Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 26: Amazing Shooting Skills!

Chapter 26: Amazing Shooting Skills!

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"Hehe, this guy's situation is quite extraordinary." When Gu Te received the test results, he thought that there had been a mistake. Wang Zheng's results were better than that of Masasi's! Even if Masasi was not trying his best, these results were still surprising.

He had originally thought that this chap introduced by Xie Yuxin would be nothing but trouble. Who would have expected he would have unearthed a gem!?

However, if he were to transfer him out of the Physics Department, Xiao Fei would definitely object violently! That woman would definitely blow up his office!

On the field, regardless of gender, everyone was extremely interested in the shooting practice. Shooting sounds blanketed the area! When it came to this particular field of expertise, Xie Yuxin displayed his absolute skill! None were comparable to him, in fact, he was better than Carl by quite a bit.

Masasi's usual expression was unchanged; it was as though he had no weaknesses.

Wang Zheng's performance wasn't bad; it could be seen that he was quite interested in shooting.

Military training was just to let people get into the thick of things. Future training would gradually decrease in intensity. Furthermore, everyone was just a student and had to settle back into the rhythm of school life.

With regards to shooting skills, the instructors were not particularly strict. The important thing was to cultivate interest in this aspect.

On the contrary, Masasi walked over to Wang Zheng's side and asked him, "Would you like to engage in a small competition?"

This was the first time Masasi had taken the initiative to invite someone to a competition ever since he arrived on Earth! Even Carl, who was standing at the side, was shocked. Masasi's actions showed that he was held in no regard!

Sadly, shooting was not one of Carl's strengths.

"Wang Zheng, accept his challenge! We support you!"

"Yeah! There's nothing to be afraid of, you've always been number one. Ruin him!"

Before Wang Zheng could reply, all of the surrounding students were already riled up. Masasi's and Carl's existence had ignited everyone's curiosity and competitive spirit. However, the two of them were just too fearsome. Other than Wang Zheng, no one else could hold a candle to them. Carl's arrogance led others to be irritated, yet Masasi's calm and aloof personality provoked others even more! It was rare to see Masasi, an elite greater than other elites, challenge Wang Zheng on his own initiative!

"Masasi, are you sure you don't want to compete against Xie Yuxin instead?" asked Zhang Guodong, the instructor in charge of the shooting practice. He too was excited at such a development.

However, to him, Masasi was definitely very experienced in gun handling. Although the Earth's and the Moon's training was slightly different, to Masasi there was no difference. From his body posture to his firing technique, it was skillful and precise. He was the textbook example of a confident shooter. As an instructor, even Guodong himself felt slightly pressured.

Yet Wang Zheng was clearly a novice touching a gun for the first time. He followed every instruction during training to the letter, and his results weren't bad. Although at times he could hit all 10 targets, other times he only managed to hit 7 or 8.

Compared to him, among the rest of the students, Xie Yuxin was clearly the best shooter among them.

"Boss! Beat him! I will support you!" This little competition had attracted the attention of numerous individuals, and even the military support department's students had come over. Obviously this included Yan Xiaosu!

The surrounding students looked at him as Yan Xiaosu puffed his chest out and proudly exclaimed, "That is my older brother! We have been together since were in diapers!"

Wang Zheng shrugged his shoulders nonchalantly. "Sure. How will we compete?"

Zhang Guodong nodded his head. "Existing targets, 10 shots each."

"Count me in as well. Masasi, this is Wang Zheng's first time; this is just a one sided slaughter!" Xie Yuxin angrily replied.

Masasi gave him a slight smile. "If he really was a novice, it would be embarrassing for me to even fire my gun."

Zhang Guodong stared blankly. Everyone else had a similar expression on their faces. What in the world were they talking about?

Up till now, Masasi had the best training scores followed by Xie Yuxin. Wang Zheng had followed the instructions to the letter and was not even in the top 20!

The three prepared to fire. 10 Bullets each.

The rest of the students gathered around them and held their breaths in anticipation. No one could distract them from this.

The three started firing at the same time. Bang!

10 Hits!

10 Hits!

10 Hits!

Wang Zheng's shots had suddenly become accurate. 10 shots, 10 Hits.

Xie Yuxin was slightly surprised. Had he surpassed his limits?

"We won't be able to determine the victor like this. When I was on the Moon, I often competed with my friends with another method."

Masasi introduced a new set of rules. They would have their backs towards the target, and after three seconds, they would act simultaneously. The first one to open fire and hit the target the most times would win.

The level of difficulty for this game had increased substantially.

Zhang Guodong readily agreed. These little bastards were really too vicious.

Yet in the monitoring room, Gu Te and Luo Yun watched the show with keen interest.

"There is some difficulty involved in this. If one is too rash, the hit rate will definitely fall."

"I really can't tell that it's Wang Zheng's first time touching a gun. That bastard is really quite amazing."

"Let's see how he performs."

The three turned around while Zhang Guodong prepared to count down.

While Masasi and Xie Yuxin used a single hand shooting style, Wang Zheng used a two-handed shooting style, as that was what was taught by the instructor. Masasi and Xie Yuxin could be said to be of another world! Although the two-handed shooting style was more stable, him turning around to shoot would definitely be slower.

3… 2… 1!

The three individuals moved at the exact same time. Masasi and Xie Yuxin turned to their right simultaneously, arms following accordingly. They turned around quite quickly and took aim simultaneously. Quickly and violently turning their bodies, not only was Masasi experienced at this, but so was Xie Yuxin. It was difficult to see who was the better man.

Yet at this point, a gun had already fired.


