Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 30: Real Men

Chapter 30: Real Men

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The young man laughed lightly. "One sneeze from the Princess of Aslan can dismiss a representative. She is extremely powerful. Alright, let's take a look at what he wants."

The butler lowered his head as he said, "He's been used as a pretext. His daughter is also here. It seems …"

A hint of a sneer appeared at the corner of the young man's mouth. "When are the mecha from Aslan coming?"

"At most one week from now. As you know, it's a little more troublesome for them to clear customs."

"Give them another three days!" The young man did not pay too much heed.

"Understood, three days," the butler said respectfully.

The day he was referring to was that of the time of a single day on Earth. It was also used to gauge time in the Solar System and eventually used as the basis of time in the Milky Way Galaxy.

In that very same world, at a very different region on a Sunday morning, four people met early in the morning at a quaint tea shop.

Tea Mine, a little shop that specialized in black tea. The boss was a very meticulous individual, and the Tea Mine was uniquely designed based on his ideas. It was quite well-known in school.

The four individuals sat down. "Since our dorm head has no requests, I'll go first!" Zhang Shan said.

"Based on our IQ, since I am the highest, I get to choose first!" Yao Ailun did not want to be outdone.

"Shouldn't you all let me have the first pick? We must respect the old and cherish the young!" Chen Xiu said, with a look of grievance.

The three were already engaged in talks, and Wang Zheng did not know whether to laugh or to cry. It seemed that the charm of beautiful women was indeed powerful.

At this moment, a girl walked in energetically. She looked around and then strode swiftly towards them.

The four who were seated were shocked. Don't tell me that she was the one? It shouldn't be? GOD!

When that girl … rather, when that tomboy sat on the chair opposite the four, the four of them clearly felt a tremor.

"The rest are not coming anymore. We've agreed on letting me take one back. You guys decide amongst yourselves!" she said, grabbing the teapot on the table and gulping it down.

The four of them, who were well-dressed, were petrified, and they looked at each other.

Yao Ailun pushed up his gold spectacles as he seriously said, "Cough, cough. Zhang Shan, I feel that no matter how one looks at it, you are the most suitable!"

By visual examination, her weight was around 180 pounds, and both of her hands had callouses. She was in all likelihood a martial arts practitioner—if she struck out with a single slap, if it did not kill him, it would at least take half his life.

Zhang Shan smiled and suddenly flourished with an effeminate hand gesture. "Oh, is that right? I'm so happy!"

The tomboy's face scrunched up. "Scram, you sissy!"

Zhang Shan gave a look of grievance, as if he was very hurt. Wang Zheng and the rest scolded him for being shameless.

"I can help, but I have to tell my mom first. Once mom agrees, then I can give you a reply. Can you wait for me?" Chen Xiu said proactively.

The tomboy immediately rejected him. "Scram! Go back home to your mom!"

Student Chen Xiu smiled proudly. The girl's gaze was locked onto Wang Zheng and Yao Ailun.

Yao Ailun very suavely pushed his glasses up. From his dressing to his temperament, it was clear that the tomboy was very interested in him.

"A man must be a man of his words. Since I have agreed, I have no… no, ah, ah, no!" Student Yao's face suddenly turned ashen as he trembled and fished out something from his pocket and put it into his mouth, deeply inhaling. "Ah, give me a moment!"

The tomboy was rather disappointed, and there was only Wang Zheng left.

The other three looked at Wang Zheng innocently. Chen Xiu's eyes were full of worship. "Brother Zheng, as the dorm head, you are duty-bound!"

"You are the best in military training, you deserve it!" Zhang Shan patted Wang Zheng's shoulder.

"The pride of the Physics Department, only you can carry this heavy responsibility. Us brothers will never forget your sacrifice!"

The corner of Student Ailun's mouth carried a very gorgeous smile.

"Hey! You're that Wang Zheng. This will do, it's you!" The tomboy suddenly slapped the table. The surrounding people immediately looked over. "What are you looking at? I'll smack you to death if you keep looking!"

Sturdy-looking, ferocious, and murderous!

Even though this was near the military school, the surrounding people were terrified.

Wang Zheng complained silently in his heart. What was Ye Zisu doing? Thinking about how Ye Zisu had helped him so much, he felt a little guilty letting her friend go back alone just like that. Anyway, he had to deal with her for just one day; at least things would not be so embarrassing for her.

"If it's only for a day, I can do it."

The tomboy furrowed her brows. "What do you mean one day? You have to commit for at least one month!"

The three people beside Wang Zheng tried to suppress their laughter. To "commit" so fiercely, could one even survive for a month?

The tomboy seemed to realize that something was not right. "What are you guys thinking? Isn't this just being a model for the Art Club? You don't even have to strip naked!"

Art Club?

The legendary Art Club with endless lolis and jade-sculpted beauties?


The four were stupefied. At this moment, Ye Zisu and three pretty girls walked in. "Apologies, we were caught up with something, so we're late."

"Oh, President, why are you here?" asked a long-haired girl in a blue dress.

"Qingqing, is it not him?

"President, I said the store beside Tea Mine, not Tea Mine." Qingqing laughed.

"No matter, this fella looks not bad. Top military freshman Wang Zheng, right? We'll use you!" the tomboy said while pointing at Wang Zheng.

"Student Wang Zheng, we'll have to trouble you in the future. I am Zisu's dorm mate and also vice president of the Art Club, Du Qingqing. This is our club president, Zhang Runan."

Du Qingqing laughed. "Looks like we're fated to meet."

"Alright, you all can continue chatting. I'm off!"

