The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path

Chapter 209 - Finally, The Dust of the Past is Gone

Chapter 209 - Finally, The Dust of the Past is Gone

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After being loved by his apprentice. Lin Shu leaned against his shoulder and wanted to sleep again.

But he saw another small feather floating on him.

He picked up the feather and asked Xiao Shao, “What is this?”

Xiao Shao: “Phoenix feather.”

Lin Shu: “Why did it float out?”

For the first time, Xiao Shao’s voice had an aggrieved nasal sound: “I ran out to find you after 15 years of Nirvana… I’m still… shedding hair.”

Lin Shu laughed. Xiao Shao had forbidden him to laugh, but he couldn’t help it.

“Little Phoenix.” Lin Shu called Xiao Shao.

“Chick? Ling Baby?” Lin Shu continued to call.

The Little Phoenix, who was still shedding his hair, completely buried himself in the quilt and ignored him.

Lin Shu hugged him and stroked his hair. After grooming him, he immediately changed his itinerary. They stopped traveling all over the world and continued to return to Phoenix Mountain Villa for Nirvana.

This Little Phoenix undergoing Nirvana was also inattentive and didn’t want to leave him for a long time. Lin Shu became like a parent who took his children to kindergarten. He had to send the chick to the sea of fire in the morning and pick him up in the evening.

For three years, Xiao Shao’s feathers finally changed and was willing to let Lin Shu see his beautiful body.

And now he was completely a Phoenix Blood –originally, the Phoenix Blood of Phoenix Mountain Villa was thin, and the function of that furnace constitution was only useful for first time dual cultivation. Now he was a peerless furnace at all times. Lin Shu hadn’t cultivated the Immortal Dao for a long time, but he was now fed unlimited cultivation up to Crossing the Tribulation period.

It just so happened that in the month when Xiao Shao completed his Nirvana, they received an invitation from Dream Hall, saying that Cang Min and Yue Ruohe invited them for a get together.

&#k2014;&#k2014;They went there. The other guest was Xie Zishe. The address of the gathering was in Dream Hall’s pavilion of confucianism, where the old hall leader once talked to them about the “A sword is like a dream”.

When old friends reunited, they first caught up with the past, and then exchanged their Martial Arts progress.

Xie Zishe smiled at Cang Min and Yue Ruohe and said, “Two Younger Martial brothers, your Martial Arts were full of chivalrous sentiments at first. After a few years, when you stood up for your family and country, you contained lofty ambitions. But now, you are floating out of the dust again.”

Cang Min said, “As you grow older, you have seen all kinds of things in the world and you will have a clear understanding. I heard that Elder Sister Xie, you also no longer control the power of the court.”

Xie Zishe, after drinking a cup of wine as tribute to Xiao Shao and Lin Shu, poured herself another cup and continued to say to Cang Min, “I loved the fame and achievement when people were struggling at that time. I was afraid it wouldn’t come to an end. Now, the world is peaceful. The prosperous age is just around the corner. His Majesty can be in charge, so I’m going to take a break.”

Speaking of this, she raised her eyebrows: “In the past, I was asked three ways to choose from, Taoism, Chivalry and King’s Way. Now I will also say three words with you. Would you like to listen?”

Yue Ruohe said, “Naturally.”

Xie Zishe said, “These three words were, Knight, Official and Immortal.”

Xiao Shao asked, “What’s the solution?”

She rambled in a loud voice: “It’s a pleasure for a young man to go out of the Jianghu and become a Knight. It would be his playground. If he sees injustice, he would draw his blade to help other people – this is a ‘Knight’. ”

Lin Shu recalled how these people were when they were young, and that was indeed the case.

Xie Zishe drank another cup and said: “It is said that ‘a great Knight serves the country and the people’. When the young Knight is older, he found that his own sword can save one person, ten people and a hundred people , but not the world – only joining the Dynasty and the military can help the country, attain peace and prosperity, and fulfill his chivalrous sentiments. He went out of the Jianghu and into the common world. Although he cherished the world, he had to devote himself to hard work. This is an ‘Official’.”

