Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 16: A Violent Kill

Chapter 16: A Violent Kill

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Battle commence.

Random Map: Desert.

Justin naturally did not have to take advantage of Skeleton, yet it was as if God was on his side. As a master of close quarters combat, Justin was also one of the top few in adapting to various landscapes. To the average player, the desert represented hopelessness. Operating in such an environment was a whole other matter.

Skeleton VS Justin!

Both mecha appeared in the boundless desert simultaneously, but Skeleton's Wargod No. 1 clearly shook a little.

Some experienced players' hearts skipped a little. This shaking was a sign of lack of experience in the desert environment.

As long as one had not been promoted to bronze or higher, they were forever a noob. But noobs had dreams too. They wished that one noob could challenge those arrogant players.

But dreams were dreams, and no one believed that Skeleton was really a noob. But the truth was he actually was one.

The Wargod No. 1 staggered a few steps in the desert. This was an obvious sign that he was not comfortable. Anyone operating a mech in the desert for the first time was like this.

Justin was dumbfounded. D**n! Do not pretend to be a smurf like others if you have no skill. He still believed that his opponent had some chops, but in the end he turned out to be just a noob.

But after a few steps, the Wargod No. 1 stopped sinking into the desert. Justin's expression calmed down too.

It was easy to spot an expert. The opponent's stance suddenly became flawless again.

"D**n, interesting. Regardless of who you are, I will beat you until you show your true form!"

Justin laughed.

Both parties' stances were pretty much identical. One second … two seconds … three seconds. The atmosphere was very imposing; the players also felt that the atmosphere was a little different from the usual.

Almost at the same time, both Wargod No. 1 mecha rushed at each other.

The Wargod No. 1s soared in the desert, sweeping up sand in its flight. It seemed that Skeleton had already gotten used to the desert environment, but it was obvious that Justin's Wargod No. 1 was faster and more dexterous. He moved more freely and more easily. His nickname of "Violent Solo Mid" was not for nothing.

Bang …

Justin attacked. This demonstrated clear dominance in his operating prowess. His titanium knife stabbed downwards. So this was Violent Solo Mid?

Everyone understood what followed. A violent assault that left no room for the opponent to breath. His titanium knife wildly attacked, slicing death from all angles. They were using Wargod No. 1, which meant that it could be over in one attack. Skeleton's Wargod No. 1 could only try to parry.

The moment Justin attacked, his opponent might as well close their eyes already.

Ma Xiao and company looked at each other. They originally thought that they could watch a fierce fight, but it turned out to just be like this.

"Captain, this was a wipe-out. I can't even tell who's who yet and it's already about to end."

"Don't tell me this guy is losing intentionally because it's Justin."

"Very possible!"

Only Ma Xiao was silent. At the start, he also thought that the guy would lose, but something was not quite right. Justin's attack was ferocious, but Skeleton's defense was not out of position. The titanium knife took Justin's attack completely.

But this did not reverse the situation and still could not change the results. To let Justin simply engage spelled doom. Even he, who used a beast mech, did not dare to let Justin engage like that.

It was also Justin's first time meeting an opponent who was so resistant. Such a ferocious attack, yet his opponent did not lose his position!

If there was even the slightest shake, he could deal a heavy blow, but his opponent maintained his balance extremely well.

D**n it, who is this fellow!

Bonehead once said that losing one's centre of balance was losing one's life.

Whether it was the horse stance or the poles, a large part of it was for training his balance. At this moment, Wang Zheng had a deep realization that the sand would lead to imbalance in the mech's feet. If one exerted too much force, one would even get stuck deeper. But … it was really pretty interesting, and this opponent was interesting!


Wang Zheng was extremely patient. He responded to Justin's attacks slash by slash, sparks flying from the contacting titanium knives. No one was sure how long it had been since such a battle like this has taken place in the novice zone.

The average player could not even dream of handling such an attack; it would either result in death, or both parties would be severely hurt. Against Red Flag's ferocious attack, Skeleton actually parried every hit.

The players clenched their fists, held their breaths, and silently endured. They could attack once their opponent made a mistake!

But Skeleton's opponent was Justin!

Justin's hurricane-like suppression was quite exhausting. If the opponent was rather resilient and the attacks were unable to achieve their results, then the result of battle would be hard to say. Some serious effort would be necessary.

He stabbed with his titanium knife three times in quick succession, attacking violently, immediately creating an opportunity which lasted less than a second.

Red Flag then swapped his knife grip to that of a reverse grip. Once this happened, even the inexperienced players could guess that this was Justin's specialty— Crazed Killer Fist!

Justin's Wargod No. 1 spun around wildly like a gyroscope towards Skeleton's Wargod No. 1!

Dang dang dang dang …

Kill kill kill kill kill!

Sparks lit the sky. Only Justin could find the space to spin in such a tight situation. The opponent had no means of escape.

Hong …

Skeleton's Wargod No. 1 flew outwards.

Was it about to end?


The Wargod No. 1 landed stably. Justin did not pursue, because the high-speed rotation had caused his mech's legs to sink in the sand. Aggressively pursuing would, on the contrary, give the opponent an opportunity.

Who was this fellow? He was so good at resisting!


The blowback from the ferocious streak of attacks had, on the contrary, been borrowed to leave the battle. Amongst the opponents he knew, not even a few could do this.