She left with giant steps after speaking. Damn, she was no different from a true alpha male![1]

With such a small incident, everyone could interact more easily and naturally.

Student Yao Ailun started acting like a gentleman full of elegance the moment the four beauties appeared. That kid, Chen Xiu, also stopped pretending to be a mama's boy. He looked around with big, watery eyes, bringing out his inner charm. Such a cutie, a rare find in military school.

Zhang Shan really wanted to be able to immediately take off his shirt and show off his muscles. No one could beat him when it came to physique.

Ye Zisu's four dorm mates were Du Qingqing, Officer Department, specializing in strategy, vice president of Art Club.

An Mei, Officer Department, specializing in management, member of Drama Club.

This other one was an unexpected addition. Ye Zisu's dorm originally only had three people. This one originally did not live in school and was transferred in. The Mecha Department's Meng Tian.

Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan naturally were not at all unfamiliar with her. Almost 1.8 metres tall, slender body, icy cool. Most importantly, she was pretty. Altogether, definitely memorable.

"Have a seat, have a seat. To meet four great beauties is my honour!" Student Ailun immediately posed. "What would you all like? Please go ahead and order, my treat."

Damn, this kid had already made his move. Chen Xiu immediately went over and pulled out their chairs.

"Gee, this little handsome guy is so polite." An Mei laughed. Her mouth was very big with luscious lips. All in all, she looked rather sexy.

Student Chen Xiu smiled innocently. "To be of service to these pretty sisters is my honor."

He definitely seemed like the harmless type.

Damn it. This year, the young ones were so vicious, and they had struck so quickly.

Zhang Shan and Wang Zheng thought about what to do but realized that there was not much left to do anymore.

"Seems like our school has assigned the dorms by looks," Zhang Shan said. Girls all liked compliments, especially those who were exceptional.

Even the brutish Zhang Shan had a delicate side.

"Wang Zheng, I would like to have a little competition with you!" Meng Tian suddenly said.

"Tiantian is from the MMA Club. Oh, do not look down on us girls!" Du Qingqing said.

"Today we are here to make friends and talk about our romantic passions, no?" Ye Zisu said, completely overlooking Meng Tian's electrifying gaze.

"Seeing the four of you, I finally understand why the ancients coined the phrase 'a feast for the eyes.'"

At this moment, Student Yao showed no trace of his otaku temperament. He clearly seemed like a veteran in the field of love. His performance was stellar.

The whole afternoon was full of talk and laughter. Student Wang Zheng could not even find many opportunities to speak, much less have any awkward silences. The girls were also surprised, as they originally expected the Physics Department boys to be a little strange; who would have thought that these four were all so special?

As per normal, the parties exchanged Skylink numbers. This proved that the networking was successful and that there was a chance for a further meetup.

After splitting up, the four walked to school with arms around each other's shoulders. "Wang Zheng, about the Art Club matter, if you can't do it, us brothers can also help you share the load."

"Yes, we're all comrades in the trenches of battle. We should wade through thick and thin together."

"I think they can find a lot of inspiration from my body," student Chen Xiu said, extremely cutely.

The three stared at him and flipped their middle fingers at the same time. "Shameless!"

Wang Zheng did not continue participating in this discussion about girls. He was called away by Xie Yuxin.

Student Little Yu was still considered a "shy" person. Usually, it was Wang Zheng and Yan Xiaosu who went to find him instead.

When Wang Zheng arrived, Yan Xiaosu and Xie Yuxin were already there, and they seemed rather solemn.

"What's up?"

Yan Xiaosu pouted, "Ask him. This fella is being all secretive, even I don't know what is up with him."

Xie Yuxin smiled and took out a deck of playing cards. "You guys each pick a card at random."

Yan Xiaosu's eyes lit up. "Ah, Little Yu, don't tell me you've learned magic. Actually, if you go that route, based on style, all you have to do is to show a little teeth and all the chicks will go with you."

Xie Yuxin gazed towards Wang Zheng. Wang Zheng randomly chose a card.

"King of Hearts."

Wang Zheng was surprised. "Indeed, how did you guess."

Yan Xiaosu took the deck. "This has to be a prop. How can you be so sick?"

Yan Xiaosu randomly chose a card, and in the end, Xie Yuxin guessed it. Yan Xiaosu shuffled the cards again and even randomly chose a card behind his back and asked Xie Yuxin to close his eyes and guess. Eventually, he guessed it all correctly.

Yan Xiaosu also sensed that something was up. Looking at Xie Yuxin with a pair of big eyes, he suddenly slapped his thigh. "F***, don't tell me we're just going to rely on buying lottery tickets and make it rich in the future and dominate the universe!"

Xie Yuxin was triggered, and he finally burst out and cursed, "Can't you think about something else?!"

Yan Xiaosu laughed. He was flattered. "Tickets are more practical!"

"I can't guess the lottery. Wang Zheng, I think you have gotten an idea already."

Wang Zheng nodded. "Is this the one in ten thousand, elite power, Ability X?"

"Yes, it gives me the the ability to be slightly clairvoyant."

"F**k, comparing against you sucks. You're already good-looking, and now this. You are going to be unrivalled at picking up chicks!" Yan Xiaosu was rather depressed.

Yan Xiaosu's world was either about girls or the lottery, and the two were helpless about it.

"Are you all finding it strange how we became friends?" Xie Yuxin laughed.

Yan Xiaosu touched his own nose, something he learned from Wang Zheng. "Cough cough, more like we were willing to adopt you."

[1] There is a pun here. The chairman is known as Runan (Can be read as "Like a man"). The pun is because the guys are making fun of the fact that she can't even be considered to be like a man, but rather she is super manly.

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