Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 18: School Starts for Little Children

Chapter 18: School Starts for Little Children

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"Oh, since when have I, Xiao Fei, not kept my promises? You are entering as a Physics Department student. The old head has allowed you to listen in for Mecha Department lessons."

Xiao Fei gazed at Wang Zheng as if he was a delicious prey.

Wang Zheng was stunned. D**n, without the graduation certificate from the Mecha Department, how could he join the military after graduating?

"Are there any other options?"

"Student Wang, don't be rash, think carefully. You have no other paths to turn to, and the school fees will not be refunded. Besides, this year's military recruitment is already over. Oh, right, even if it wasn't over, I also have my ways of not letting you go. So just stay obediently as my helper, and if you're good enough, I will then let the Mecha Department enroll you as a student."

Xiao Fei laughed rather sinisterly. This gifted doctor was known to be ruthless. It was a pity that Wang Zheng had been enchanted by her appearances. It was also Xiao Fei's first time finding a student who she could communicate with, completely different from those stupid fellows. How could she let this go?

Wang Zheng was speechless. What was this? He had absolutely no interest in physics. In the past, he had only done it to accompany the elderly in conversation; after all, the Old Merchant was rather pitiful.

"Student Wang, actually, the principal and I have put in a lot of effort. Think about who would want you based on your circumstances. I have used my status as a professor to specially recruit you, but the Mecha Department has no one specially recruiting you. You have to prove your worth through your own actions. I have taken on a huge risk in this matter. You don't seem like someone who is irresponsible," Xiao Fei said with melancholy, as if Wang Zheng had done something against the heavens.

Wang Zheng understood. He was already on board, and there was no getting off. The good thing was that there was still a chance.

"Cough cough. Thanks, teacher. I will definitely work hard!"

"Very good. That is the attitude a student should have. Your macro ideas are pretty good, but the micro details are a little rough. Study well, you'll definitely have a bright future," Xiao Fei said in a senior fashion.

Wang Zheng smiled bitterly and nodded. D**n it, he definitely did not want to have a future in physics.

Wang Zheng resigned and found his dormitory. Three of his roommates had already arrived, except they were nowhere to be seen. After Wang Zheng tossed his luggage onto the only empty bed, his Skylink beeped and rang.

"Boss, meet at the flower beds at the school entrance. College's first gathering has begun!"

Yan Xiaosu had already thoroughly felt the waves of youth; his voice was so passionate.

By the time Wang Zheng arrived, Yan Xiaosu and Xie Yuxin were already waiting. "How is it? Feels pretty good, right?" Xie Yuxin said.

" Did you already know beforehand that I'm in the Physics Department?"

Xie Yuxin shrugged. "No choice. Only professors have the power to specially recruit people. Isn't it pretty good that Xiao Fei sees something in you? Anyway, you have the opportunity to listen in at the Mecha Department. You'll be alright if you grasp the opportunity."

Wang Zheng also knew that it was truly already pretty good.

"Little Yu, you are too secretive. Why didn't you tell us that Gu Te was a relative of yours? It would have been great to spend all that donation money!"

Yan Xiaosu sighed.

"The school is not my family's property. I merely made use of an opportunity. Based on Wang Zheng's capability, he deserves to enter. Don't look for me for matters of special rights."

"Gee, impressive. His reputation as one of the four school princes surely holds up," Yan Xiaosu said while smiling.

"What's that?"

"Are you guys lagging? Our friend here, Little Yu, is the principal's grandson. He was Dawn Middle School's top student. He is not only tall but handsome; he has already been named a school prince."

"You take these kinds of lame things seriously." Xie Yuxin had an expression of indifference. He was never interested in these things.

"Tsk, I knew you would have this kind of response. It must be really easy to flirt with girls with a reputation like yours. Remember to introduce a few to us brothers next time, and organize more gatherings. Boss' and my futures are in your hands!"

"Xiao Su, don't drag me along with your wishes."

"D**n, you guys are all so upright and gentlemanly. What's college without flirting?"

Yan Xiaosu's mood was rather urgent. Opening Skylink, an ad popped up. "Oh, I'm counting on you two. I'm definitely going to be a bachelor for life. Ye Zisu has already been rated as the No. 1 freshman. If she can introduce one or two, they'd definitely be pretty good. Luckily, we're schoolmates with her."

Wang Zheng and Xie Yuxin were very helpless. Although food and sex were basic needs, this fellow was too anxious. It seemed like Yue Jing had vanished from his life, and that was actually pretty good.

Wherever there were people, there were circles. School was a circle too. Ares College was one of the top three colleges on Earth, so it naturally attracted exceptional students from all over. A new place, a new battlefield. Those that were good naturally wanted to have a good fight in their own areas of strengths.

However, even amongst the exceptional, it was still easy to pick out those that were outstanding and those that were heaven's treasures.

Xie Yuxin, genetic evaluation of A, full marks. Note: Principal's grandson, son of a rich family, family has influence on both the education world and the military.

Masasi, from the Moon, genetic evaluation of A, full marks. Note: This person rejected an invitation from Atlan College, the best on the moon, to come to Earth.

Carl: From Mars, genetic evaluation of A, full marks. Note: Principal went to Mars three times for this person.

Masasi and Carl were the principal's ultimate weapons. He activated a considerable amount of connections and favors in order to get these two students. He had definitely offended Atlan College. This was the most classic way to poach.

