Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 17: Nervous

Chapter 17: Nervous

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"Boss, he won, he won!"

"So what if he won? Justin winning is very normal. This fellow could have chosen any time to show up, but he had to choose this time,"

Solon hummed. Thinking about this made his head hurt.

"No, Boss. Skeleton won. And he even used Justin's move to beat him. The live stream view count broke 5,000. The forums are exploding; the click rate is already more than 100,000!"

Solon sprang from his seat. His old waist seemed to have returned to the time when he was 18.

How was this possible?

Truly, how was this possible?

As if hit by an underwater grenade, many people had been blown away. This was different from the Dragon God 007 fight, where everyone had no idea who the player could have been. Many moves were imitable by players, and although Red Flag's moves were well-known, only Justin was able to use the Crazed Killer Fist to this level. This fellow's personality was not easy-going; even with friends he did not hold back.

However, Justin was done in by a nameless player.

The channel was being watched by countless players. Very clearly, this person was not used to the desert environment at the start. His movements were like those experienced by new players. Initially, when they first entered the desert, one foot would be deeper than the other, and falling was not uncommon.

But Skeleton seemed to have adapted immediately. What kind of ability to adapt was this???

Was he only pretending to be a noob?

If this was the case, it was too real. It could win the Milky Way Oscars!

The slow motion cam of the Crazed Killer Fist was even more brutal. Such a violent attack was rare to see even in the high level zones. Both players had taken the ability of Wargod No. 1 to its limits.

And the final response was even more unimaginable, a headbutt …

Justin, known for his reflexes, had been killed by a blow like this.

Skeleton had replicated Violent Solo Mid's secret technique!

His latest move—Spinning Crazed Killer Fist!

The legend had begun. Who was next?

Who could stop Skeleton's advance!?

Student Wang was eating instant noodles and checking his Skylink bill at the same time. D**n, not a single cent. What was going on?

At this rate, he could not even afford instant noodles anymore.

Skylink beeped and rang. It was Ye Zisu.

"What's up, Zisu?"

Ye Zisu did not know whether to laugh or to cry. Wang Zheng's mouth was stuffed full of instant noodles. This was what he ate at home?

"Can't I talk you even if there's nothing up? Little Jing is not around and I'm bored on my own, so let's go sing!"

Wang Zheng sweated. "Cough cough. That is very dangerous."

"What's the matter?"

"When I was younger, my singing caused my neighbor's pet to faint."

Ye Zisu could not hold in her laughter. "Rest assured, my tolerance is strong. Besides, I sing very well."

Needless to say, after having interacted a bit, Wang Zheng felt like Ye Zisu was not bad. It was normal for girls to be a little haughty. After understanding this, they could still be friends. Besides, they were school mates in the same department. Someone from the same middle school and same college— it was pretty hard to come by.

In the end, the proof was out. Student Wang was truly not suitable for singing. Even though he kind of liked to hum, he left Ye Zisu in laughing fits. Whatever semblance of her lady-like image had been tossed into cloud nine.

A month passed in the blink of an eye, especially for Wang Zheng, whose life was incomparably filled. Ares College would have a physical test upon school opening, specifically targeted at students of the Military Department. If one performed too poorly, they would be immediately eliminated. Wang Zheng also did not dare to slack off. After all, his means of entry was not exactly conventional, so he could not afford to mess up.

At the OMG headquarters in Beijing, more than a hundred employees were cheering ten young maintenance technicians on.

"Uncle Luo Mu, Wang Zheng has only been learning for a month. Is this too rushed?" Ye Zisu asked worriedly in the crowd. OMG regularly held maintenance competitions in order to encourage technicians. Although there was no restrictions against interns participating, the outcome was predictable. This time, however, Luo Mu registered Wang Zheng.

Luo Mu glanced at Ye Zisu unexpectedly. "Silly head, you spent so much effort trying to get him in, yet you don't know his capabilities?"

Ye Zisu was slightly startled. Wang Zheng's capabilities? She felt that Wang Zheng was a hardworking and serious person, but this had no relation with talent. Besides, his gene score was …

"Silly head, don't obsess over gene scores; that's just a reference!" Luo Mu said. Initially, he didn't really want to take Wang Zheng in, but he could not put off silly Ye Zisu's earnest pleas. Who would have thought that he would actually uncover a gem?

The competition began. The ten competitors were all the best technicians from Beijing and the surrounding areas. Wang Zheng was considered to be one of the greenhorns amongst them. This time, the competition was about the dismantling of the core parts of the training machine.

The ten of them quickly boarded the ladder. They were all around thirty years old. Wang Zheng was indeed very young and inexperienced amongst them, but he was not at all slow.

Ye Zisu was also watching. Wang Zheng was fast like a veteran, quickly dismantling. Luo Mu stroked his beard and nodded repeatedly. This fellow was not at all like a rookie. Crucially, he did not fluster under pressure. Some people did well during training but got too nervous during competitions. Wang Zheng was, on the contrary, more enthusiastic in this competition.

"Silly head, this kid has potential, but it would be a waste for him to be a technician. Although I have not seen the world, I dare to say that this kid is made for great things!"

