Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 25: Ability X

Chapter 25: Ability X

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Wang Zheng paused as he briefly touched the strength testing machine. Carl looked impatient. "Hurry up, don't dawdle!"

"Carl, if you're looking for trouble, I'm happy to keep you company!" Zhang Shan frowned as he spoke. This bastard was asking for a beating. He looked like someone who deserved a beating from head to toe!

"Just you wouldn't be enough!" Carl's mouth twitched.

Luo Yun gave a slight smile. "Don't be anxious. Within this month, there will definitely be an opportunity for you to vent your frustrations."

Wang Zheng paused for a moment. Even he did not know how strong he was. However, in order to beat Masasi, he had to use what he was good at.

"Wang Zheng, be careful!" Ye Zisu said. She did not feel that injuring oneself to triumph once was particularly heroic behavior.

Wang Zheng nodded his head and took a step back. His eyes flickered with energy… BANG!

F*ck! When he released his fist, Wang Zheng knew that a problem was going to arise!

Crack… Ding…. Bang!

Some workers by the door heard the explosion and rushed in. Everyone in the strength testing room could only stare agape at the sight.

The strength testing machine had been completely destroyed!

The audience looked at Wang Zheng silently. Wang Zheng was also speechless. Deep down, he scolded himself. "You really are an idiot, Wang Zheng! I hope I don't have to pay any compensation for this…."

Luo Yun was shocked but he controlled himself giving a slight cough, "I think the strength testing machine has had some issues, swap it for a new one."

Seeing that Luo Yun had not raised any notions of asking for compensation, Wang Zheng let out a huge sigh of relief. The Earth Corps were still quite reliable!

After a new machine was swapped in, Wang Zheng controlled his strength tightly. Surprisingly, he was still able to output 580lbs of force in a single strike! At this point, everyone else was utterly flabbergasted.

Ye Zisu looked furious as she walked over and beat Wang Zheng's shoulders fervently. "Wow, you bastard, you've hidden a lot of things about yourself!" she said, before shooting a quick glance at Meng Tian.

Xie Yuxin gave Wang Zheng a thumbs up. Looked like he was wrong, Wang Zheng's true potential might actually not be in the field of physics!

Carl was speechless, while Masasi looked at Wang Zheng in great interest. Arrogance required some form of backing; they had originally felt that no one on Earth could compete with them.

Yet Wang Zheng was still very innocent. He only had one thing on his mind: his largest worry was that Luo Yun would suddenly turn around and tell him, "Wang Zheng, this strength testing machine's compensation will be on you!"

Thankfully, Luo Yun immediately moved onto the next part of the test. The testing facility was extraordinary. It could be seen that the machine for testing was significantly more complex than the last one.

Masasi stopped and then said, "Instructor, there's no need to test me, I possess Ability X."

Luo Yun nodded his head. "Do the rest of you want to try the test?"

Carl looked distracted, then he shrugged his shoulders and replied, "I don't. No need to test for it."

The two girls also shook their heads, while Zhang Shan waved his arms. "I don't have it either."

"I do," said Xie Yuxin.

Everyone had a look of surprise on their faces, especially Carl. How could he expect that someone on Earth would have this???

"Um, what is Ability X?" Wang Zheng asked curiously.

"If your genes are of grade A, which is to say, above 90 points, there will be a special test that scans your brain region. Some people possess extraordinary abilities, commonly known as extrasensory perception," explained Ye Zisu. She then remembered… Wang Zheng's gene score.

Wang Zheng gave a bitter smile. "I don't have it, I have no need to test."

"Could you all write this down?" Luo Yun asked.

"My apologies, Instructor, but this is a secret." Masasi declined.

Luo Yun did not continue to push the issue. Those who had Ability X were the elites among the elites. Thus, it could be said that whichever department had him would definitely place him in a critical role.

Ability X did not assure that one's brainwaves would react with greater activity, so perhaps there was no practical application. However, in the younger generation, this was all part of one's identity; it showed that they had even greater talent.

Furthermore, for Ability X users, they would all become extraordinary individuals.

Due to this fact, Carl could no longer afford to look down on Xie Yuxin.

The probability to possess Ability X was extremely low. In fact, even among elites, out of every ten thousand, there would only be one individual with it.

"The seven of you have had a decent performance. In the future, there will be more exceptional students that will be joining us. You can all go back now. Future training will be tougher than this, so you better be mentally prepared," said Major Luo Yun. He still wanted to assess the training situation of the rest of the students.

In the past, training was not as complicated. However, this time, Gu Te mobilized a significant amount of resources to teach the students. This was to obtain an understanding of their standards. With Gu Te's influence, the military would naturally cooperate; furthermore, the military urgently required capable fresh blood to join them.

People like Masasi and Carl would definitely not stay on Earth. However, their presence could serve to motivate the rest of the students, and this couldn't be better.

To the new students of Ares College, this would definitely be a period that would be hard to forget.

This was regardless if they were part of the Military Departments or not. As a result, this also included Wang Zheng and his friends.

After the first day, where they were taught a lesson, the entire first week was spent on grueling and strict basic training. Military appearance, drills, marching, running, rolling around; without needing any further words, it could be said that it was extremely tiring and depressing. Being oppressed day and night, everyone's spirit had had a qualitative change.

