Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 15: Kill the skinny ones too!

Chapter 15: Kill the skinny ones too!

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"Oh, I didn't expect you to be in the Mecha Department."

Female pilots were not uncommon. The existence of elite humans had allowed females to occupy a place on the mecha warrior teams in the Aslan Empire, but it was still relatively less common on Earth.

"Oh, you have forgotten what our family does?" Ye Zisu asked.

The Ye Family owned Asia's largest mecha manufacturing and maintenance company, OMG.

"Do you have anything to do this summer break?"

"Not much, work and training and waiting for school to open." Wang Zheng found no need to lie about his own situation. It was no secret anyway.

"Oh really, I want to practice too. Any interest in coming to OMG? You can get in touch with mecha assembly." Ye Zisu blinked. She knew that this offer was one that Wang Zheng could not reject.

It was not about pay. More importantly, she knew extremely clearly about Wang Zheng's liking for mecha.

To be patient for a day or a month was doable, but to fun-seeking youths, being patient for four years was unimaginable. Although Ye Zisu had to work hard to inherit her family's industry, she was a girl—vanity, meetups, shopping, and the like were not things she could forgo.

If not for her close attention, how could she remember Wang Zheng's name, and his shocking gene score of 28?

"If that's possible, then many thanks." Wang Zheng truly wanted to experience real mecha.

Ye Zisu laughed. "You're welcome. Take it as my apology. We are even."

Wang Zheng suddenly felt that it was quite nice when girls were kind-hearted.

An internship at OMG was much better than working at a restaurant.

OMG's headquarters was in Beijing. Wang Zheng and Ye Zisu had already been working here for three days. Nobody here knew who Ye Zisu was, and both of them came in as interns. This Miss OMG really came to learn.

There were a variety of mecha analysis charts, a variety of parts, and the main work was to analyse and repair. This implied an opportunity to fully understand the mecha. It has to be said that this was the best place Wang Zheng could think of.

Wang Zheng chose the testing department that dealt with mecha experiments. Of course, this would not be a job if one didn't get greasy and tired. Ye Zisu was in the design management department. A week passed and Wang Zheng was very fulfilled.

"Kid, is it cleaned yet? Be defter, there's still a lot behind!"

An old man in his sixties walked in. His spirit was very hale and hearty. Wang Zheng had completely become his coolie, working from early till late, sometimes even overtime, on all kinds of dirty work.

"Rest assured when I do things, Old Luo. Is this wrecked Demon Wolf Type V still fixable?"

"There is no mecha that I, Luo Mu, can't fix. Come over here to observe."

Wang Zheng slid down from atop the mech. "Isn't Asia's equipment too poor? I heard that the Moon Army no longer uses the four basic models anymore."

"Kid, do not underestimate the four basic mecha. They are the root of the mecha. All those so-called advanced things merely have additional weapons added on top of this basis; no variation will leave the basics. As long as you master the four types of mecha, the rest are a piece of cake."

Luo Mu was rather arrogant, but Wang Zheng knew that this stubborn old man truly had the chops.

Wang Zheng was suitable for Luo Mu's temper. He was not like the average youth with high standards but low ability. It could be seen that he had an inner love for mecha and was also diligent. Having been here for a week, as long as Luo Mu ordered, he would do it meticulously. As such, when there was time, Luo Mu did not bother Wang Zheng. There were detailed descriptions of mecha and parts here, so if one had an interest in mechas, there was truly no better place than here.

Wang Zheng had been sleeping in the warehouse throughout this week. The overall mecha design blueprint was not too difficult for him. Three-dimensional analysis and the understanding of the blueprints were his strong suits. All of the mecha parts could be found in the warehouse for easy reference as well, giving Wang Zheng the best opportunity possible in understanding the mecha.

A week passed in the blink of an eye. Wang Zheng had been chased away by Old Luo at this point. Weekends should be enjoyed and the young need not hurry, as there was a lot of time to learn.

Actually, Wang Zheng could not bear to part with the company's free meals, which was rather cost effective.

Brother's Net Café. The boss teared a little upon seeing Wang Zheng. Since Yan Xiaosu gave up on CT, the boss had suffered the loss of a big customer.

This boss even gave Wang Zheng a free bottle of drink. It was really not easy.

Not only could one battle in CT, there was also a community zone to facilitate player interactions. Actually, the virtual world was also another kind of life. There were lot of people chatting on the forums, getting to know new friends, but Wang Zheng had little interest in this, so he went straight into matchmaking mode.

He had finally found some time to play a round, but he hoped for a competent opponent. He did not want to waste the internet fees!

Student Wang prayed.

At this point, a group of people were in heated battle in a five versus five. The channel was even livelier. Suddenly, the best player on the other team surrendered. What was happening?

"Skeleton is online!"

"Who is this fellow? Is he very famous?"

"I heard that he is so amazing that it's like he abuses bugs! Why don't we go take a look?"

"How high can the standards in novice zone be?"

