Xin Yue’s view. She had an exquisite look and slightly raised eyebrows, typical of the Federal Republic of Manalasuo. It was time to present their gifts. Many were also waiting for an opportunity behind her.

Princess Xin Yue personally received Lady Manalasuo’s gift and thanked her. “Madam Buluo, thank you for coming, I’m honored by your presence.”

The lady was surprised and happy to hear the Princess address her by her name and wanted to have a chat with the Princess. However, the proud lady from Mayan Empire tutted impatiently, the decorative crystals on her clothes colliding, hurrying her along. The lady said a few words of blessings and backed away, all smiles.

Prince Hao Lin smiled as he watched his sister deal with these ladies. He didn’t need to entertain them this year. In previous years, he had entertained them for all sorts of diplomatic acts. That feeling wasn’t good at all. The little prince possessed wisdom and calmness that didn’t match his age.

“Her Majesty the Queen is here!”

The ball reached its climax with the announcement. Princess Xin Yue was no longer the main attraction of the ball. It had now transformed into an arena for political battles. Everyone put forth their best foot in front of the Queen. This was a real performance. You would win as long as you could discern the attitude and intentions of the other countries, including Atlantis.

That was especially true with Aslan in this state.

Everyone wouldn’t need to put so much effort if Kashawen were still alive. Aslan was more reliable than Arbiter in many ways. They set the rules when they were strong and they were the ones who stuck by the rules they made themselves.

The situation was different now. The Prime Minister had been assassinated and their fleet was defeated. The new Queen, Aina, had obtained the unanimous approval from Aslan through her outstanding performance. It was, however, difficult for the rest to acknowledge her abilities internationally due to her tender age. Could she turn the situation around?

A starving camel was still bigger than a horse. No one dared to put Aslan down, but the international situation was changing. There were all sorts of chances. The attitude of the Atlanteans would determine the thoughts of many. They were one force that the future could not do without.

However, to the Atlantis Empire, their peace wasn’t a declaration of their neutrality. There were countless turbulent undercurrents hidden beneath the quiet lake. Secrecy was necessary before any plan was revealed.

No one noticed Prince Hao Lin disappearing from the ball since the Queen and Princess Xin Yue attracted all the attention.

Hao Lin smiled at a middle-aged man in Aslan’s army uniform. “General Lin Yi, apologies that I’m the one entertaining you.”

“I didn’t come at a very appropriate time.” Lin Yi smiled as he replied. It was obvious that he had chosen to come to Atlantis at this time on purpose. They could not be more careful now. It seemed like Atlantis wouldn’t choose Aslan even if there was a political marriage this time. However, they could not allow the party to be against Aslan. Lin Yi came with this mission in mind.

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