Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 1389 - The Ruler of the Next Era

Chapter 1389: The Ruler of the Next Era

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Lin Yi’s voice dragged slightly. He noticed that Lin Yi had addressed him by his title in the Aslan Army, not the affectionate “Uncle” as he had in the past. This was a signal. He considered for a moment before turning to pull their relationship closer. “It’s been a long time, Hao Lin. You’ve grown into a man. You were still hugging my legs, beckoning me for a story last time I saw you.”

Hao Lin gave a light smile. He understood what he was pulling and sighed inwardly without betraying any emotions on his face. “I was still young then, General. Is Major General Lin Feng well?”

“He’s been demoted to an ordinary soldier. Her Majesty the Queen gave him a chance to reclaim his honor.” Lin Yi had a face full of sunshine as well. He wasn’t naive to think that their relationship as distant relatives would be of any use since it involved their countries. The prince had given him due respect to meet him alone.

Atlantis would still stand together with Aslan in the battlefield but would not make it clear. Lin Yi sighed. He was hoping that Atlantis could openly support Aslan and to send their fleet.

The train stopped and the door opened. A white strip of light appeared on both sides of the road. A group of heavily armed Atlantis warriors stood at attention when they saw Hao Lin.

They then entered through a heavily guarded door. All sorts of sounds filled their ears in that instant.

It was a huge war factory. There were countless machines operated by Atlantean technicians. They produced everything with high precision visible to the naked eye at an incredible speed. Every technician was a high priest in Atlantis. It was just one of countless factories of Atlantis.

Lin Yi was in awe. It was a miracle of rune technology. The Atlanteans and the Aslan people had similar production levels, but the scale and yield could be said to be that of industrialization versus a laboratory.

The parts were delivered to the final packaging stage, where the logo was finally brazed on. It wasn’t that of the Atlanteans, but of the Aslan Empire.

The core components of Aslan’s battleships were produced here. This was the primary reason Lin Yi had come in such a secretive manner. This batch had to be delivered on time. Lin Yi didn’t think Atlantis would deliberately break or delay the production, but it was better to be sure.

“Your Highness.” A technician came over and greeted them.

Hao Lin nodded. “High Priest Tom, this is General Lin Yi.”

“General Lin Yi, nice to meet you. We’ll complete Aslan’s order on time.” Tom smiled slightly and gave Lin Yi a slight bow. The Atlanteans’ etiquette was never lacking.

“Your Holiness Tom, nice to meet you. That would be very much appreciated!”

Lin Yi returned their etiquette with more etiquette. He proceeded to ask some general questions about the production. Tom answered them without revealing any secrets.

Lin Yi still managed to find some clues. “It seems like there should be some room for improvement on the production rate, right?”

“Your Excellency General, I can only guarantee that we will finish the production within the stipulated time,” Tom answered calmly.

Lin Yi didn’t push any further after he confirmed this matter. He had to find a way to lobby with the Prince now.

“Your Highness Hao Lin, I don’t understand. The Arbiter Republic could never stand against us if Atlantis were willing to fight with us. In a hypothetical worse case scenario, if Aslan were to be defeated, Arbiter would never leave Atlantis alone. The Mayan Empire had expressed their intentions as well,” Lin Yi said. Diplomacy might look like it was all talk, but it could change the situation if they could find the right people.

“The times are changing, diplomatic strategies must change as well. Of course, we know you have difficulties as well, but what will Atlantis eventually become once it changes?”

Hao Lin listened quietly to Lin Yi’s persuasion. He was a good listener. In fact, he knew intuitively that Atlantis’ current strategy wasn’t the most suitable. They had received great benefits through the established system. Aslan’s contribution had to be acknowledged. That was why Atlantis was still exporting equipment to Aslan. Would the ruler of the new order still accept Atlantis’ “neutrality” like Lin Yi had said?

Humans’ ambition knew no boundaries.

Hao Lin grinned. “General Lin, you know that I have no say in politics. I’m not of age yet. My sister’s marriage is the current headache we have.”

Lin Yi sighed in his heart again. “Your Highness, aside from our relationship, the Aslan Empire and Atlantis have been very friendly. To be honest, I’m here representing Her Majesty the Queen. Atlantis helped us since the start of the world, but the situation is indeed more critical now. Her Majesty the Queen wants to know Atlantis’ position.”

Lin Yi opened his hand. It wouldn’t do to continue dragging this on. Hao Lin knew this was the case. Lin Yi had chosen him because Prince Hao Lin definitely knew the core decision, he was also more affectionate amongst the rest. That was Aina’s advice. Perhaps Hao Lin would think about this relationship.

They didn’t expect this affection to dominate Atlantis’ decision, but it could probably give Aslan a real signal.

Hao Lin sighed. Atlantis had made their decision. One wrong step would spell the end for them.

After so many years, Atlantis and Aslan did indeed possess something like a friendship. Aslan considered Atlantis its only equal in the Milky Way Alliance, which was the same for Atlantis.

“General Lin Yi, we hope that the Aslan Empire will win this war. We will support you with certain resources, but we cannot send troops on behalf of Aslan.” Hao Lin gave a politically correct answer.

Lin Yi’s heart turned cold. Her Majesty was right. The Atlanteans had made their decision. They were brilliant and would never remain neutral in this troubled world. Who did they decide to support if not Aslan?

Arbiter? That wasn’t likely, they wouldn’t continue supporting Aslan in terms of resources and technology if they sided with them.

Manalasuo? Hail Cloud Alliance? Who?

Thousands of questions went through Lin Yi’s mind. The Atlanteans had chosen the ruler of the next era, just like they had for Aslan all those years back.

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