Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 1442 (END) - Never Alone

Chapter 1442: Never Alone

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Wang Zheng wanted it to be low key, but simply thinking about the complicated procedures gave him a headache. It did not matter to Aina. To her, they could have their wedding in a Tita hut, but the rest did not agree to it. Under the strong request of Aslan, the Solar System’s insistence on not letting it be a simple matter, it easily went out of hand.

Humans had never had a wedding of this grandeur. This was no longer simply the union of two people, but the celebration for the victory against Zerg, as well as the gratitude of countless people towards Wang Zheng’s contributions.

This wedding was organized by Yan Xiaosu and Ai Xiaolu. Both of them nearly fought till they tore the roof down. The KO Group and the Aishi Financial Group were the most famous financial groups in the Milky Way Alliance, and Wang Zheng’s strongest teammates, but their styles were different. Using Ai Xiaolu’s words, Tyrant Su, even with money, had no taste, but Tyrant Su did not care. But as this was not their wedding, they had to give in to each other.

The wedding was open to all, and the people of Tita could come. For humans, Wang Zheng was an excellent general, a guardian angel, and in the hearts of the people of Tita, Wang Zheng was a true god. In the war against the Zerg, the people of Tita deserved the most credit. The Tita giants could fight with no restrictions in the Abyss. The battleships operated by the wise ones were even better. This was something no one would have imagined before the war – the once undeveloped planet becoming the guardian of the Milky Way Alliance.

This is an important factor for the Tita Star’s current position. Ada’s wedding was undoubtedly a day for celebration for the whole Tita Star. The people of Tita liked celebrations, and this made the uncontrollable situation even more lively.

Jasper stood upright. With a mustache, he seemed more mature. As part of Lya Sphinx’s counsel, and the Tadinger Group’s CEO, he was not simply a doorman. But this was not something anyone could do, and it was his utmost honor. As a wastrel of the past, due to a reckless decision, he became an important person in the Milky Way Alliance. No matter what problems there may be, Jasper would “blindly” follow Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu, and now he was Lya Sphinx’s most elite representative.

This wedding had to be lively, or it would be unacceptable. The large number of guests arrived at the Tita Star, but it was well organized under Jasper, and some credit had to be given to Laurel as well.

The spaceport was filled with people, but it remained orderly. No fool would try to be special here. Even if you were a tycoon or nobility, over here, anyone you picked out would easily be a billionaire or a senator.

The gifts received from this wedding were donated as funds to the front line. Hence, no one was stingy.

In space was a row of twenty-six of the newest Holy Light battleships acting as escorts. This was the Saruman Snake fleet, deemed as the number one fleet in the Milky Way Alliance.

The wedding was held on Tita, but the capital on Earth was full of decorations as well, with Ares College as the main stage.

“Oh God, this wedding is unbelievable. If I could have a wedding like this, I could die in peace.”

“Forget it, I think you can die in peace now,” a group of girls said in envy.

“I heard that General Wang Zheng is an outstanding person, with beauties around him.”

“Geesh, that is envy. If he liked me, I would be willing to help him give birth to kids, no matter how many there are!”

“Forget it, you won’t have the chance.”

The desire for gossip amongst humans was strong. After the war stabilized for a year, stories about Wang Zheng and the Aslan sisters spread. Wang Zheng and the Aishi Financial Group, Wang Zheng and Ye Zisu as childhood friends, and even Wang Zheng and Teacher Xiao Fei had various versions. In the minds of some, Wang Zheng had become a casanova and a god of war.

As they were not married, and there were no rumors about them, this made the gossip spread even further. Who knew what was actually going on?

With regards to the matters of the Tita Star, Mu Sen was no longer involved – they were mostly managed by Lan Ling. Elite Academy X was rebuilt on the Tita Star, with Xiao Fei as the principal. As for Old Jia, he wanted to retire, and for his remaining days, he only had one thought: to have grandkids. He did not care about anything else. Yan Xiaosu’s second son was about to come of age, and he was definitely anxious.

One was not enough, there had to be more than one!

Under the light of the halo, Alan Tucker, with the efforts of the Genesis Coffee Club, Tita Star was now a technological hub, completely replacing the Roland Garros of the past.

The bridesmaid team was extremely strong. Other than Xiao Fei, Lin Huiyin, Ye Zisu, Lie Xin, and other rumored girlfriends, there was Snow Li. The elites of the past had grown to become leaders, and Snow Li was definitely an exceptional representative.

The groomsmen were Jondi Lilick, Zhang Shan, Vincent, Xie Yuxin, Achilles, and the rest, relatively strong as well. Zhang Shan had no intention of getting married. Having reached near Heaven-rank, he had dedicated his life to understanding the universe, and at the same time not forgetting to contribute to humanity.

As the sounds of gun salutes filled the skies, the grand wedding began. This was Wang Zheng and Aina’s wedding, and at the same time, it was humanity’s celebration of peace…

Outside the wedding venue, two average-looking middle-aged men were watching over all of this. No matter how the people around them moved, they were motionless. They were the Saint’s Great Elder and the Thirteenth Elder. Everything they had planned was all in the past. The Aslan Empire had remained on the right track, and the mistakes they had made had been corrected by Aina.

“Thirteen, if you want, you can stay behind.” Constantine was no longer an unbeatable Heaven-rank, but an old man. He was finally enlightened, using his remaining time to seek the truth, giving up everything to find it.

The Thirteenth Elder slightly shook his head. “I will inherit the Saint and continue.” Aslan no longer needed them, but he would silently watch over them in the darkness… May his daughter, Aina, experience everlasting happiness.

On Earth, in an abandoned Cronos family house, weeds had grown on a lonely grave. A fatty had brought a small boy to remove the weeds.

“Uncle Luo, what was Father like?” The small boy asked curiously. He looked slightly like Lear.

Luo Fei was seriously cleaning the area, and this question was a bit difficult. “He was an outstanding person. Do you know Wang Zheng?”

“I know. He is a hero, the guardian angel of humanity!”

“Your father was the only person amongst humans to disapprove of him,” Luo Fei proudly said.

Yes, Lear was lonely from the start, but he had never admitted defeat.

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