The #1 Pretty Boy of the Immortal Path

Chapter 210 - Re-Enter the Fairyland

Chapter 210 - Re-Enter the Fairyland

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September, Shangling mountain.

The small pavilion at the foot of the mountain and the white crane in the pavilion remained the same.

At the foot of the mountain, the Taoist boy in charge of picking up the students heard the voice but didn’t raise his head: “From which courtyard, and from where and what is the name of Taoist friend?”

Then he heard a soft girl’s voice: “Immortal Dao Academy, Liang Prefecture, Xiao Youying.”

The little Taoist boy looked up at the sound and his eyes lit up immediately: “Younger Martial sister of Immortal Dao Academy! I’m also from Immortal Dao Academy.”

——The next moment, he felt that there was an unkind gaze and a sharp chill ran through him. Suddenly, he saw two people standing behind the little girl in red.

“These… Two Elder Martial Brothers are going up the mountain too?” said the Taoist boy. “If Senior Martial Brothers don’t know the way, they will also need to go up with the white crane…”

Lin Shu raised his eyes and looked at Xiao Shao.

It was indeed true what the ancient books had said that the realm of Crossing the Tribulation had a lifespan of hundreds of years. Nearly eight years later, their faces had not changed. They still looked like they were just 20 years old and they were still known as “Elder Brothers”.

——In fact, they came to send Yingying to the Academy.

Now Yingying was finally old enough to go to school.

And Xiao Wuque… He had been studying in the Academy for two years.

At first, he was addicted to the warm and fragrant flourishing nephrite jade in the bustling Capital and didn’t want to go to school and was always drunk. And then, the Young Monk who was wandering far away was arranged by his Temple to go to the Zhichen Buddhist Monastery on the back of the Shangling Mountain.

When the message came, Xiao Wuque was so startled that he went into a state of decline till the point of dying. Yingying did not want this to happen, and Yanyan did not want to help him. So Xiao Wuque stole Lin Shu’s jade talisman and went to the Dreamscape, crying to Mr. Meng, and finally got the admission notice of the Academy.

——But recently, he seemed to have had a big fight with the little monk again. He hadn’t returned home. The parents had no idea what he had been doing in the Academy.

While talking, the Taoist boy had called the white crane: “Elder Martial brothers and Younger Martial sister, please go aboard.”

He said “Elder Martial brothers and Younger Martial sister”, but he only went to invite Yingying to the white crane.

Yingying tilted her head and said to the Taoist boy, “They are my fathers.”

The Taoist boy turned his head slowly, his expression blank.

Xiao Shao looked at him and smiled vaguely.

The Taoist boy suddenly felt a killing chill. He quickly stood upright and stopped trying to help Yingying.

Yingying just smiled.

At the age of 14, she was slender and delicate, like a lotus petal that might fall into the water at the slightest of a touch.

When she was born, only Xiao Shao was on her side. Without the nourishment of Lin Shu’s Qi, she was not only unable to speak, but also was weak. Over the years, Lin Shu and Xiao Shao often took her everywhere during their travels. She had never fallen behind in practicing Martial Arts and her level was already very good. It was higher than her peers, but she was still very light and slender, like a red butterfly dancing lightly.

Lin Shu stepped on the white crane and reached out to pull her up.

Yingying leaned against him, her other hand was clutching at Xiao Shao’s clothes, and looked curiously up the verdant mountain.

Among the vague green mountains, covered in misty Immortal fog, the jade pavilions were scattered, and the flowers, forest and waterfalls set each other off.

Although the people of the three colleges welcoming the new disciples changed one after another, they were still the same as before, each holding a guise. When Younger Martial Sisters come, they would be caring and attentive, and when the Younger Martial brothers come, they would boo a lot.

As the disciples below watched them fly over the mountain gate, Yingying looked back at them.

Her beautiful eyes were clear as water, and her gaze looked very reluctant to leave.

Xiao Shao rubbed her hair: “You settle down with your Senior brothers and sisters first, and we will see you from time to time. You will be living with Wuwu, so don’t worry.”

Yingying nodded and went to hug Lin Shu. Then she lifted her skirt and jumped down from the white crane.

Lin Shu watched her walk up the mountain road led by a Senior sister, and finally disappeared into the layers of white fog. He felt that sending his daughter to school was really different from sending his son to school.

When Xiao Wuque went up the mountain, he didn’t hesitate to say goodbye. He was not even worried that he would be flirted with by the girls in the Academy or that he would get lost when he went to visit the Zhichen Buddhist Monastery. Sending Yingying to the Academy, he will have to worry about her for some time.

As he was thinking, he was hugged from behind: “Baby?”

Lin Shu: “Huh?”


Lin Shu smiled: “En.”

Xiao Shao didn’t do anything else. He just hugged him from behind. Lin Shu looked back at him, followed his gaze, and saw the Mountain Gate of Shangling Academy.

On both sides of the mountain gate, there are still the broad and unrestrained couplets: “Immortals complete their undertaking within a hundred years, yet they cherish the Jianghu in a single gaze”

The horizontal inscription “Drunk and fell on the back mountain”.

After the war subsided, the Immortal Dao re-emerged, and the schoolwork of the Academy was no longer heavy. The disciples played swords and sang, rose up and danced in the academy, felt the heaven and earth, and did nothing. It was really an “Immortal cause”.

Year after year, the young disciples of Immortal Dao were drunk in the bamboo sea of Shangling Academy.