In the rookie zone, Skeleton's username was already very well known. Not only did his influence not drop after disappearing for a week, players were greatly anticipating him. Mainly, there were too few masters in this division.

Recently, Solon's headaches had come back. He sent a message but instead scared away the other party. What was this? The moment he heard that Skeleton was online, his headache subsided.

"Put up an official notice immediately. Give me A-grade advertisement publicity!" Solon started.

"Boss, this not a good idea. What if we are caught by the auditors for doing unauthorised actions and they have a handle on us …"

"Do it immediately!"

"Yes, Boss!"

The staff rushed out hurriedly. Student Wang seemed to be desperately waiting to be matched with an opponent. Why was it so slow today? Have there been fewer players recently?


The forums had already exploded. There was a big red banner. It was a sighting of Skeleton! Even the numerous Corps had been mobilized. Attention to him had increased several times! Apart from rookie level players, a few pros had also begun to take notice. Even though they still believed that this was someone's smurf, it had not been found out yet. But as the battles proceeded, he would definitely leak some clues.

Of course, if he lost, then there would be no need to find out anymore.

Ding dong.

Student Wang's opponent had finally been matched.

Due to four consecutive wins, although the points were very low, the matched opponent was already very strong.

ID: Red Flag

Mech: Wargod No. 1

Record: 15 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss. The reason for the one loss was because of an overly high winrate, resulting in getting matched with a high level mech. The mech was too well equipped and the disparity was huge, resulting in the loss.

Without a doubt, this was a smurf. Although it was not publicly admitted, everyone guessed that this was Justin from the diamond ranked corps, the Wild Corps.

The entire forums erupted in chatter. Very clearly, some people could not stand this. This method of garnering attention with smurfs was very hated. It had been trendy a few years ago, but no one did it anymore. Whoever did so would have a master coming to disrupt their games.

But this was nothing like that, it was a chance.

Solon's heart sank. He really did not wish for Skeleton to run into such a strong opponent so early, but this was not something he could control.

He was very clear that this Red Flag was Justin. This fellow enjoyed sticking a flag onto the forts of the opponents he had defeated. He was a rather flashy player.

Ranked top ten in the European region, Justin stared at his screen and his mouth turned into a proud smile. D**n, I really hate it when people smurf. Of course, he himself smurfing was an exception.

Justin's specialty was incomprehensibly violent techniques. He was able to fully bring out a humanoid mech's full potential. To him, the human body was a mech and the mech was no different from a human body. He was extremely adept at controlling mecha.

He would rampage with a titanium knife. In battle, everyone's slogan was "do not fight with Justin at close range".

That was why Justin came back. This was because this person called Skeleton actually went with the same loadout as himself, a Wargod No.1 armed with a titanium knife. He had used such a tactic two years ago, and it came to an end eventually. This time, he would be the one to end this farce.

Of course, he would never admit that these were his true reasons for stepping up.

Skeleton VS Red Flag.

This would be interesting, both parties smurfing in battle. Who was more willing to be ruthless?

The officials sent out a notification saying: Who is the real god of war?

The number of clicks quickly broke ten thousand. One reason was because of Skeleton, and the other was because Red Flag was the character who shook things up two years ago.

"It's definitely Justin. That fella cannot bear to see someone more famous than him!"

"There's a good show to watch this time. Justin is in Europe's top ten, so if he doesn't win, his opponent will get incredible exposure!"

"Are you joking? Skeleton can't win. Justin's specialty is one versus one. The only reason why he's not ranked higher is that he is just too wild and violent! His skills are definitely in the Top 10 of Earth's players."

"Forget it, enough talk. I'm paying to watch this battle!"

Ma Xiao also stopped his training. His teammates gathered over. "Captain, is this Red Flag Justin?"

"Indeed. It's no secret within the circle anymore. Except what he doesn't know is that the opponent is a smurf as well, haha."

As Ma Xiao put it, this brat was just too much of a show off. There was a point in time where Red Flag was very famous. Even if his mech was weaker, with Justin's bug-abusing-like gameplay, he would still be able to bridge the difference in close quarters combat. However, if the opponent was of the same skill level but with a better mech, he would not be able to win. Although Justin realized that afterwards, he was still depressed and did not continue playing his smurf. However, after seeing this Skeleton, he still held a grudge about that time and thus came to find him to end things.

However, Justin was still very manly. Wargod No. 1 vs Wargod No. 1.

Wang Zheng took a look at his opponents' records. This opponent should be pretty good, and he even chose Wargod No. 1 too. He must have considerable self-confidence.

"Boss, we have broken through 2,000 paying viewers, and it's still rising in a straight line. Our duration to publicize was too short. If we had done it in accordance with our established practice for this kind of surprise situation, if we had prepared enough, we could at least break 5,000!" the staff member said excitedly, but Solon was not even a little bit excited.

This d**ned fellow, could he not wait to feed Skeleton a little fatter before the kill? This guy was just starting to get a few views, d**n it!

Solon waved his hand weakly. "Go, settle it well. Let me rest for a while. D**n it, my head is starting to hurt again."

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