Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 29: Recruiting Soldiers and Buying Horses

Chapter 29: Recruiting Soldiers and Buying Horses

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Some of the players were extremely resolute about playing the Wargod No. 1. Their ranking points were like that of a waterfall streaming down a thousand meters, plummeting to almost nothing.

On the other hand, the one who had caused this entire disaster, Student Wang, was currently deciding what to have for lunch.

His choices were quite plentiful. Old Tan[1] pickled vegetables and beef noodles? Old Tan pickled vegetables and pork noodles? Or perhaps he should have Old Tan pickled vegetables and lamb noodles.

In the end, Student Wang opted for a bowl of Kang Shifu's[2] instant noodles.

When he was paying, Wang Zheng suddenly realized that something was amiss. His bank account had an additional 10,000 dollars?

That was a massive fortune!

Where did this come from? What if it was a mistake? He would have to return it. If he didn't do this properly, he would be seen as untrustworthy. This was not a joke!

As he ate his instant noodles, he continued to figure out how this could have happened. As he ate, tears welled up in Student Wang's eyes. God, he could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! He would no longer have to eat instant noodles!

Quick as a bullet, Wang Zheng rushed towards the canteen and immediately ordered three dishes and a soup. Even the canteen operator was stunned at the sight of what had just transpired.

After eating and drinking his fill, Student Wang once again could feel the joy of living. When one' scar reaches the mountain, there will definitely be a road[3]. When he saw the large number of emails, Wang Zheng finally understood. This was not a mistaken transaction, it was given to him by the CT system. That guy by the name of Solon was the real deal. In order to let Wang Zheng believe him, Solon had fully researched every aspect of Wang Zheng.

In actual fact, it would be better for Wang Zheng to find opponents close to his skill level. Fighting weak opponents was meaningless. Additionally, there was a significant problem: the Rubik's Cube would not only not grow hotter but would at times grow colder. When it became cold, the battle energy decreased. This would happen when Wang Zheng's performance was poor or when he made mistakes.

Sometimes it would not be due to the fact that Wang Zheng performed poorly but rather that the opponent was too weak. Even if there was no better option, this did not matter to the Rubik's Cube. The less often such situations occurred, the better for him.

After randomly picking an email, Wang Zheng sent a reply. He did not want to be too entangled with the opposing party. He wanted things to be simple. If the constraints were too significant, it would affect his daily life.

Solon was in an extremely good mood. Although he had patiently suffered waiting for the reply, it had bore fruit. Skeleton would always give him a surprise. When the Skeleton Corps had formed, the CT administrators had even disseminated a message. This was treatment only reserved for the most elite of corps!

The workers were currently giving Solon a report on the numbers; they were constantly updating the information database. Most importantly, in the beginner arena, the Asian region had not seen a decrease in number of players.

Solon finally felt that he could finally sit firmly on his butt. His retirement sum was waving at him.

Suddenly, the Skylink rang. There was a new email.

Solon lazily glanced over, but very quickly his large frame stood up. He hurriedly opened the message. As he was too nervous, he constantly opened the wrong mail. In the end, he managed to open the email.

There was only one word in the email – Okay.

Outside, the workers were busy with their tasks. As player activity increased, their workload increased as well. At this point, loud laughter could be heard from the chairman's office. It was absolutely ear-piercing.

To Wang Zheng, for this period of time, he would no longer have any worries; even the sun seemed exceptionally radiant.

In addition, if he became rich, he could find a more specialized place to train his body. Simple running was not sufficient for him to further train his body. He also required more nutrients to accommodate it.

Back in the dormitory, the other three coincidentally happened to be there. Zhang Shan was meticulously combing his hair, Yao Ailun was currently engrossed in his computer game, mumbling to himself while nodding continuously, while Chen Xiu was sitting by Ailun's side, eyes sparkling in delight.

"You're back. How's my hair?"

Zhang Shan was preparing for tomorrow's gathering. Beautiful ladies were like spring. If one did not get a girlfriend in college, it was absolutely sad.

"Not bad. What are the two of you doing?"

"Don't bother those two nerds, they are playing some computer game. What's the point?" Zhang Shan could not understand and shrugged his shoulders. He could not imagine himself being excited over such pointless things.

"Zhang Shan, don't be such an unsophisticated plebeian. This is the most modern game in the Milky Way, CT!"

"Cheh, so what? If you want to satisfy your cravings, why don't you pilot an actual mech?!" Zhang Shan disdainfully replied. He was thinking the same that Wang Zheng thought in the past.

"This guy's skill defies the natural order!"

"Ah, with regards to actuarials, his ability to do math isn't bad!" said Chen Xiu as he watched from the side. The two of them were stereotypical noobs who loved the game and were theorists.

When one discussed CT tactics, the two were "professors." However, in actual gameplay, they were no different from kindergarteners. The two of them were rather powerless, as their bodies could not keep up with their minds.

Wang Zheng gave them a look and was speechless. Yao Ailun was currently creating his display picture.

"Wang Zheng, didn't you say that you wanted to become a mech pilot? Come here and take a look at this guy. His skill is unnatural, and he is a real expert. He does not use those high end mechs like those other arrogant players. If he was a military school student, it would be no small matter."

"Haha, it's just a game, no need to be so serious," replied Wang Zheng.

Yao Ailun's small eyes underneath his glasses sparkled with light. "Just you see, guys. This guy will definitely create a miracle!"

"Do you have interest in joining the Skeleton Corps? It was created by Brother Yao and me," said Chen Xiu, enthusiastically.

