Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 1440 - Dealing With the Zerg

Chapter 1440: Dealing With the Zerg

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Once an armistice agreement was reached, all of Aslan erupted. After the war, Aslan was no longer the strongest country, but they had managed to keep what was left of it. The Solar System-Tita alliance played a key role in stopping the war. This allowed them to gain reputation while also gaining huge benefits. Between countries, they did not simply talk about feelings.

With the new Milky Way Alliance structure, the Solar System-Tita alliance and the Manalasuo Empire were now the strongest countries in the Milky Way Alliance. However, anyone who was able to see would know that with the relationship between Wang Zheng and Aina, it would soon be the Solar System, Tita, and Aslan becoming one. This would become the strongest power in the Milky Way Alliance, and once that was formed, it would acquire steadfast allies, like the Hail Cloud Alliance and the Gemini Star.

The Solar System was finally going to be the center of the Milky Way Alliance.

There were numerous things to take care of after the war, but Wang Zheng need not worry about these problems, and he was not suited to deal with them.

As a key personnel, Wang Zheng was hiding in Aslan’s palace, looking at the sleeping Aina in his arms, his heart full of pity. This girl must have been really tired. Perhaps because she felt Wang Zheng’s gaze, Aina opened her eyes and saw Wang Zheng’s passionate gaze. She smiled gently, rubbing Wang Zheng’s stubble. “I’m not dreaming, am I?”

Wang Zheng lightly kissed Aina’s long eyelashes. “The war has ended.”

Aina tightly hugged Wang Zheng. “It has finally ended!”

“Cough, Big Sister, Brother-in-law, sorry for disturbing!” Who knows where Huiyin had jumped out from.

Aina received a shock, and wanted to escape from Wang Zheng’s embrace, but Wang Zheng hugged her tightly. Aina could only roll her eyes, while Huiyin was giggling non-stop at the side.

“Is it really that nice for the both of you?”

“If you are jealous, hurry up and find one!” Aina said.

“Tsk tsk, that might be difficult, I must find someone like Brother-in-law,” Lin Huiyin replied slyly.

“Glib tongued, what’s the matter?”

“The number of people who are looking for the both of you has exploded. The two of you can’t just hide in here and not care about anything, and Brother-in-law, General Bolet was looking for you, and Ren Yixuan, Jondi Lilick, Ai Xiaolu… I’m not going to name all of them. If you continue to not appear, others may think that Aslan kidnapped you!” Huiyin said exaggeratedly. It could be seen that the mood of the little Princess was great. To Huiyin, the greatest blessing was for the war to stop, and Aslan would not escape from its responsibilities.

“To be kidnapped by such a beautiful princess is my glory.”

“What a sweet tongue. Big Sister, I fell in love with Brother-in-law, what do I do?” Huiyin said while holding Wang Zheng’s arm. Feeling Huiyin’s chest, Wang Zheng felt awkward. This girl was no longer a child, and she was getting bolder.

Aina lightly smiled. “He’s yours.”

As she grabbed on to Wang Zheng’s arm, she said, “Let’s go, we can’t let the guests wait for too long, and in the meantime, let me see how your confidantes look.”

Wang Zheng nearly fell over. If she says that, nothing could help him, even though he was a Heaven-rank warrior…

The laughter from Aina and Huiyin could be heard from the palace.

Roland Garros’ condition was worse than expected. The inhabitants had left, most heading for the Titatitan Star. That planet full of life would become an important center for the Milky Way Alliance as it was the Solar System and Aslan’s hub and part of a mining trade route, connecting eight major star fields. It possessed endless potential. With an influx of talents, this helped accelerate Tita Star’s growth as well.

They had lost control of the Abyss, as only one barrier remained between them and the Zerg. While peace had descended for an average citizen, for those in the know, the real war had just begun.

There was no need to explain the threat of the Zerg to everyone. In the past few years, research on the Abyss had never stopped. All countries had a report, and the Milky Way Alliance’s wartime committee was set up to discuss ways to deal with the Zerg.

Committee members: Wang Zheng, Ren Yixuan, Aina, Howlin Atlas, Bolet, Ye Bingwen, and six other members, with Wang Zheng as the Commander-in-chief, organizing special forces to be deployed to the Abyss.

As opposed to letting the Zerg out to threaten humanity, it would be better to kill the enemy at the entrance. Hence, all members of the Milky Way Alliance had to fully support this war. There was room for retreat for wars between humans, but for a war against the Zerg, there was no retreat for humans – it was either do or die.

At Roland Garros, due to the energy leaking out from the Abyss, the once beautiful Elite Academy X had been corroded, and the whole college was colored with an Abyss red. And the Abyss continues to erode the outside.

Deep inside the Abyss, countless Zerg filled the ground like ants, sucking from the groun. They seemed like they were in a deep sleep and waiting. Waiting for the moment the seal was removed – that would be the moment they destroyed the galaxy.

The corrosion of the Abyss was far too slow to depend on, but even with the strength of countless Zerg, it could only continue to slowly seep through. There was no way to increase its speed, but the queen Zerg finally had the opportunity.

Humans were able to freely enter the Abyss. If they were able to obtain human genes, the Abyssal army would be able to leave. The Zerg had been experimenting with this. They had devoured humans to obtain their genes, but the genes of the Zerg were too dominant, so they would cause human genes to assimilate. Now there were samples here, and the genetic sequence of the two humans would be the template, and the Queen Zerg could use them to modify the Abyssal Zerg.

Lear’s ability to control Zerg was not innate, but given by the queen Zerg. This was the temptation.

She had tempted Lear and Luo Fei to come to the Abyss. Luo Fei brought Lear out, but there was nowhere left in the world where they could go to, and most importantly, Lear could not give in to his ambitions. Only the Abyss, only the Zerg could help him take revenge. Once he brought the Zerg out, he would make all those who looked down on him regret it!

He was the king of the world!

Luo Fei did not object, and silently followed Lear to the Abyss, successfully meeting the queen Zerg.

For the whole journey, the Zerg treated them as one of their kind.

Lear was judging the ugly lump of meat with tentacles in front of him. This was the queen Zerg?

The countless tentacles were sucking from the ground. With countless blood-like striations in his eyes, he could use thought to communicate with the Queen Zerg.

“Come closer,” the queen Zerg said telepathically.

Luo Fei was on guard, but Lear waved his hands and took a few steps forward, judging the queen Zerg. The queen Zerg’s tentacles were gently caressing Lear, as if looking at an art piece.

“Perfect, truly perfect… truly delicious…”

Lear frowned. “Almighty Queen Zerg, I need your help. Lend me the Abyssal army, and I will help you conquer the humans!”

“It can be done, but I need you to bring me more humans like you. I need them, and only then can I find ways for the army to leave. Depending on the Abyss to expand is too slow…” the queen Zerg said. She needed more to find the way out, more, much more.

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