He could hear Xiao Shao behind him saying, “I can still remember spending those two years with you in the Academy.”

Then Xiao Shao buried his head on his shoulder and continued, “At that time, I was carefree. I only played with you and felt very good.”

Lin Shu said, “Now you’re also carefree.”

Xiao Shao acted like a spoiled child: “You don’t understand amorous feelings.”

Lin Shu: “…”

He pretended that he didn’t say the words just now, but lowered his voice: “Me too.”

Xiao Shao seemed satisfied.

“But although we knew each other at that time, we were far less connected than we are now, “Xiao Shao turned over the old account: “You treated me as a rich woman. I will never spare you lightly in this life.”

Lin Shu laughed.

Xiao Shao kissed him a few times and then went into his arms.

This man was getting more and more childish now –Lin Shu hugged him and thought, in the past, I was a hamster and you were a rich woman. Now you are a chick and I am a breeder, which could be regarded as a kind of Feng Shui rotation.

The white crane carried them around the mountain gate, and Lin Shu was able to see the couplet behind the mountain gate.

When the disciples went up the mountain, they saw “Immortals complete their undertaking within a hundred years, yet they cherish the Jianghu in a single gaze”, but when they went down the mountain, they saw another pair.

It was “Flowers bloom and yet it falls; But when it falls, it would bloom again”, and the horizontal inscription “Re-enter the Fairyland”.

Shangling Mountain was a fairyland on earth, and at the bottom of the mountain was the mortal world. When a disciple entered Shangling Academy from the mortal world, he was indeed entering the fairyland. But when he went down the mountain going back to the mortal world, he was also said to “Re-enter the Fairyland.” For a long time, this kept Lin Shu puzzled.

Now, with the passage of time, he finally understood the true meaning here.

The young carefree Xiao Shao and Lin Shu have been left in the past, like flowers that have fallen. After travelling all the mountains and rivers and roaming the world, Lin Shu and Xiao Shao, who are in harmony with each other, appeared today, like flowers blooming again.

When you are born, you must enter the world, and when you come out of the world, you have to enter the dust. After ten years of the vicissitudes of life, the world of mortals has been tossed and turned, you have experienced the joys and sorrows, and thousands of sails have passed away from the world; you become detached from the world. For them, no matter where they are, they are in fairyland, so it is called “Re-enter the fairyland”.

Xiao Shao kissed him for a while, and became lively again, “Where are we going to play?”

Lin Shu looked at the map and chose the Guixu in the South China Sea to see the whales.

Just when they were about to leave, Lin Shu suddenly felt that his jade talisman was bright.

Xiao Shao looked at the jade talisman and said, “I was so eager to play. I forgot to visit Mr. Meng.”

They went to see Mr. Meng together.

Mr. Meng, still dressed in blue, smiled deeply and bowed to them: “Taoist friends.”

They greeted Mr. Meng.

After greeting them back, Mr. Meng asked Lin Shu.

“Taoist friends, back then, I was thinking a lot about the events of time, and I felt that everything was mysterious and unspeakable. However, there was still some confusion about the old things in the past.”

Lin Shu said, “Please speak, sir.”

Mr. Meng said, “For thousands of years, there have been legends about the Sword Pavilions 《Everlasting Yearning》. But why did Taoist friend write it?”

Lin Shu said, “The sword Pavilion did have the mental method 《Everlasting Yearning》, written by Emperor Ye thousands of years ago.”

Mr. Meng: “I’d like to hear about it in detail.”

“In the beginning, I was just guessing. However, later, when I played chess with the Young Master Chen of Huandang Mountain, I realized the twists and turns.” Lin Shu said, “I just took the blame. Later, the Great Demon of the Sword Pavilion emerged from the grave, and all kinds of disasters were caused by 《Everlasting Yearning》. Young Master Chen said at that time that the Heartless Dao of 《Everlasting Yearning》 was originally a mystery and caused great harm. Finally, Emperor Ye went down to earth at that time and said that he would take 《Everlasting Yearning》 away, but in fact, it was actually destroyed. Although the book I wrote later had the legacy of the original 《Everlasting Yearning》, most of it was my own perception. ”

The Folding Bamboo Sword itself had some origin with Emperor Ye. Perhaps for this reason that he could write 《Everlasting Yearning》.

Mr. Meng nodded: “I see.”

After chatting, Mr. Meng said, “Today, I called the two Taoist friends to come, but there is a serious matter.”

Xiao Shao said politely, “Please speak, sir.”

They only heard Mr. Meng say, “Taoist friends, when you left the Academy, there were still many classes and exams…”

Before Mr. Meng could finish what he wanted to say, Lin Shu was quickly pulled out of the Dreamscape by Xiao Shao.

He just heard Xiao Shao say at the same time: “Sir, Xiao Shao suddenly remembered that Yingying had left his favorite hairpin at home and he must go and get it as soon as possible. We won’t bother Mr.Meng any more. Mr. Meng, take care of yourself and we bid you goodbye.”

Mr. Meng’s voice sounded faintly: “Taoist friend, you can only hide for a while, but…”

——And then they were gone.

They escaped from the Dreamscape.

Then Xiao Shao quickly picked up Lin Shu from the crane, left the gate of the Academy, left the boundary of the Academy, and finally ran away.

Lin Shu wanted to rub the truant chick hard.

He had just said a moment before that he missed being young and carefree in the Academy, now he was not happy and did not want to go back to school.

It was all just a crow talk!



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