After understanding the situation, Student Wang was slightly speechless. These two were truly passionate and carefree.

Zhang Shan grabbed Wang Zheng. "Don't let these two nerds lead you astray! Follow me, your older brother, and your future opportunities will be boundless. Don't associate yourself with them!"

"Cheh, Zhang Shan, we have already made preparations for our leader. What ways of the world? The time of the muscular male is long over; this is the era of the elite, and one will have to walk the path of an elite!"

Yao Ailun opened his cupboard and removed a parcel. Within five minutes, he had completely transformed.

In a brief moment, he was dressed in a western suit, and his hair really looked like that of an "elite." Student Yao changed to a pair of golden rimmed spectacles and adjusted his collar while looking disdainfully at Zhang Shan. "When dealing with girls, for one to have the poise of a gentleman, one will have to go the mile to look the part."

Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan stared at each other in disbelief. Who could have believed that this hardcore nerd could transform in a snap? This transformation was too fearsome.

"This is called disguising yourself!"

"Don't be envious, brother. Did you not hear of my legend? At Tai Feng middle school, who did not hear of Yao Ailun's distinguished playboy nickname?!"

Chen Xiu looked enviously at Yao Ailun. "Actually, I have made my own preparations. Mother said that age is not an issue, and that in university, it's better to find more than one girlfriend for the sake of the future."

The dormitory was filled with silence. Wang Zheng and the other two were slightly petrified. What kind of modern age mother was that!?

"Wang Zheng, what about you? Are you planning to wear your school uniform?"

Wang Zheng replied helplessly as he shrugged his shoulders. "I'm fine with anything. Anyways, like this, Ye Zisu will instantly recognize me."

"F**k, the two of you are so close. You wouldn't have acted already, would you? S**t, it's just a trap for the rest of us. Wait, wrong. We are all brothers in arms, and she is yours. I will not fight with you over her," Zhang Shan replied with a spirit of loyalty and self sacrifice.

"No, everyone, please work hard, we are only classmates." Wang Zheng shrugged his shoulders. Although they were friends, he felt quite strange. Ye Zisu was always helping him. If he looked at it differently, Yue Jing had left the city because of his actions.

"Brother Zheng, you wouldn't happen to prefer males, would you?" Chen Xiu asked curiously. "My mother used to say that times have changed, and that the best guys have been snatched by other males."

The other three in the dormitory once again looked on speechlessly. They suddenly felt that there was a generational gap between them and Chen Xiu.

"Student Chen Xiu, you are already in college, so your heart should be that of an adult. You must have your own opinions in future!" Wang Zheng used to think that his train of thought was sufficiently weird, but when compared to Chen Xiu, he was way too normal.

"But… you have not answered my previous question."

"Scram, this brother likes women!"

Student Wang stomped off in a fury while the other three roared with laughter. They had tricked Student Wang; Chen Xiu was merely pulling his leg.

Although Chen Xiu was the youngest in the dormitory, he had the largest number of devious ideas.

"Brother Yao, someone is here to quarrel with you."

Yao Ailun rushed to the computer. "F**k these noobs. They took the king's arena videos to commentate on. Damn it. When will Skeleton wreck these experts? I will see how they scream then!"

"Brother Yao, I have compared the Sol Federation's mechs. Theoretically speaking, the Wargod No. 1 does possess an upper limit. When competing against the mecha used in the Tyrannical Clash of Kings, the odds of victory are extremely low."

"As devoted members of the Skeleton Corps, we have to believe in miracles. We have to believe that Skeleton will represent us and beat those guys silly!"

"Hopefully he will see the article I have written on the merits and drawbacks of the mech. Brother Zheng, do you want to take a look? It has been posted on the official site," said Chen Xiu.

He was an avid fan of CT. At the same time, he was a noob eternally struggling in the beginner's arena, and he would always get scolded by his teammates until he could not utter a single reply.

However, when it came to theoretical discussion, no one could best him there.

"Sure, I am quite interested in this."

"Okay, I will send a copy to your Skylink," said Chen Xiu. He enjoyed sharing his work with other individuals.

Wang Zheng also wanted to better understand. Fighting against the Magnetic Storm Guardian was quite interesting. It was great that he was matched against a slightly weaker opponent, because if the opponent was any stronger, it might have been too tough to beat.

On the outskirts of the European Region's central LD district, there existed a grand villa which spanned 2/3's of a hectare.

In a spacious and shining gym, a young man was currently engaged in training with his bare hands. Beside him were four individuals who were wielding long knives… The knives were actually sharp.

The four simultaneously attacked, their knives flashing. There were no blind spots. Yet with a single sound as the knives clashed, the four who were assisting in the training lay sprawled on the floor, unable to get up.

The young man walked off in a relaxed fashion. "Give them twice the usual compensation for medical fees."

A butler immediately appeared and produced a towel for the young man while bitterly smiling. "Yes, Young Master. These four are considered to be within the top 10 for MMA. With your viciousness, I'm afraid no one will be willing to come in the future."

"Find individuals from the underworld arenas then. Those who are able to harm me will be able to win a million dollars!" replied the young man dryly.

The butler helplessly nodded his head, "Yes, Young Master. In addition, Yue Long's representatives have already been here for three days. Will you pay them a visit?"

The young man's visage turned cold. "Yue Long?"

"Yes, he has been implicated in Aslan's situation and has been sacked. Looks like he is here to ask for your help."

[1] Old Tan is a brand of instant noodles

[2] Another brand of instant noodles

[3] Idiomatic expression that means that everything will eventually turn out for the best.

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