10 Hits!

The entire place was silent. Masasi and Xie Yuxin froze. They had just turned around and yet Wang Zheng had already fired?

Wang Zheng did not even bother to turn around. He had placed his hands behind his back and fired!

At this point, the entire field had burst into raucous applause. Yan Xiaosu was the most spirited one. "Did you see that!? That was my older brother! The one I grew up with since we were in diapers!"

In the monitoring room, Gu Te and Luo Yun looked at each other. It was like they had seen a ghost.

Wasn't firing behind one's back a skill only certain veterans possessed?

"Display all of the targets he previously shot at," Major Luo Yun suddenly commanded.

One target after another was displayed on the screen. Gu Te and Luo Yun could only stare in disbelief. What in the world was this…

Although he had indeed only hit seven, eight, and sometimes even five times, the problem was that every single target had a pattern on it! There were "Smiley Faces", "Milky Way Coin Designs". Granny's leg, some even had the school crest on them!

"Principal! Congratulations!" said Luo Yun as he gave a salute.

Within a thousand soldiers, there would be at least one who would plead to enter the college. Gu Te had never once imagined that this accident would reap such gains.

This student had a genetic evaluation of 28 points?

Even 82 points would be considered low for someone like him!

Masasi gave a bitter smile. "Looks like I underestimated you."

Among everyone there, Masasi was the only one who had noticed Wang Zheng's targets' details.

This bastard was too carefree. He felt that the shooting practice was extremely pointless despite him being interested in it. Clearly, he was different from the rest.

Wang Zheng had no choice. At the same time, he finally understood why Bonehead had forced him to open his eyes wide. It was to train his visual acuity.

He could feel the Rubik's Cube in the pit of his stomach heat up. It was a good sign.

Once his basic foundations had been set, it was akin to him owning a treasure! What he needed now was to train in the midst of battle.

Yet this was still the first part of training. He did not know how things would be like once he had completed it.

Would he really be able to become a Wargod?

"This was very thrilling. Everyone should set their sights on surpassing them. Train well, the military training is about to end. I hope that the experiences you have had during this period will be helpful," Zhang Guodong said. Everyone gave a round of applause. This time's military training had changed everyone. Whether one had learned anything or not, at the very least, everyone's willpower had gained aspects of a soldier's resolve.

As for Student Wang, he had become the man of the moment despite being unknown previously.

One month later, military training had officially ended. Wang Zheng had completely surpassed Masasi in results to become the one with the top scores. It was not until now that the Mecha Department students realized that he was from the Physics Department…

Wang Zheng was slightly reluctant to part with the training, because bitter suffering awaited him in the Physics Department.

The conclusion of military training brought with it two days of rest. Everyone wanted to rest, and on Saturday and Sunday there would be the gathering with the Mecha Department's girls. After the military training, the Physics Department males were getting excited at the thought of meeting the girls.

Wang Zheng's Saturday was free. Yan Xiaosu and Xie Yuxin had returned home, and the Old Merchant had left with all of his belongings. After Wang Zheng finished his breakfast, he headed towards Brothers Net Cafe.

When the owner saw Wang Zheng, his eyes brimmed with tears of excitement. Ever since school started, business was bad. Why couldn't schools have holidays all year round!?

Wang Zheng used the VIP booth as per usual. He had not played for some time and he could feel a genuine itch to do so.

Skeleton's ID lit up. Wang Zheng changed his profile picture to that of a skeleton's head as well, even though it was not as adorable as the real Bonehead.

A month to most people would be over in the blink of an eye. However, to some others who were bitterly waiting, it felt like a year.

Solon had a massive headache. He was unable to contact Skeleton at all. He had disappeared for a month; hopefully he was not lost forever.

Had he been kidnapped?

Solon had never felt this concerned, not even for his own son!

"Boss! Boss! He's here!"

"F*ck! He's finally here! Begin all the preparations!"


On the forum, this time it was not only the beginner arena page that was engaged in chatter, even the main page had a notice!

The pentakill from last time had become the pride and legend of the beginner arena. Skeleton's video from last month had already been released in numerous editions.

"Hey, who is this? It's so early in the morning. Are you looking to die?!"

"Number 6, hurry up. Skeleton is online!"

"F*ck! I'm coming!"

There were usually less players in the morning. However, this time, the number of users started to increase. In fact, it increased as quickly as a rocket taking off!

"Boss, everything is in position. Do we begin?"

"Begin!" said Solon as he nodded his head.

"This bastard is slightly hard to deal with. He only commentates high level games. I'm afraid that…"

Solon slammed the table as he shouted, "No matter! Directly broadcast!"

The individual they were referring to was a gold ranked commentator named "Young Deer." In the commentator world, he was relatively famous. He only commentated for popular livestreams and videos, but this time, he was invited by Solon.

He was extremely popular and people loved him. He strongly believed that this would be his trump card!

The players wanted to view the match directly, but they were surprised to see that it had already started broadcasting.

"Good day, everyone! I am Young Deer of the Brotherhood. Also known as the trouble-making Young Deer! Recently, I heard of a user by the name of Skeleton who has been exceptionally outstanding, and I'm here to see for myself!" Although his ID was Young Deer, this brother was definitely a man. He had two long whiskers that seemed to float in the air.

"We still have a bit of time. Can everyone remember the last battle? Aiyo, it was truly a sight to behold; he even managed to score a pentakill. Although he only killed noobs, I still think he can be known as the Noob Farmer." Young Deer mocked. He had not prepared for this livestream, and if not for Solon's invitation, he would not have been interested in this at all. This guy was just bullying noobs. What was he worth?

As he finished speaking, the chatbox erupted with messages, riddled with sounds of ridicule.

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