The battled returned to the beginning. All players had a suffocating feeling. D**n, since when had the novice zone seen such a battle!?

While there was no spectacle of high-level mecha, there was a sense of primal violence!

"Kid, I don't care who you are. You are going down today!" Justin said silently. This was a new secret move he had trained this year and had never planned to use it in such competition.

Wang Zheng could feel his opponent's murderous energy. He looked forward to the next move.

Almost at the same, both Wargod No. 1 mecha rumbled murderously towards each other.

20 meters … 15 meters … 10 meters …

In a moment, Red Flag's Wargod No. 1 made the first move. With a sudden stomp, yellow sand burst outwards and formed a dust cloud. It obscured the visibility of everything!

Supporters of Skeleton were stunned for a moment. D**n it, how shameless, using dirty tricks!

There was no right or wrong on the battlefield. Justin's close quarters combat was ferocious because he made use of his surroundings well, allowing him to make comebacks even when he was losing.

And Justin was already in the air. This was his newest move, the Spinning Killer Fist!

Due to the terrain, the technique's difficulty was increased by at least fifty percent. However, using half a year's time, Justin could finally use it deftly. It would even bring God to his knees.

But where was the target?

Suddenly, a mech appeared right in front of him!

It was Skeleton's Wargod No. 1!

D**n it, he was also using a reverse grip with his knife. Did he think that such a move was child's play?

Justin's immediately executed the Crazed Killer Fist, the titanium knife wildly chopping towards his opponent. However….

The opposing Wargod No. 1 utilised the Crazed Killer Fist too!

The clash between the two knives caused a flurry of sparks to erupt between the mecha. The exhaust emitted by the engine sputtered out in jets as the engines struggled to keep up with the movements of the mecha. Conversely, there was no trace of movement in the entire audience zone.

Both of the Wargod No. 1 mecha landed at the same time. After a brutal exchange like this, whoever made the first move would claim victory!

It was still Justin. He raised his titanium knife first.

This was the power of Europe's ace player, Violent Solo Mid!

However, Justin suddenly realized that the mech in front of him was getting bigger and bigger.

Hong …

The sky and earth spun. D**n, this was … a headbutt?

In the moment of landing, Skeleton's Wargod No. 1 had not used his equipment but instead rammed straight on. Justin's titanium knife had only just been raised!

Hum …

The titanium knife slipped out of his mech's hand, then a chain of exploding sparks covered the mech and the head of Red Flag's mech flew away into the distance.

The sparks flying out from the neck were particularly dazzling.

Hong …

Exploding mech!

Skeleton WIN!

The audience zone fell silent. Europe's Violent Solo Mid, Justin, had been thrashed?

And this was by his own specialty, the reverse-grip knife!

Wang Zheng felt the Rubik's Cube on his chest finally heat up for a moment. It was rare for there to be some reaction.

After playing some exiting CT, he needed some time to reflect. Battle was experience, and what was important to realise and remember was that this opponent's close quarters combat was very unique. The spinning backhanded stroke could indeed drastically increase the attack speed, but this move was very taxing. It was basically an all-in, leaving oneself with not much leeway. It was okay for one versus one, but in a team fight, it was equivalent to giving a free kill.

A very risky move.

After reflecting for ten minutes or so, Wang Zheng opened his eyes. He was satisfied. It was time to go before the boss added to his fees.

Although basic seats were slightly cheaper, Wang Zheng had gotten used to the VIP zone's cleanliness, and the cockpits here were slightly better.

He left relaxed and carefree, without a trace. Everyone else was left thunderstruck.

Who was this person? He was too sick!

He even defeated Justin!

And he even used Justin's specialty, the Crazed Killer Fist!

Team Dragon God's little players were all in shock. This fellow could make a comeback?

"You guys take a good look at the replay, I'll go check up on Justin!"

Ma Xiao laughed and went out of the door, dialing on his Skylink.

Justin was in a daze. How was this possible???

Who was this expert? He ran through the opponents he knew mentally. Yet amongst those he knew, there was totally no one who had such skills!

Suddenly, Skylink rang … it was Ma Xiao. Don't tell me…

"Ma Xiao, don't tell me that was you. Are you on steroids?" Justin scorned.

"Haha, it would be awesome if that was me. I've come to ask, losing as Europe's Violent Solo Mid, how does that feel?"

"F**k, scram, be careful, because I might PK[1] you in real life!"

They were both old rivals, and they were actually on pretty good personal terms.

"Don't be sad anymore. You are not the first to lose to him." Ma Xiao laughed bitterly.

"…Was that Dragon God 007 was really you?"

"D**n it, I originally wanted to show off a little in front of the new additions to the team, but I ended up getting butchered. This fellow really does have some chops; it seems as if he's really good at imitating others."

"We must find him regardless of who he is. I must get my revenge. The Wargod No. 1 doesn't allow me to demonstrate my full capabilities!"

Justin was upset. Most depressingly, his opponent had used his own move to end him.

"Oh, let me know if you find out."

Solon was in his office massaging his head. He had to think of a new plan already, but all possible tricks had been used before. New ideas do not come easily; otherwise, he could spend money. But the finance department's control was powerful, so approval for big sums of money would be difficult.

[1] Slang for Player Kill. It means to kill someone's character in a game.

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