Cang Min seemed to realize something, nodded and said, “That year, Brother Ruohe and I assisted the Dynasty’s army and took the post of General in the court. Brother Xiao had left and the political affairs all belonged to the ‘Officials’.”

Xie Zishe chuckled and drank the third cup: “Since then, the world has calmed down. Gradually, he found that fame, wealth and achievements in the world are like passing clouds. After all, they have passed away. Returned to nature and returned to the truth with the best means to transcend the world. He returns to the world–from then on, he is free in the world. He is an ‘Immortal’.”

Speaking of this, she looked at Lin Shu: “After many years, you have finally entered this Immortal way like Xiao Shao.”

Cang min and Yue Ruohe had a quiet understanding for a long time. They smiled and said that after being instructed by the Elder Martial sister, there was Enlightenment on the way.

Xiao Shao raised a cup to her: “Those who are chivalrous will eventually retire. When will you retire?”

Xie Zishe said with a smile, “Whether you are hidden in the Heavens and Earth or hidden in the marketplace, it’s all the same.”

She drank another cup, and when she rose up, she splashed ink on the small pavilion column of “A sword is like a dream” and wrote the eighteen characters that people in the Immortal Path have dreamed of since ancient times.

——Leave the mundane world, live in seclusion, purify and clarify one’s Qi and reach the state of immortality.

When they finished talking, they went to eat.

Cang Min said that these were the top delicacies he has tasted in his travels all over the world in recent years.

One of them was a roast duck from Heshuo. He made great comments about the duck’s origin, cooking method and taste of this duck. He was so eloquent, that if the roast duck, burnt in fragrant oil and an Immortal Pill was placed in front of him at the same time, he would seize the roast duck without hesitation.

However, while he was talking, he finally noticed that Lin Shu was staring at himself and laughing. In a blink of an eye, he was surprised to realize that Xiao Shao was already holding a silver knife, the roast duck was already put on a plate between the fire stones, and the two fat duck legs, were already – one in Lin Shu’s plate and the other in the man’s own plate.

Cang Min: “,,,,”

Xie Zishe and Yue Ruohe laughed.

It wasn’t until he caught a glimpse of another plate of roast duck on the table that Cang Min was happy again.

After the banquet, everyone went home separately.

It was just the right time of spring, Xiao Shao dressed in red, riding a white horse, was trotting from the shallow grass and wildflowers towards Lin Shu.

Cang Min asked loudly on the high slope, “Brother Xiao, where are you going this time?”

Xiao Shao also loudly said, “The ends of the earth.”

He went to Lin Shu and immediately stretched out his hand to Lin Shu, with a gentle smile: “Immortal Lord, would you like to go to Peach Blossom Land with me?”

Lin Shu said, “En.”

——And they went back to Peach Blossom Land.

Willow catkins fluttered and the spring breeze blowing on his face. Lin Shu stretched out his hand and gently covered the back of Xiao Shao’s hand holding the reins.

He turned his head and saw Xiao Shao’s youthful spirit with a clear wind and bright moon on his eyebrows.

The dust of the past, the clouds and mist dissipated in an instant.

He thought to himself, whether you are a Knight or an Immortal, the roast duck is delicious and the Immortal Pill is worth tasting, but in this world, the soft white rice cooked by the wife is still the best meal.


The author has something to say:

“——Leave the mundane world, live in seclusion, purify and clarify one’s Qi and reach the state of immortality.”–Biography of the Red Line by Tang Yang Juyuan. Note

Knights, Officials and Immortals are quoted from a view in Mr. Chen Pingyuan’s dream of chivalrous scholars for thousands of years: “Young Knights, middle-aged Officials and old Immortals.” Note

~~~The End~~~

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