Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 1441 - Back Home

Chapter 1441: Back Home

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Lear frowned. He had forgotten about this. He knew what the queen Zerg was trying to do: devour humans and learn the methods humans used to enter the Abyss. This would have been nothing much, but the problem was, where would he find such people now? Sharjah’s whereabouts were unknown… No matter, there was always a way. He would rather let down the world than let the world let him down.

Lear’s gaze turned towards Luo Fei, who was behind him, and he saw Luo Fei’s gaze of pity. This godd*mn fatty dares to… he dares…

However, Lear’s rage suddenly stopped. What he saw in Luo Fei’s eyes was an ugly and monstrous creature, a hideous face, ugly, protruding bones, worse than the queen Zerg, which he despised and much more disgusting. This was a creature that was neither human nor ghost…

In an instant, the Lear who wanted to become Earth’s pride since young, the one who wanted to become king, the one who put in all that effort, and would not give up no matter what… collapsed…

What did he have left?

After a long time, Lear, who was looking at Luo Fei, smiled. He turned around and bowed towards the queen Zerg. “Great Queen Zerg, if you would give me the chance… ”

“I will fulfill your… dreams, yes, you humans have been pursuing… ”

Suddenly, Lear struck. Violent energy blasted towards the queen Zerg, and in an instant, all of its tentacles lashed towards Lear. The queen Zerg gave a chilling shriek. With a hole in its head, the disgusting fluids exploded everywhere, and Lear did not defend against the incoming attack. The tentacles pierced through Lear easily. In that moment, it was as if Lear was free.

Luo Fei’s roar shook the heavens, and he charged forward, instantly grabbing Lear and vanishing. The Zerg, which were in deep slumber, began searching for the enemies due to the queen Zerg’s wounds and rage. The Abyss was filled with violent Zerg searching everywhere.

“Boss, Boss!” In a corner of the Abyss, Luo Fei was gently calling out.

Lear did not resist, and did not move. His green blood was flowing out, and his eyes were not moving. The moment he became a monster, it was the end of Lear as a king. There was no longer meaning in him living. If he had failed countless times, he could still persevere, but only if he was still human. He wanted to succeed as a human, but now, the perseverance in his heart… no longer existed.

“Luo Fei, sorry… and thank you.”

These were Lear’s last words. It could be seen from his smile that he was at peace, as in the end, he was not alone. He could die with the soul of a human, as there was someone next to him.

“Boss, you must be tired, just sleep. Everything will be better, I’ll bring you home,” Luo Fei quietly said, with endless, red desolate land around him.

Roland Garros’ condition was critical. With various pieces of information coming in, Wang Zheng and the rest did not expect the situation to be this bad. With the Abyss’ progress, in a year at most, it would breach through Roland Garros, and humans might not even have the time to prepare.

When everyone did not know what to do, the Abyss retreated several hundred kilometers, and the Zerg receded like the tide.

The miraculous change in the Zerg gave three years of precious time for the humans to prepare. Humans, under the lead of General Wang Zheng, began a tough battle with the Abyssal Zerg, and created legend after legend. They eventually kept the Zerg sealed deep within the Abyss.

Humans and the Abyssal Zerg fought at the opening for another three years. The Zerg, which were delayed by unknown reasons, faced attacks from the elite human ships, which gave them a devastating blow. As the Commander-in-chief of humans, five-star General Wang Zheng led the super army to victory against the enemy.

This army, which was humanitys’ strongest fighting force, consisted of land and air forces. The land forces, with super soldiers at its core, gathered 65 Heaven-ranks and over five hundred Earth-ranks, leading millions of mech troops. The air force, which was led by Ren Yixuan and Xie Yuxin, had gathered over sixty thousand Zeus’ Shield level and above battleships, with various elite lightweight battleships, including Atlantis’ support. Against a common enemy, the unity shown was unprecedented.

To be able to gather so many elites together, there had to be an exceptional leader, and this was undoubtedly Wang Zheng.

The Greatest King from Earth, and in these three years, with exceptional capabilities, leadership, and decision-making, he proved that he was truly the savior of the world.

Piloting the Skull mech, he maintained an unbeatable record. His appearance would lead countless mecha to charge forward bravely, and no Zerg could stop his attack.

In a war of this scale, depending solely on individuals was not enough. Wang Zheng’s decision showed a miraculous side. Within the three years, there were two major wars, and in these two wars, humans could always predict and give devastating blows to the Zerg. This was something even human Ability X users with the prediction ability could not accomplish, as Zerg were beings outside the realm of humans. But Wang Zheng had done it!

The defeated Zerg could only retreat to deep within the Abyss, and humans gained the chance to breathe. They believed that under the leadership of Wang Zheng, they would obtain the final victory. Humans were never afraid of challenges!

At this time, Wang Zheng, in a full black tuxedo, turned off his Skylink. That fatty had refused to come.

Wang Zheng did not have the ability to predict the movement of the Zerg, but one person could – it was Luo Fei. Lear had died, but by severely wounding the queen Zerg, he had bought time for humans to prepare. No matter what the reason was, he had the backbone to do so. Amongst the new humans, there was only Luo Fei left, and he was the only existence that the queen Zerg could not interfere with. He had become the only flaw in the Zerg, as he could predict the movements of the Zerg. Hence, Wang Zheng could make miraculous decisions.

However, Luo Fei only wanted to be an average fatty.

Today was a day everyone had their eyes on, as the guardian of humans, General Wang Zheng, would be marrying Aina on the Titatitan Star. This couple would finally have their wedding after a six-year war. Aslan had given it their all in the war against the Zerg in order to make up for their mistakes, winning the respect of the Milky Way Alliance. The wedding was a huge event as well, welcoming guests from all over the Milky Way Alliance.

In these short years, the Titatitan Star had experienced a leap of sixty years. The current Tita Star was the new center of the Milky Way Alliance. With the support of Aslan, Atlantis, the Solar System, the Hail Cloud Alliance, and various countries, the Tita Star’s potential was realized, and it truly became the best planet to live on.

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