Furthermore, those who could enter Ares College all possessed similar basic abilities. No one wanted to be weaker than someone else, and thus, the atmosphere gradually improved.

After the first week, the most outstanding individuals were none other than Wang Zheng, Masasi, Carl, Zhang Shan, Meng Tian, and Ye Zisu.

The two beauties were in the limelight. They were the two goddesses of this hellish training, whom could reduce the pain of everyone.

Meng Tian was 1.8 meters tall. When wearing her military uniform, one could feel incomparable valiance and formidableness from her. However, to those in the Mecha and Officer Departments, the one person who had managed to kindle their motivation was none other than Carl, who had continually humiliated them.

Ye Zisu was from the capital, and she was originally Dawn's school flower, OMG's little princess. She looked delicate but had performed exceptionally. Thus, many people saw her with a whole new level of respect. When beauty, wealth, and fitness combined together, it would result in one who was envied by everyone as Ms. Perfect. (Fair skinned, rich, and beautiful)

The one in most pain would be Yan Xiaosu. The difference between this hellish training that skinned him alive and the days where he would only need to rely on his street smarts were so drastic that he had long wished to quit school! However, the thought of how scary his father would be led him to persevere. If he really did quit school, his father would definitely cut off all of his allowance regardless of what he said.

Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan had another sort of fame. The two were Physics Department students, yet they were famous in the military departments! They had caused a large number of Mecha and Officer Department students to feel pressured! Most importantly, the instructors often used their names to provoke the students!

With regards to the instructors' method in sowing hatred to motivate them, Zhang Shan was naturally quite ambivalent. He was a Physics Department student after all, so he was unconcerned with these students.

Yet for poor Student Wang, it was a headache. He would have to join the Mecha Department in future, and yet before he even joined, he had offended everyone there!

Wang Zheng enjoyed the training immensely. This intense training could help him to sharpen his body, and his cultivation had also improved. Even the Rubik's Cube's battle energy had increased.

Of course, strange situations also occurred… Meng Tian would occasionally glare at him icily, but when did poor Student Wang ever offend her?

Wang Zheng had not touched CT for a week, so he felt a sense of longing. Unfortunately, the only source of leisure here was training. The rules were controlled strictly, but if one wanted to play games on their Skylink, that was fine. However, they had to be careful not to be caught, as the penalty would be a negative evaluation.

The second week of training had finally improved. The students were finally rid of the boring and simple exercises. Now they could enjoy the beautiful mountain scenery!

Yet this was not an excursion; everyone had to carry a heavy pack filled to the brim with bricks!

Mecha pilot training was not only tough but boring. When one training ended, another began. Mecha pilots were still soldiers after all. Furthermore, not every pilot could become a mech pilot. Most became engineers, tank operators, plane pilots, or even infantry!

Physical strength was the most important aspect regardless of whatever one would do.

Soon, everyone understood how they were extremely fortunate to just spend their time running around the track. They had to climb over mountains and ridges while carrying bricks. They really wanted to take those bricks and fling them at the instructors' brains!

After the first day, no one else had any other thoughts on their minds. They ate as if their lives depended on it and slept as though their lives depended on it. This was because they would be awoken randomly during the middle of the night!

After one week of this torture, even Masasi and Carl, who were usually calm and collected, were slightly perturbed. Fatigue could be seen on Carl's face. This training was too intense!

His original haughtiness had also disappeared, but this was not due to the training but rather, Wang Zheng.

Carl strongly suspected that the little bastard was a human-skin-wearing robot! How could there be no discernable signs of fatigue on him!?

Student Wang ate well and slept peacefully. Concurrently, he also had to serve as a psychological counselor, listening to Yan Xiaosu complain. Actually, the intensity of the training had already been reduced, but Xiaosu needed to vent his emotions somewhere.

One week's wilderness training had led to the condition of the female students' skin being affected significantly. Yet there were also exceptions. For example, no one knew what sort of skin product Ye Zisu was using, but her skin became more and more sparkly! This had led her to become even more popular among the girls, with more and more asking how this was possible.

On the third week, it was a blessing as far as anyone was concerned. Although basic training still continued, the quantity had reduced significantly. The key thing was to understand their firearms better. This was everyone's happiest moment.

Wang Zheng's elite class had increased to a size of 50 individuals. They were those who had displayed exceptional ability and willpower in the most recent training exercise.

The firearms class was about to begin officially, so military training had thus become simpler.

In the monitoring lab, Gu Te had arrived.

"General, the students of this batch are generally not bad." Luo Yun saluted.

"It must have been tough, I have received your report; your analysis has been extremely accurate." Gu Te nodded his head.

"The principal taught me well!" replied Luo Yun as he smiled. He too was a student of Ares College, a member of the army's Innovation Faction.

In order to revive Ares College's glory, relying on Masasi and Carl's abilities had no value. Everyone was clear that they were only two individuals and that the school would not regain its glory because of them. Gu Te was extremely clear on that point. He had gotten these two to join in order to motivate and incite the rest of the students.

Looking at the sight before him, the results were not bad. Especially Carl's provocative personality; it had spurred many students on to improve.

"Principal, this Wang Zheng is an extremely important matter. I have been in the military for almost 10 years, and I have never met such a prodigy. It is like he was born to be a soldier, yet he is actually part of the Physics Department," said Luo Yun, with regret.

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