Luo Mu was really very satisfied with Wang Zheng. Ye Zisu's heart was also beating fast. What did he mean by having not seen the world? In terms of solving difficult mecha problems, Luo Mu was an expert. He was OMG's trump card and it was easy for him not to show up. Actually, Luo Mu could have retired long ago, but he stayed at OMG because he liked it. In fact, Ares College once invited him to be a guest professor to teach an elective at the Mecha Department.

"Uncle, you should really consider Ares College's idea. You can pass down more skills and techniques."

"Oh, you think I don't understand you youngsters these days? High ambitions, low skills, afraid of dirt and sweat. When it comes to action, one person can do the jobs of two of you," Luo Mu said.

"Uncle, don't you still have students like Wang Zheng? You need to nurture and bring this part of them out!"

Ye Zisu continued persuading. An experienced technician like Luo Mu held considerable influence. If he could teach at Ares College, it would benefit OMG's brand image.

"Gee, silly head, don't think I don't know what you're planning … but you do have a point. Let me ponder over it."

It has to be said that Wang Zheng made Luo Mu begin to view these "gifted students" differently.

Time ticked by. Wang Zheng was the first to hop down from the mech. 19 minutes and 5 seconds, a new shop record.

Luo Mu laughed heartily and nodded. "Impressive. This kid's best is usually 25 minutes. He's broken through in a competition!"

The judge had already began testing with his assembly apparatus, raising an OK hand sign shortly after. The applause below roared louder.

"A great teacher produces a great protégé!" Ye Zisu also clapped. This was indeed an unexpected outcome.

Student Wang heaved a big sigh of relief. He had finally done it. Combining the internship pay and prize money, it was enough for school fees!

Solon was flustered like an ant on a hot pot recently. He had sent Skeleton numerous messages, but they had all disappeared like rocks in a big ocean. He kept wondering where he had gone wrong, but he never dreamed that it was because of the insufficient prize money!

CT's first sum of prize money was instantly sent, but subsequently it had to pass a certain threshold before it would be transferred. He would never have thought that someone was waiting so eagerly.

Wang Zheng was wholly engaged, and Luo Mu also put in a lot of effort to teach. A hardworking, enduring youth like him who was not afraid of dirt or tiredness, who could dislike him? Most importantly, Luo Mu could see that this kid was truly passionate from the inside.

Finally, Wang Zheng became the champion of the maintenance technician competition, and even broke Luo Mu's own lasting record of 1 hour and 13 minutes. Wang Zheng spent 50 minutes, breaking the 1 hour barrier for the first time. Wang Zheng's mobility was not something the average person could match up to.

What made Wang Zheng the happiest was that this whole month of rising early and sleeping late had been worthwhile. He finally no longer had to worry about school fees. The time was short, but the rewards were huge. Wang Zheng had gained an understanding of the basic makeup of a mech and understood the hows and whys. He even found a friend in Ye Zisu. In fact, she was not as she appeared to be—all lofty; her friendship still depended on feelings.

A square-faced fatty had once said before: fate!

Yan Xiaosu and Xie Yuxin had also returned. In this period of time after leaving school, everyone had changed.

Yan Xiaosu's face had become chubbier, but his change in character was more significant. This trip to Mars had been eye-opening. Yan Xiaosu now, on the contrary, was a little grateful to Yue Jing—if not for her, he would still be groping around without direction.

Xie Yuxin, however, did not talk much about his experiences; he had always been like this. But it could be seen that this trip out had also filled him up with more drive.

School had opened at Ares College!

The entrance of Ares College was flooded with people. All kinds of gorgeous maglev cars filled the streets. There were enthusiastic seniors everywhere.

Especially male seniors. They exploded with unprecedented passion, eyes sweeping like laser guns across the crowd. Once they found their target, they pounced.

So many youthful and beautiful juniors. Whoever made the first move had the advantage and whoever was late would lose out. Thus, there were many volunteers.

But nobody cared about Wang Zheng, Yan Xiaosu, and Xie Yuxin as the three of them stood there.

The three of them looked at Ares College's main entrance. "This entrance is too broken already. Wait till I am rich, I'll replace it with the most gorgeous in the Milky Way!"

Wang Zheng and Xie Yuxin looked at each other and laughed. "Wang Zheng, I don't believe that it's a coincidence that your score is 60. I hope to compete with you fairly this time," Xie Yuxin said suddenly.

Wang Zheng paused. "Bring it on!"

The three split up and reported to their departments. When Wang Zheng arrived at the Mecha Department, the enrolment teacher adjusted her glasses. "Are you sure you are in the Mecha Department? Your name isn't here."

Wang Zheng was stunned for a moment. This was not a prank, right?

"Teacher, could I trouble you to check again?"

"Wang Zheng, right? Let me check … you belong to the Physics Department. You've come to the wrong place. Exit the door, turn right, go straight past three intersections."

Wang Zheng was a little dazed. What was going on? Had it not been agreed upon that he would be in both the Physics Department and the Mecha Department? Don't tell me …

Wang Zheng found the Physic Department building and asked a lot of people before managing to find Xiao Fei.

"Doctor, why is my name not under the Mecha Department?" Wang Zheng stared at Xiao Fei. He was a little nervous. He did not want to spend his days dealing with numbers.

Xiao Fei raised her head and smiled. "Calm down a little, sit."

"Doctor, this is not a joking matter. I remember you promising that I could study at two departments." Wang Zheng felt dizzy. He had already missed the registration for the army.

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