While one of the top three colleges on Earth, it had been in a disadvantageous state in recent years in the competition for survival. Europe's Zeus Military College and the America's Apollo Military College were stably in first and second place. Gu Te had run out of options—instead of sitting and waiting, why not dig from stronger places?!

Only results could attract outstanding students. Gu Te did not want the mighty name of Ares Military College to fail under his watch.

Photos tell the truth. Amongst the three freshmen, appearance wise, Xie Yuxin definitely beat Masasi and Carl by a few levels. This also made Yan Xiaosu very proud—he could use Little Yu's name when he hit on girls.

"To think there are really so many lame people!"

"True, now's the era of speedy communications!"

"Is that it? It's not that fast, right? At least Wang Zheng has not gone up," Xie Yuxin said. He was rather interested in sizing Wang Zheng up. He had always felt that something was up with Wang Zheng, but the kid was very calm and he simply could find out.

Wang Zheng rubbed his nose. "Don't get me involved. Low profile, low profile."

"Hehe, sometimes you can't keep a low profile even if you want to."

"I plan to join the photography club, to capture beautiful life. What are your plans?"

"I don't mind. I haven't thought about it. Basically, I don't intend to waste my time," Xie Yuxin said.

"I'm afraid it depends on how things turn out. Xiao Fei wants me as her assistant."

"Doctor Xiao? Xiao Fei? Wait up!"

Yan Xiaosu swiped the window on his Skylink wildly. A photo of Xiao Fei surfaced.

"Boss, is this her?"

Wang Zheng nodded. Yan Xiaosu seemed very passionate.

"F***, f***, f***. I haven't even found my footing here, and you're already ahead. Teacher Xiao Fei is the top beauty in school. In a dark laboratory, one man and one woman, dry firewood and flames, teacher and student …"

Wang Zheng and Xie Yuxin gave Yan Xiaosu a severe look of disdain at almost the same time. This fellow could associate anything with that thing. How desperate.

"Cough cough. However, I heard that this great beauty, Xiao Fei, is a little chili pepper. The students who have been done in by her are not just one or two. People say that she is not much older than us, so how are her brains so smart?"

"Oh, Teacher Xiao Fei's gene evaluation is S-grade, belonging to the classified range. Naturally, she is different from normal people like us," Xie Yuxin said. Grandfather had put in huge amounts of effort to make her stay that year, because at that time, the Aslan Empire had already extended their invitation.

"In the Milky Way, it's very rare for anyone to reject the Aslan Empire's invitation since it represents the most exquisite treatment and the best benefits. That's the world that belongs to elites.

"The Aslan Empire has the strictest admission requirements in the Milky Way Galaxy. For talents immigrate there, their family needs to possess three generations of talent. Only the most indispensable elites can count as just one generation. You can count with your fingers how many times that has happened in the past decade, and Xiao Fei actually rejected them. It was a big hoo-ha then. Guess what reason she gave?"

"I've heard about this before too. It's said that Aslan's chief of immigrations vomited blood three times!" Yan Xiaosu laughed.

"… can't be that it was too far, right?" Wang Zheng casually said.

Yan Xiaosu and Xie Yuxin look at Wang Zheng in a daze. "You two surely have the same vocabulary!"

This counted as a reason too … however, this was really something completely unexpected, as people would die for the opportunity she was given. Yet it was not unbelievable with Xiao Fei's special personality.

"This incident made the Solar System Alliance very proud and also raised the prestige of Ares College. No one can reach her level of popularity in our school. It's a pity that she's only willing to take in 30 students each year. We must thank Wang Zheng. Whenever there are big lectures, everyone can admire her elegance," Xie Yuxin said. "Grandfather said to me earlier: he has never seen Xiao Fei appreciate someone like this ever before. In Xiao Fei's eyes, everyone in her generation, other than Alan Tucker, is a piece of trash!"

Xie Yuxin observed Wang Zheng. He somehow felt like this kid had a secret. Something was up, but he could not figure out what it was.

After their short gathering, they all returned to their dorms. With the start of school, there were still plenty of orientation activities running and the three were interested in taking a look.

Returning to Physics Department's dorms, the three roommates were already there. Wang Zheng was also very happy to be able to get to make new friends.

"Yao Ailun, from Madagascar. I came for Doctor Xiao Fei. She will become the greatest physics scientist of our time!"

Yao Ailun was of average height, bespectacled, a little childish, and spoke with his head slightly lowered and slightly shy. But there was a fanaticism when he spoke of Xiao Fei.

"Chen Xiu, Chongshan City. Three big brothers, please take care of me!" he said and then bowed.

"D**n, how am I in the same dorm as you people? Yao Ailun, the only middle schooler on Earth to win the top prize of the Alliance Physics Discovery Competition. Chen Xiu, prodigy of fourteen years old, youngest in the whole college. D**n it, my name is Zhang Shan, you all can call me Big Shan!"

Big Shan was close to two meters tall, and he really did not look like someone who studied physics.

Yao Ailun adjusted his spectacles. "Zhang Shan, Professor Zheng Deyu's son, always been Professor Zhang Deyu's assistant. And Professor Zhang Deyu was also Professor Xiao Fei's college teacher. This year he was involved in the publishing of 'The God Particle's Movement in Space.' Although the honor belongs to Professor Zhang Deyu, it's been said on the outside that you had involvement in it too, and even offered important insights. Interesting!"

Upon mention of this, Yao Ailun's little eyes sparkled.

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